Generally, working environment for cnc laser cutting machine is not good. Therefore, it must clean and maintain the machine completely, it should be in charge of smooth, maintenance and protection for the machine by specially-assigned person.

1.Safe operation: 
1). CNC laser cutting machine is a machine of precision, so we must finish three settings to the operation of cutting machine. (arrange person、setting machine、arrange position)
2). Operator must pass through professional training and skillful operation, non-professional must not use the machine.
3). Must make sure no interfere before operation, after normal, put the materials on the cutting platform, and the materials can not exceed the cutting scope. (Attention: be careful when suspending)
2. Daily maintenance and protection: 
1). Must clean the machine tool and the dirty in idler rail each work day. Let the machine bed clean, and turn off the gas resources and power resources after off duty, at the meantime, exclude out the balanced gas in the tube of machine tool.
2). If leave the machine long time, please turn off the power supply, in case of operating by non-professional person.
3). Pay attention to the idler rail of machine in horizontal and vertical direction and the surface on rack whether has lubricating oil, so as to keep its good smoothness.

3. Maintenance and protection weekly
1). Every week clean the machine completely and the idler rail in horizontal and vertical direction, as well as clean the transmission gear and rack, and put the lubricating oil.
2). Check the wiping rail machine in horizontal and vertical direction whether normal, please change it if not.
3). Check all the cutting torch whether loose, clean up the rubbish in igniting gunpoint so as to keep the ignition normal.
4). Check and test the automatic adjusting higher device whether sensitive or whether need change the exploring head.