Laser cutting material


Introduce of 500W laser cutting materials:
(1) Carbon steel
Cutting carbon steel using pure oxygen as aided gas. The laser machining center can cut carbon steel plate thickness can be up to 6 mm. Plate kerf width is 0.3 mm.Narrow sheet kerf width can be 0.2 mm or so.
(2) Stainless steel
Cutting stainless steel used high pressure nitrogen as auxiliary gases. The laser processing center can cut stainless steel plate thickness 3 mm. Trimming heat affected zone is small, can effectively maintain good corrosion resistance of such materials.
(3) Aluminum and aluminium alloy
Cutting aluminum using high pressure nitrogen gas as auxiliary. Aluminum cutting belong to melt cutting mechanism. Due to the high reflectivity of laser aluminum. Only the thinner aluminum plate can be cut.This laser processing center cutting aluminum alloy thickness 2 mm or less. The auxiliary gas is mainly used to blow away the molten product from the cutting area. Usually can obtain better quality aspect.
(4) copper and copper alloy
Pure copper (copper) with high reflectivity, basically can’t use the fiber laser cutting