FAQ for Fiber Laser Cutting Operation

Figure 22 the disadvantage of fiber laser cutting

What are actually the threats when utilizing several gases? What should I perform in instance of an urgent?

1) Prevent the look of combustible as well as eruptive components near any sort of cyndrical tube.
2) Keep away coming from available blazes. It is actually stringently prohibited to operate at temperature levels over 60 levels and also utilize fuel coming from routine vendors.
3) Dewar storage tank can not be actually slanted greater than forty five levels to avoid cold. Glasses as well as handwear covers should be actually put on throughout procedure. Higher gasoline focus in the course of airing vent are actually purely forbidden. After the Dewar canisters was up to the ground, it ought to correct up within pair of mins.
4) Use an owner to take care of the cyndrical tube.

The principal elements of the laser cutting machine and also their corresponding parts?

Clothing dryer: Filter water, oil, and so on airborne to always keep the air completely dry.

Dirt collection agency: Dust and also dump fuel exhaust.

Fridge: Cool the laser device, cool down the reflective lense as well as the slice scalp.

Laser device resource: create the laser device.

Air converter: Provides air for laser cutting machine as well as supporting machining gasolines.

Regulatory authority: Keep the operating current of the unit stable.

Laser cutting machine: for CNC machining.

The definition of the adhering to code

Outside lightweight pathway and also Z-axis coaxial modification strategy
The X center is actually changed through changing the uppermost as well as reduced right and also correct change screws of the laser device brace; the Y and also Z centers are actually changed through 3 changing almonds on the lense owner.

The mist nozzles possess various call places, therefore changing various forms of mist nozzles demands recalibration.

If the automated gradation is actually not successful, perform M70 in MDI (hands-on) setting and afterwards alter or even shift to hand-operated gradation.

Commonly, the traffic signal is actually utilized for harsh correction, and after that the cross lighting fork is actually utilized for lightweight modification, in order that the face as well as back locations remain in the center.

Approach as well as safety measures for discovering concentration
Ready a standard panel, put at the around conclusion of the laser cutting machine at a 30-45 level slant.

Why rectify when modifying various reducing components and also various sorts of mist nozzles? What should you carry out if the automated gradation is actually certainly not productive?

Due to the fact that the elevation adheres to use the capacitive sensing unit, it relates to the product, connect with place, as well as connect with range.

G00 : Rapid setting up M00 : Unconditional revocation
G01 : Linear introduction M36 : Turn off fans
G02 : Clockwise round insertion M31 : Choose sky
G03 : Counterclockwise rounded insertion M35 : Turn on fans
G04 : Pause M10 : Open technical shutter
G10 : Empty pile M30 : The system finishes as well as goes back to the system header
G50 : Scale through M11 : Shut down technical shutter
G09 : Program read-ahead M06 : Shut down digital shutter
G51 : Workpiece turning M07 : Turn on digital shutter
G71 : Metric programs M14 : Turn off the supporting fuel
G91 : Incremental programs
G90 : Absolute works with

Clear away the faucet, tighten the incrustation to regarding -5, tweak P199 (definition: puncturing problem, system: ms) = 0, relocate the reducing mind to the acme of the panel;

Document the incrustation market value right now. This range worth is what our team phone the absolutely no concentration range.

Loosen the incrustation till the faucet has to do with 0.5 mm coming from the area of home plate.

Raise the plan to draw the concentration, personally open up the sky, perform the plan as well as discover the aspect where the charred spots on the panel are actually the thinnest, put up the mist nozzle, and also personally relocate the reducing mind over the thinnest factor.


Sky has to be actually personally activated prior to as well as after completion to stop smoke cigarettes coming from polluting the lense.

Inspect if the path of action of the pull concentration in the course matches the instructions through which the panel is actually positioned to avoid reverse accident.

Create a coaxial course as well as claim the definition of each paragraph
% Program header
P900002 Program label
N1010 Program comment
N1020M10 Turn on technical shutter
N1030M21 Select laser device rhythm regularity
N1040M15 Select continual surge method
N1040G4F30 Pause 0.03 secs
N1050G111V100 Laser energy
N1060U1 Determine energy
N1070M91 Cancel laser device available limitation
N1080M7 Open digital shutter
N1090G4F10 Pause 0.01 secs
N1100M6 Electronic shutter
N1110U0 Cancel specified electrical power
N1120M11 Turn off technical shutter
N1130M30 The plan finishes as well as goes back to the plan header

After the plan finishes, the Z center can easily certainly not be actually relocated just before the emphasis is actually discovered, as well as the panel may certainly not be actually lambasted.

