Sheet and Tube fiber laser cutting machine

30KW Fiber Laser by SOHO

The innovative 30KW fiber laser is designed for precision and efficiency. With a cutting thickness reaching up to 150mm, it can effortlessly slice through 15mm carbon steel at a speed of 5m/min and 25 mm metal in a mere 4 seconds. One of its standout features is the ‘automatic compensation for overheating on medium plates’, ensuring that the machine remains safe and damage-free even during intense operations. Additionally, our ‘smart speed piercing’ technology allows the machine to operate at optimal speeds, even with denser materials, ensuring minimal downtime.

Selecting the ideal 30KW fiber laser might appear challenging given the myriad of options available. However, this guide aims to simplify that decision-making process.

Budget Considerations The 30KW fiber lasers are an investment, and it’s crucial to allocate a budget that aligns with the machine’s capabilities and your requirements.

Type of Work The purpose of the laser plays a significant role in the selection process. Different lasers cater to varied tasks, and understanding your primary requirements can help in making an informed decision.

Business Size Matters For smaller businesses, a colossal laser might be overkill. It’s essential to assess the scale of your operations and choose a laser that complements it.

Expert Consultation Always seek expert advice before finalizing your purchase. Their insights can guide you towards the best 30KW fiber laser tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

If you’re considering a 30KW fiber laser, reach out to us. Our team is here to assist you in finding the ideal laser solution that offers the best value for your money. Stay tuned for updates on our latest 30KW fiber laser production!


1.Using the world’s top imported fiber laser. Stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100,000 hours.

2.Superior beam quality, more excellent cutting lines. Higher efficiency and better processing quality.

3. The use of a fully enclosed constant temperature laser working environment, a more effective guarantee of the laser work’s stability.

4. Unique corner energy following technology so that the cutting effect of sharp corners more perfect.

5.Imported American cutting head control technology, cutting head automatic with protection display function. More certain use, more convenient adjustment, perfect cutting.

6.Unique perforation gas control technology, solve the problem of perforation of thick plate.

7.Equipped with high precision and high response drive, suitable for fast and precise cutting.

8.Equipped with an automatic refueling system to make the machine run more smoothly.

high power fiber laser cutting machine

High-safety fully enclosed structure design.

High and low double tables save loading and unloading time. The composite heat insulation armor effectively protects the main bed beam in the high-power laser processing environment. Structural stability

Technical Parameters

Laser power: 10000W-40000W

Processing width(mm): 2500*6000/2500*8000/2500*12000

Maximum running speed: 120m/min

Maximum acceleration: 2.0g

Positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm/m

X,Y repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm/m

Total weight: 16000kg (in relation to the processing width)

External dimensions: 14930*6000*2527 (related to the processing size)


Fiber Laser

We Adopt new advanced fiber lasers from IPG.

Fiber lasers offer superior performance, reliability, and low overall cost, helping end-users reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Full cutting power has sheet metal thicknesses up to 100mm.

20000W IPG laser power

Machine Applications

Helping the manufacturing industry to become more efficient and empowered to achieve smart manufacturing

Widely used in machinery manufacturing, elevators, sheet metal, kitchen equipment, chassis and cabinets, machine tool equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware. (a) The following industries: advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting, and processing.

fiber laser cutting applications

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Body

The main machine’s gantry beam structure is made of high-strength steel plate, and the bed is welded with T6 heat treatment to eliminate stress and achieve strength and rigidity. Highly matched with servo-driven acceleration and deceleration and CNC system, it is a precision laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology, and other sciences in one. CNC fiber laser cutter.

Fiber laser cutting machine body

PRECITEC Laser Cutting Head

Autofocus for automated cutting systems, lightweight design, fast acceleration, drift-free distance sensor, closed optical path protection High precision.

Increases productivity, reduces production costs and improves the quality of the cut.

PRECITEC laser cutting head

Key Features of Our Large Scale Laser Cutters:

  • Versatility: From fiber laser cutting machines to plasma and flame cutting machines, we have a solution for every requirement.
  • High Speed & Power: Our laser metal sheet cutting machines come with power ranging from 500-10000w, ensuring swift and precise cuts.
  • Dual Functionality: Not limited to just sheet cutting, we also offer laser tube cutting machines with power ranging from 500-4000w. These machines can handle tubes ranging from 3m to 6m in length and 10-210mm in diameter.
  • Customization: We understand that every project is unique. Hence, we offer machines with single or double tables, open type or fully enclosed designs, and even machines that can handle both sheet and tube cutting.

Our Mission: At SOHO Cutting, our goal is to assist manufacturers across various sectors, including automotive, construction, appliances, and custom cutting, in enhancing their efficiency, reducing costs, and elevating the quality of their products. Our comprehensive product range is designed to cater to both standard and customized requirements, be it for steel sheets, pipes, or both.

After-Sales Service: We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients. We offer a two-year warranty on our machines, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed. Even post-warranty, our lifetime service guarantee stands as a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

High Power Laser Cutting Machine – The Full FAQ Guide

Soho Cutting is China’s top and most trusted manufacturer of high power laser cutting machines. But, do you know what these machines are?

In this very guide, we’ll go about helping you gain knowledge on what high power laser cutting machines are. Moreover, we’ll also help you get a better understanding of what the people are asking about high power laser cutting machines!

