laser cutting machine trend

How laser cutting machine will develop?

  • Due to improvement of High power laser beam pattern and 32-bit microcomputer application, laser cutting equipment can be high-speed, high precision. 
  • As the increase of laser power, laser cutting is extending from light sheet metal processing to heavy plates cutting.
  • Three-dimensional multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine, in order to meet the automotive, aerospace and other industries, now has developed a variety of five or six-axis three-dimensional laser cutting machine, CNC axes can reach to nine axes, high processing speed and high precision. In developed countries, more and more laser cutting robots are used in automobile production line. Currently, three-dimensional laser cutting machine will have higher efficiency, higher precision, versatility, higher adaptability and more application.
  • In order to improve productivity and labor savings, at present laser cutting is developing toward laser cutting unit (FMC), unmanned and automated. This automated system must rely on the cash automatic control, network control technology and computer management system technology. Now high end suppliers have a wide variety of laser cutting units.  
  • Compact type and integration of CNC laser cutting machine are developed with the increase of laser power and continuous improvement of auxiliary devices. In addition, laser cutting technology is combined with laser welding, laser surface quenching and other technology to develop multi-usage, further improve the utilization rate of equipment.