WATERJET-VS-INDUSTRY-CUTTING-COMPARISONS-CHARTCompared with other methods of thermal cutting, other methods can not be like a laser beam on a very small area, as a result, incision width and heat affected zone and obvious deformation. Laser cutting can process nonmetal, while other thermal cutting method can’t. The following is a comparison of different cutting equipment:
(1) Flame cutting, such as acetylene or LPG cutting. This method is mainly used for cutting low carbon steel, because it affect the heat input, low cutting speed, is seldom used to cut below 20 mm precision material.
(2) Plasma cutting. Cutting speed significantly faster than oxyacetylene cutting, cutting quality is lower, trimming at the top is round head shaped, trimming wavy, obviously prevent the arc ultraviolet (uv) radiation. It was slightly better than that of the laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting thick steel plate and the beams of high reflectivity, like aluminum alloy, etc.
(3) Stamping. Mass production will have low cost, short production cycle. But it is very difficult to adapt to changes in the design of the new mould need long time to design, high cost, for medium and small-scale production, the characteristics of laser cutting will be fully displayed. In addition, the laser program-controlled cutting facilitate artifacts closely arranged, save material, stamping, you need to reserve materials around each artifact.
(4) Subsection die-cut complex parts. Under normal circumstances, the punch press often rush cut much bigger than the mould size of work piece, some of the artifacts are very complex, this leads to trimming are many Beckham shell parts, need a second preliminary processing and repairs. Another punch can form incision is much wider than laser cutting machine, produce a large number of scrap iron.
(5) Sawing. Cut thin metal, its speed significantly slower than laser cutting, laser as a flexible and no contact, shape cutting tools, from material to any one of the cut in any direction. Sawing is hard to do this.
(6) Electrical process. General, favorable electricity spark and electrochemical corrosion or fusion effect processing, two methods used for fine machining of hard materials, roughness of incision is better, but the cutting speed is slower than the speed of laser cutting machine to a few orders of magnitude.
(7) Water cut. Can cut many metal materials, but the cost are very high.