The manufacturing unit in the industries is very important. It is the part of production where accuracy, time, less wastage of raw materials, and finishing play an important role. Everyone wants to reduce the time of production, which means less time with mass production, with accuracy. Embedded systems play a big role to sort out such things.

One of the examples of this system is CNC engraving machines. Engraving machines are used in many ways such as furnishing, printing, cutting, marking, photoengraving the products. Lots of engraving techniques are there. Modern engraving process includes laser engraving, CNC engraving machines. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC engraving machines will reduce the need of workers cause most of the work it will do in automatic manner. Though for that it must be programmed first.

Industry hires special operators for handling and the using of these kind of engraving machines. To carry out the operations, regular machine tools are programmed with CNC machines.The directions of the motions depends on the program set in CNC machines. This motion path may be straight, circular or more complex. There isn’t any difference in the program written in CNC machines, it’s just the set of instructions which are going to be executed step by step.

We can list out number of fields in the application of CNC machines. This may includes advertisement industries; banners; photo printing, publishing house; cover printing; fabrication, industries, metal removal industries, and furniture industries. Even though this process may seem difficult,It is rather easy to those individuals that are already trained to perform such tasks.