What is a High Power Laser Cutting Machine?

They are laser cutting machines that are known to have higher power compared to traditional laser cutters.

Figure 1 – What is a High Power Laser Cutting Machine_
Figure 1 – Image of what a high power laser machine looks like

Another reason why they’re dubbed and known as high-power machines is that they’re capable of cutting within a range of 1000 to 12000 W. This power is something that would easily run over regular laser cutters.

Here at SOHO Cutting, we are equipped with the knowledge and power to produce high power laser cutting machines. You will never have any problems if you decide to choose us to be your manufacturer, and that’s a guarantee!

High Power Laser Cutting Machine vs. Laser Cutter

Out of all the million reasons why it’s better to work with high-power laser cutters, here are some of our favorites.

Figure 2 – High Power Laser Cutting Machine vs. Laser Cutter
Figure 2 – A high-powered laser cutter for display

Save Time and Cost

You might be thinking, aren’t high-power laser cutting machines more expensive? Yes, they’re more expensive upfront. But, if you look at it in its long-term aspect, you will actually find it to be the more cost-effective and the more competitive option than regular laser cutters.

For instance, you can use 12000W high power laser cutting machines for 24 hours consecutively. But, for the 6000W high power laser cutters, you can use them continuously for about 2.6 to 2.7 days.

Wider Processing Range

Figure 3 – Laser Cutting Machine

Figure 3 – Regular laser cutter

In addition to the saving of time and cost, you can also expect high power laser cutting machines to be flexible and versatile in terms of application.

Regular laser cutting machines or laser cutters would have limitations in terms of the thickness of the material they are about to work on. When it comes to high power laser cutting machines, though, you wouldn’t have to worry about limits!

Better Cutting Quality

Last, but most definitely not least would be the fact that high power laser cutters can give and produce better-quality cuts and results.

One good example is the fact that it can accomplish bright surface cutting of carbon steel even if it’s at 30 mm in thickness.

Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

If you’re not in dire need of a regular-sized fiber laser cutting machine, SOHO Cutting is also equipped with the right people, tools, and experience to manufacture small fiber laser cutters.

Yes, we have in our arsenal small fiber laser cutting machines that you can absolutely make use of for small-to-medium projects and applications.

The best part about our small fiber laser cutters is that they’re portable! You really wouldn’t need to worry about transferring or moving it to another location!

While many other manufacturers like Bodor, Myst Laser, and others are offering small fiber laser cutting machines, we’re sure that you would not have any problems when you choose ours.

We offer pre and after-sales services, so there’s no question whether or not we offer customer service!

What is the Maximum Thickness Laser Can Cut?

Technically speaking, laser cutting machines would be capable of cutting carbon metal within the range of 0.51 to 13 mm in thickness.

Figure 4 – What is the Maximum Thickness Laser Can Cut_
Figure 4 – 3 mm metal, thin metal that can be cut by a laser cutting machine

When it comes to thickness, high power laser cutting machines can cut through 30 mm-thick carbon steel without giving you any troubles.

What Laser Wattage Can Cut Metal?

Usually, laser metal cutting machines would need about 300 W to be able to cut through thick metals.

Therefore, small laser cutting machines with wattage around 50 to 100 W are machines you can use for laser engraving. You can use them to cut through metal, yes, but it might take them longer to be able to accomplish it.

Not with us here at SOHO Cutting! We’ve fully enhanced and developed our processes and we were able to come up with small high power laser cutters that are able to carry anywhere around 250 to 350 W!

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

Are you looking for fiber laser cutting machines for sale?

Figure 5 – High Power Laser Cutting Machine For Sale
Figure 5 – High power laser cutters from Made In China

You’ll actually be able to find many of them. Various e-commerce websites are offering them, some of which include eBay, Carousell, Alibaba, Style CNC, Amazon, Made In China, India Mart, and many more!

But, did you know that most of the companies that market their machines in these websites get their materials and all of what they need from China? So, why not work directly with a Chinese high power laser manufacturer like us here at SOHO Cutting?

Not only will you be able to get your equipment in the best rates possible, we can also give you discounts for your bulk purchases!

How Thick Can a 1,000-Watt Laser Cut?

The vast majority of 1,000W laser cutting machines are made to be able to cut about 2 mm of aluminum, 4 mm of stainless steel, 12 mm of carbon steel.

Figure 6 – How Thick Can a 1,000-Watt Laser Cut_
Figure 6 – Sample of 12 mm carbon steel that a high power laser cutting machine can cut

High power laser cutting machines, though, would be able to cut through double – even triple of that amount!

By using a high power laser cutting machine, you will not worry about the thickness of the substrates you will be working on.

Why Choose SOHO Cutting’s High Power Laser Cutting Machines?

For more than a decade, we’ve been focused in producing and manufacturing high power laser cutting machines for various business sectors and industries.

Due to this, we’ve successfully laid out plans to be able to cater to the needs of various business industries such as the automotive and the aerospace industry, building, construction, and structural industry, the manufacturing industry, agricultural industry, and many more!

Other than our high power laser cutters, SOHO Cutting can also be the manufacturer you can trust if you need fiber laser cutting machinesplasma cutting machinesCNC cutting and engraving machines, and many more!

Dial us today and get the exact help that you need!