The Ultimate Buying Guide from Alibaba 2021

Alibaba Group is the largest Chinese e-commerce company represented by three firms, including Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba.

Alibaba is a website for B2B that links customers worldwide and represents over 50% of China’s e-commerce revenue. Manufacturers can supply billions of products to wholesale prices for bulk or the minimal shipment volume.

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba sellers allow manufacturers to mark their products purchased and sell them at profitable prices.

How Alibaba Works?

Buyers must take the following steps to order from Alibaba –

Configure Alibaba Account

Buyers must build a user ID and password to set up the Alibaba account. Alibaba’s user interface is established in English by default as a Chinese multinational e-commerce business.

Analyze Alibaba

If buyers wish to purchase from Alibaba, they have to look for a trustworthy supplier, available in two different types:

Factory: The supplier of this sort is the actual manufacturer, and the sales team of the factory itself is linked to wholesalers on Alibaba.

Trading Company: the supplier who manufactures and sells goods from the factory to Alibaba buyers is this sort of supplier.

Buyers must know who their company is matched to the maker.

Search Smartly

Buyers must know precise words to cleverly chase Alibaba that will allow them to sort out successful searches for their suppliers. Buyers can search online for the “Alibaba Cheat Sheet” and learn helpful strategies.

Searching Reliable Suppliers for Buying from Alibaba 2021

There are two different ways of searching for a reliable supplier –

Direct Search

Direct search enables the customer to access and select the best price point of each supplier of a specific product. These steps need to be taken –

  1. Login to, the Alibaba website
  2. Select the best providers and submit product requests
  3. Contact the Provider
  4. Collect offers from all providers and compare them
  5. To continue connections, pick the best suppliers

Alibaba RFQ

Alibaba RFQ is a quicker and more accurate search tool. It takes only 10 minutes for statements to be received from more than 10 suppliers, after which the buyer may select the best suppliers.

The RFQ method is –

  1. Log on to the webpage of Alibaba RFQ:
  2. Complete the form
  3. Send RFQ and await quotations from suppliers
  4. Evaluate quotes
  5. For more connectivity, pick the best suppliers (2-3)

Choose the Best Suited Supplier for Buying From Alibaba 2021

Buyer Cautions

When Alibaba supports its users significantly, it is also affected by certain results that buyers need to be aware of.


One point is the truth that not all are actual suppliers. Alibaba consists of thousands of suppliers. Many are middlemen who hide, price highs and increase confusion between actual buyers and manufacture.


Whenever buyers meet middlemen, they just lose little funds but Alibaba often feels a total fraud with scammers or dishonest buyers. While Alibaba has struggled to remove scammers from its website, buyers still have to be careful.

Product Quality

The standard of items is also a big problem for consumers when products are imported from China. The quality of the product on the Alibaba website cannot be delivered by suppliers.

Types of Suppliers Available on Alibaba

Gold Suppliers

The Gold Supplier is also recognized as a certified seller and has charged an Alibaba premium membership fee so that the manufacturer’s badge has been approved. A gold supplier is approved by statute and is checked by on-site testing.

Besides, there is also an additional level of gold suppliers. The “Assessed Supplier” has been identified as the best quality supplier and has been certified by a major corporation including Bureau Veritas.

Verified Suppliers

A supplier including a verified Icon indicates that a third-party company has authenticated the supplier. These certifications help to ensure that gold suppliers are trustworthy and run existing organizations, but they do not validate their reputation on the market.

Sellers Supporting Trade Assurance

In case of quality differences or delayed delivery, the seller decides to use trade assurance to cover the buyer’s interests at Alibaba.

Top 3 Options of Quality Suppliers While Buying From Alibaba 2021

Specified selection criteria will allow buyers to save their time and money to choose a quality seller on Alibaba.

Specialized Product Portfolios

If a seller at Alibaba receives a fair bid and chooses to make a purchase, the buyer shall check the product category of a distributor before moving.

In the future, order efficiency fulfilment will become a major problem if the desired product is not in its field of expertise.

Good Communication

A supplier who interacts effectively will be eligible in their mail of query to cover all product aspects such as prices, packing and transport costs.

Expert Knowledge in International Trading

A skilled Alibaba seller may be a great asset in shipments, particularly for new international trade buyers. Such traders often help buyers overcome problems such as packaging, shipping and other problems.

What is Alibaba Trade Assurance?

Trade assurance is a free order security program provided to consumers by Alibaba, which includes a third party called Escrow Company.

The buyer is supposed to make payments to the Alibaba approved accounts while the seller prepares products for shipment.

The funds will be successfully transferred to the seller’s account when the order is accepted by the buyer.

So, in case of scams, shipments being cancelled, quality inconsistencies and difficulties in order processing Alibaba offers its customers a cashback guarantee.

How to Pay for Your Order?

To take advantage of the trade assurance buyers must use five different ways for the transaction by credit card payments (Visa or Master Card), on-line bank transfer (for bulk orders), Western Union payments, phone cards (T/T), and letter of credit.

Offline payment is not subject to Alibaba’s trade assurance. Although PayPal provides repayment security for 180 days in the event of fraud, it cannot be utilized for bulk orders.