How to buy a laser cutting machine from SOHO CUTTING1 Find out the material you want to use for the laser cutting machine. Some materials require weaker lasers, such as fiberglass, while metals need strong lasers. Our machine can only cut metals.

2 Focus on the type of work you want to use the laser for. Some laser machines have computers and computer software that can scan images and then laser cut the scanned image onto material. If this is something you want to invest in, buy a machine that can do that.

3 Investigate how much of a power scale you want. Some lasers are light in their penetrative powers, while others utilize the entire wattage of power given to them. If you want lasers for artistic purposes, you may want a lighter laser. For manufacturing purposes, you might need a laser powerful enough to penetrate certain metals.

4 Determine the focus level you want in your machine. Some laser cutting machines have a large scale of measurements for their cutting. This allows you know how deep and wide you want your laser cuts to be. A machine with many settings is probably preferred.

5 See what the pulse per inch is on the device. Pulses per inch are a measurement on how many laser pulses are afflicted to the material. Since lasers do not flow in a straight line, a machine needs to pulse lasers out at a certain rate. The higher the rate, the faster the machine.