Why China laser cutting machine is good option for you

Why China laser cutting machine is good option for you?

Laser cutting machine was invented in Euro and USA, so people prefer to buy laser cutting machine from these countries. Is it the right idea? Let’s compare.

Laser cutting machine in China is not as good as first well-known international brands, such as AMADA, Trumpf, but now Chinese enterprises imported foreign technology and equipment parts from abroad. That made Chinese equipment and abroad are not much difference. Machine performance is not bad and the price is affordable, choose Chinese equipment is really a good choice for you.  

Many Chinese manufacturers have foreign enterprises technical support, so in terms of quality, no need to worry about quality. China now heavily invest national capital and technology in research of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine manufacturers in China actually has no problem in manufacturing low-end manufacturing equipment, somehow still need to import high-end equipment, and sometimes need to import abroad key parts to complete the manufacture in China.

Now China also has good laser power suppliers, like RAYCUS, MAX PHOTONICS and etc. Also has very good improvement in laser cutting system, auxiliary devices and etc. In near future, more brand like HAN’S laser will come out, you can contact us for laser cutting machine!