Check out the best  CNC router machine buying guide in 2021. We will provide you with the best computer with personalized CNC routing services, numerically managed routers.

What Is A CNC Router?

A CNC router is a mechanism for automated routing, cutting, polishing, etc., for the CNC (Computer numerical control). The router is made up of CNC, CNC software, CNC operating system, CNC controllers.

CNC Router and It’s Types

CNC router table sizes mainly include –

  • 2×2 ft
  • 2×3 ft
  • 2×4 ft
  • 4×4 ft
  • 4×6 ft
  • 4×8 ft
  • 5×10 ft
  • 6×12 ft

Types of CNC router –

  • Hobby CNC series
  • Industrial CNC series
  • and Axis series

How Much Does A CNC Router Cost?

The various models and specifications of the machine have different costs. Machines from various brands provide different facilities and help, leading to various prices. Machines from various countries have different taxes, customs and shipping costs.

The final price would result in all these conditions. It will cost around 2,580$ to 150,000$ to buy a CNC router.

How To Choose A CNC Router Machine in 2021?

Motor Drive

The low power router machines are suitable only for dual coloured routing plates, model construction, small signs, three-dimensional handicraft and other materials. This process is common for a while, but its ability is too limited, affecting the application range significantly.

The machines are divided into two categories fitted with high power engines –

  1. A large-format table is one type, the format is typically over 1 metre, but its accuracy is usually low.
  2. A medium format table is often used, this kind is typically used to make organic signs.

Spindle Motor

Also, it is very important that the spindle motor is not usually covered and has a long time to operate if there are any issues with the spindle motor, which can affect the machine’s use.

The spindle motor’s adjustable speed range. 1 to 30 thousand revolutions per minute are the generally adjustable velocity. The range of the machine is limited if the speed is not adaptable or the speed adjustable range is restricted, as the various materials have to be graved with different speeds.

Machine Body Manufacturing Process

The high power machines require that the body works accurately and stably. The casting body should be used therefore to ensure its accuracy and reliability through the long-term high power machining process.


In general, controllers are divided into 2 different types –

  1. One type of controller is driven only, and all computer operations are performed. The computer is in a state of waiting and cannot do typing work while the machine works.
  2. A different type of controller is controlled by the computer of a single board or single chip. This controller is a computer because as long as the machine starts work, it can do other typing work straight away, especially if it is long-term.

Ball Screw And Guide Rails

Also, important components are ball screw and guide rails. When the machine is used for a long time, high-quality ball and guide rails guarantee precision and performance in the workpiece.

How To Operate A CNC Router Machine?

Step-1 | Turn On to Start

  • Switch on the device and track control power and run the CNC routing program
  • Click the power button.
  • Switch on a cooling water spindle motor and verify the flow of cooling water.
  • When the unit is first turned on until the handle is depressed and grade oil in the lubricating portion is applied.
  • Perform the software’s mechanical return procedure and prevent potential collisions before the operation.
  • Shift every feeding axis manually in the complete stroke 1-2 back and forth.

Step-2 | Workpiece Clamping

  • In the middle of the workbench position the cushion material in the centre.
  • Place the piece on the mat to be done.
  • To patch the workpiece on the worktable, use at least 4 sets of pressure sheets.
  • Test for a solid fixing of the workpiece.
  • Set the edge and the root of the piece –
  1. Drive the spindle along the feed axis, which precisely defines the source, before the tool reaches the piece.
  2. Start spindle.
  3. Turn to one-step movement 0.01mm or.05mm in step scale.
  4. Set the tool to hit the workpiece in one move. A minor noise is being heard at this moment.
  5. Null the coordinates of this axis or record the coordinates of the current machine.
  6. Drive the axis away from the workpiece to make sure that the motion direction is correct.

Step-3 | CNC Tool Changing

  • Switch off the machine’s power to ensure the spindle engine stops.
  • Shift the spindle to a place where changing the cutter is simple and position the soft material directly below the cutter so that the cutter doesn’t harm the edge.
  • Remove the spindle from top to bottom, turn a chuck nut clockwise with a big club, and make sure that the edges are not stuck with the clamp.
  • If the router chuck has to be replaced, screw off the chuck’s nut and replace it with a router chuck to clear foreign objects.
  • See if the cutting edge of the tightening router bit is intact.
  • Place the spindle on the collector and nut.
  • Insert, as far as possible depending on the actual situation, the router bit that is to be fastened in the router chuckhole (but the cylindrical portion is not fully inserted), tighten the nozzle hand-on. This step cannot be reversed from the previous step: before installing the nozzle on the spindle don’t insert the bit.
  • Tighten the nuts by using two wrenches so that too little force is not applied and also make sure that the cutting edge is not touched by the clamp.
  • Confirm that the spindle is removed, and turn the power on.
  • Restore the router bit and set the Z coordinate of the source of the workpiece.

Step-4 | Start CNC Programming

  • Confirm the following work –
  1. The bit of the router is tightly set.
  2. The origin of the workpiece is set properly, in particular the Z coordination of its origin after the shift of the workpiece.
  3. Workpieces are tightly attached.
  4. The NC program is properly loaded.
  • Set the control feed rate in the CNC software to about 30% and launch the CNC program.
  • Once the feed rate override is validated, adjust it to the standard value after no abnormal activity.
  • During the process, someone must be in duty.

Step-5 | Shut Down to Stop

  • Back to the mechanical roots.
  • Remove the bit of the router and allow the spindle to remain on the nozzle.
  • CNC machine kit switching off.
  • Switch the computer off.