Problems and solutionsFiber Laser cutting—-stainless steel

Stainless steel has been widely used for its characteristic as corrosion resistance,oxidation resistance and high strengthen. The high strengthen character of stainless steel also make it not easy to be cut. Burrs will occur under misoperation. If burrs occur, you need to check following factors:
1.Parameter setting. Whether the cutting speed too fast to cut through the metal sheet.
2.Nozzle. Whether nozzle over wear.
3.Guide rail. Whether guide rail can maintain stable
Fiber Laser cutting—–mild steel
The most occur problem for mild steel cutting is having too many burrs. Here is a conclusion to the cause:
1.Do not have a correct position for positive focus and negative focus. Need to check the focus position,and do adjustment to correct the focus deviation.
2.Laser power output not strong enough. Need to check whether Laser source working normal. If laser source working ok, you need to check whether the output parameter is correct.
3.Linear speed too low. Need to raise the linear speed when operating.
4.Assisting gas not qualified enough. Need to use high purified gas to assist cutting.
5.Machine bed not stable because of long time running. Need to restart.
Besides the above factors.The most possible cause to burrs is abnormal processing spark, which will effect the work piece surface cutting quality.
If all the parameter normal, here are some solutions:
1.Change nozzle. Check if nozzle worn down. If no new nozzle available you could increase the pressure of assisting gas instead, for a temporary solution.
2.A loose thread connection between nozzle and laser cutting head. At this point, you need to pause the cutting process immediately, check the connect condition of laser cutting head, and tighten the thread.