How to Find the Best Manufacturers in Alibaba 2021

You are in the right place if you have trouble locating Alibaba suppliers. We’re going to help you along with all the processes. You will find Alibaba’s best supplier for your product after you go through this guide.

It was a hard job in the past. It’s still quite troubling but it’s been simpler for us thanks to pioneers of e-commerce.

Jack Ma’s idea changed the entire e-commerce view. His Alibaba has transformed millions of lives. Alibaba is now the only platform where top manufacturers and suppliers can be found. It is the world’s biggest factory and supplier network.

Why Import From Alibaba?

Alibaba is the most comfortable way to look for suppliers and manufacturers. Several other online platforms have also been established in line with Alibaba. These contributed to automating the import system. The most possible thing is to import products from Alibaba to start your business. It saves a lot of time, money and effort. These are important reasons to improve any new business within a small time.

Besides, at the Alibaba Group, you can have anything. 56% of Amazon’s e-commerce seller buys from Alibaba to make sell on Amazon.

Pros of Buying From Alibaba

Purchasing from Alibaba provides many benefits. But we must also be cautious of all the difficulties. This is why you can import the Alibaba product –

  • Because of Alibaba’s competitive atmosphere production costs are poor.
  • By requesting quotes from suppliers, you can compare the rates.
  • For quality control, many suppliers can supply samples.
  • To check the standard, you may either visit or send your agent.
  • The rates can be negotiated.
  • You can verify the manufacturer’s sincerity with Alibaba.
  • The Alibaba Platform ensures that your payment is secured.
  • When you buy from the suppliers, you would have better profits.
  • For your products, you will have custom packaging.
  • Many suppliers provide the product with personalized labelling. Your product can also be branded.

Risks of Sourcing From Alibaba

Especially for newbies, there are some threats.

But, we’re not going to key them for you, don’t panic. You’ll know these threats that can hamper the business.

Alibaba is also subject to various scams. That’s why we always recommend that you have a thorough record check for your manufacturer.

We are one of the best suppliers to support you. We will review and guide you through your manufacturer.

These are some of the threats you can face –

  • The language barrier is the first since the majority of Chinese speak English. However, it is possible to support a lot with written communication.
  • It might take some time for delivery. So your shipments should be prepared in advance.
  • Not so good customer care.
  • BBB does not accept Alibaba. Therefore, it’s not right to rate them.
  • It is difficult to classify suppliers and dealers.
  • Sale rights are hard to verify.

8 Steps to Find the Best Manufacturers on Alibaba 2021

You are going to meet the best suppliers in the list of Alibaba suppliers if you follow these 8 steps –

1. Pre-Qualification

It is to train yourself before you are qualified. First of all, brainstorming and investigating the product. Try to contact specialists and ask for guidance, risk and advice. After all the criteria are established, the ideal factory and location will be identified.

Learn Your Product’s Specs

Know the product’s features. The standard and raw materials used should be known. You will also understand how much production will cost. Which sizes and weights will be best? And all else depends on your product.

2. Search on Alibaba

Now the pre-qualification has been completed, you know everything required.

To get a better perspective, build an Alibaba account. And begin to scan the product or the producer.

Prepare the Alibaba Providers’ list. Request a quote from all possible producers.

List down Alibaba Suppliers

You’re all aware of Alibaba’s searching peaks and troughs.

In the search bar, put your keywords.

Choose and check the badges.

A list of search results will be shown before you. Now in a different tab, open any product.

Analyze the main aspects –

  • Products
  • Description
  • Location

Take note of each provider’s main features. Check that the gold supplier has been won by the company for less than a year, place it on your grey list now. It’s safe to go if they’re nearly five or more.

Spot the Fake Alibaba Manufacturers

Visit their product page to discover the fake Alibaba suppliers. Suppose they’re paper providers, for example. However, they also sell bicycles in their merchandise segment. This indicates that they are a business service, not a manufacturer.

3. Creating an Alibaba Suppliers List and Collecting Important Information

Now is the time to simplify data after the suppliers have been found. As you must reach them now, you must gather the basic details. Keep it or anywhere you think it would be appropriate in an Excel sheet. To understand it, place details in the same format.

4. Contact Alibaba Suppliers

It is now time to get in touch with providers. You can contact them in several ways. WeChat or Alibaba Trade Manager are open to you. Often your WhatsApp officials may contact you. However, the easiest approach is to email.

You should search for your e-mail professionally. It is going to say the weight. Finally, it’s an ethic of a business.

5. Final List

That’s where the suppliers are eventually eliminated. Now we choose either to implement the OEM approach or the ODM approach in this phase. Learn how to pick the one.

OEM Approach Evaluation

You must ask these questions at an OEM factory to be aware of –

  • Will you make the product changes?
  • How well will they adapt and what’s the cost?
  • Could you conclude a product exclusivity agreement?

Please ask for the samples once you are replied. Or you can demand a visit through your source agent. Or you can visit.

ODM Approach Evaluation

For an ODM factory, you have to know these things –

  • How much cost and time are there to create new molds because this is the most costly part?
  • How experienced are you in manufacturing ODM products such as yours?
  • Do you agree to continue with the sampling process?

Please ask for the samples once you have been replied. Or you can order a visit through your source agent. Or you should visit.

6. Request Samples

The sample is a must before ordering in bulk. You’re going to recognize the whole cycle with this. In other words, the arrival time is known to you. The packaging is clear. Finally, you can also see the quality.

7. Negotiate Price and Payment

The lower the price, the greater the benefit. Negotiate always about payment and price. It is a part of their community. Chinese often compensate for payments.

8. Order on Alibaba

Always order from Alibaba when having to deal with your manufacturers. Since the place is safe. Particularly when there is no physical contact. And always pay by safe channels such as PayPal, Alipay, Credit cards, etc.

Overall, it’s not a complicated but technical procedure to find an Alibaba supplier. You must know how to locate the supplier on Alibaba. You must learn how to weed the fake manufacturers. You should also be able to negotiate with the provider. And how to secure a long term profitable market with your Alibaba Manufacturer.