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CNC Plasma Cutter

CNC plasma cutter is a machine that uses plasma cutting technology to process metal materials.

SOHO is a professional cnc plasma cutter solution provider.

We can provide both standard And customized cnc plasma cutter.

You can get on-time, cost-effective, state of the art cnc plasma cutter from us.

We can help you to become more efficient and empowered to achieve smart manufacturing.

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High Precision Plasma Cutting Machine

High Precision CNC Plasma Cutter

This machine is gantry type. The current density of this model is very high, usually several times that of ordinary plasma arc current density. The stability of the arc is also improved, the cutting accuracy is quite high, and the quality of the cut surface is better.

Application areas: construction machinery, bridge structures, mechanical equipment manufacturing plants, shipyards, pressure vessel manufacturing, automobile and locomotive industries.

Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter

It is a cutting equipment for sheet metal blanking. A wide range of cutting materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, carbon steel and other materials can be cut. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting seam is narrow, the heat-affected zone of the cut is small, the workpiece deformation is low, the operation is simple, and it has a significant energy-saving effect.

Application areas: machinery and equipment manufacturing plants, shipyards, pressure vessel manufacturing, engineering machinery, automobile and locomotive industries

Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter

It is equipped with plasma and flame cutting torch system. It can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum and other metal materials. This model uses fully automatic FASTCAM graphics programming software. The plate can be cut into various shapes and the nesting is simple. Bilateral drive, stable operation. With automatic height adjustment function, automatic ignition. One-key conversion of flame and plasma cutting and other functions.

Flame Cutting Machine

Flame cutting machine

It adopts a gantry structure. Equipped with flame cutting torch and driven by CNC system. Mainly for cutting thicker carbon steel materials. The cutting thickness can reach 1-200mm.

Figure 26 Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd

CNC Plasma Cutter service

Free proofing: proofing can be based on customer samples on site. The cutting plan can be designed according to the sample. Proofing can be mailed.

After-sales service: Free training of operators. Free guide installation. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (except for consumable parts). Conduct regular return visits to the customer site every year.

Customized services: provide a full set of non-standard customized services. On-site process diagnosis, formulate plans, and create customers’ exclusive cutting equipment!


CNC Plasma Cutter:  A Buying Guide

It is time to update your traditional cutting machine to the more efficient one.

CNC Plasma cutter has everything to offer to you.

It is quicker, smoother, cleaner, and easier than the traditional cutting machine.

To top it all, it is also relatively cheaper for its high-tech efficiency.

Here is a simple buying guide for you to get your hand on this high-tech machine.

What Type of CNC Plasma Cutter is needed?

CNC plasma cutter can cut all electrically conductive material – Metal – in various thickness and measurement.

However you still need to make sure that you want to buy the machine with the fittest features for your manufacturing work.

Below is the most searched list of CNC plasma cutter available on the market.

  1. Metal sheet plasma cutting machine

cnc plasma cutter gantry (6)

Source: Sohocutting

As the name suggest, this type of plasma cutter is designed especially to work on metal sheet.

It is equipped with metal placement table for the manufacturing material.

2. High definition table type plasma cutting machine 

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

This type is equipped with wide table for the material placement.

Since the table is wide you can use wider material than normal metal sheet for this machine.

3. High precision CNC bench type metal sheet plasma cutting machine

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

This type has smaller material placement than the previous one.

However the material placement is designed in ‘bench shape’ which makes it fit for cutting thicker material.

4. Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine

cnc plasma cutter gantry (1)

Source: Sohocutting

This gantry type is very suitable to cut material in any angle.

If your manufacturing product needs cutting on the difficult angle of the material, this is the type for you.


  1. Kinds of CNC

CNC is the device that gives instruction to the machine to move in certain pattern and measurement.

Most of high-tech plasma cutter is able to be equipped with various type of CNC.

Below are the most searched types of CNC available on the market.

CNC hypertherm system

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

  • known for its high-tech accessibility.
  • This CNC uses Phoenix software, part program support (PPS) / Remote Help (remote assistance), internet access, Autogas (auto gas) support, DXF import and simple graphics nesting.

ESAB Vision51 CNC system

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting


  • Famous for its sturdiness and stability.
  • The system used on this CNC is based on Microsoft WINDOWS operating system.
  • Equipped with intelligent interface that makes the cutting process faster, easier, and economical.

Bridging CNC system

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

  • Known for its practicality
  • The interface system and motion control is designed based on China domestic and foreign technology.
  • Enable for comprehensive performance with easy operation control.

What would be the Price?

A unit of plasma cutting machine equipped with CNC would cost you around 15000USD.

While a unit of CNC device is about 500USD.

Where to Go? is the official website of high brand plasma cutter manufacturer from China, Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd.

This company manufactures various products related to plasma and laser technology such as fiber laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine and pipe cutting machine.

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

Go to the link and you will arrive on the main page as below.

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

Click the ‘Plasma Cutting’ section on the main menu bar to access the plasma cutting product available on the market.

Or, you can simply type in the ‘search bar’ on the top right of the website to find specific product you want.

Making a Purchase

To make a purchase go to Contact-Us section on the main menu bar and you will come to the page as below.

cnc plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

Put in your name, e-mail, and brief message related to the product that you want to buy.

Finally, click on submit.

Soho’s staff will surely respond to you in 8 hours.