What are actually the elements that influence laser device cutting?

1) Beam premium:
Ray of light insight
Light beam position
Polarization condition
Beam of light posture
Rhythm distance and also peak electrical power
Regular regularity
Normal result energy
2) Process criteria:
Electrical power
Atmospheric pressure
Reducing elevation
Emphasis posture
Mist nozzle measurements and also satiation
3) External lightweight pathway:
Just how really good is actually the centering looking glass?
Level of contaminants of round polarizers as well as reflector
4) External problems:
ROFIN : High pureness nitrogen 99.999% 5bar
Gasoline pureness
Sheet premium

What type of gasolines that is actually required for the laser device to operate? What is actually the pureness of each? What is actually the exterior minimal tension?

laser device reducing auxiliary-gas

Combined gasoline (co2, helium, nitrogen, carbon monoxide gas, air, helium), assigned provider
TK High pureness nitrogen 99.999% 5bar
Higher pureness helium 99.999% 5bar
Natural nitrogen 99.995% 5bar
Higher pureness helium 99.999% 5bar
Keep in mind: The gasoline blasted due to the TK laser device is actually shunted through high-purity nitrogen inside the laser device.
PRC High pureness nitrogen 99.999% 5bar
Higher pureness co2 99.999% 5bar
Higher pureness co2 99.999% 5bar

Safety measures prior to carrying out the plan? And also what should you focus on during the course of handling?

Whether the variety technique is actually appropriate, whether the procedure guidelines are actually referred to as the right way, whether the exterior supporting gasoline prepares, and also whether home plate opening is actually right;

What are actually the a number of kinds of lens that are actually made use of on the maker?

Concentrating looking glass, round polarizer, around show looking glass.

Protect against slab contortion throughout machining to prevent accidents. When the maker is actually operating, the driver may certainly not leave behind the device as well as observe private security.

Stainless-steel dangling ashes, why can not it be actually punctured and also just how to address it?

The burr under resembles the ashes

There are actually 2 forms of ashes on the lesser area:

Putting up challenging dregs may typically be actually fixed through decreasing the concentration or even raising the atmospheric pressure;

When can easily certainly not traverse, it may commonly be actually fixed through lessening the velocity, enhancing the electrical power and also changing the concentration stance.

Putting up delicate ashes may commonly be actually resolved through accelerating the reducing velocity, lowering the energy and also improving the concentration stance.

What is actually the connection in between the size of the reducing gap as well as the fullness of home plate? If it runs out variation, what should be actually carried out?

Carbon dioxide steel:

Solitary confinement size listed below 8mm is actually certainly not lower than home plate density, as well as solitary confinement dimension greater than 10MM is actually certainly not lower than 1.2 opportunities the density of home plate.

Solitary confinement dimension listed below 4mm is actually certainly not lower than the fullness of home plate, and also solitary confinement dimension greater than 5mm is actually certainly not lower than 1.5 opportunities the fullness of home plate.

Gaps past the above needs can easily take on noting positioning or even rhythm slow-moving cutting.

Unexpected energy blackout in the course of handling, exactly how should our experts carry on laser device handling?

If the device is actually powered off during the course of the machining method, after rebooting the equipment, the procedure measures are actually as complies with:

Reducing slim layers is actually rapid and also in high quality.

. The number of bore techniques exist? Under what scenarios is actually each approach made use of? What is actually the reason for ruptured openings when making use of regular opening technique? Just how to take care of it?
There are actually 3 techniques to bore:.

What are actually the benefits of 21.5-inch and also 7.5-inch lens when reducing slabs?

5-inch lense.

Comprehensive handling criteria of air reducing 10mm-16mm carbon dioxide steel and also nitrogen reducing 8mm stainless-steel.
Laser Device Generator Type Sheet Power Speed Focus Nozzle Dia. Reducing Height Cutting Gas Air Pressure Lens.
mm W mm/min mm Bar in.
TK2000 MS 10 1800 1000-1200 1 2 1.2 O2 0.8 ~ 1.0 7.5.
PRC4000 MS 16 2450 800-1000 2 2.5 1.2 O2 0.6 ~ 0.7 7.5.
ROFIN DC030 SUS 8 2950 800-1100 -8 2.5 0.65 O2 twenty 7.5.

The sharp opportunity is actually insufficient;.
The opening stress is actually extremely big;.
The opening concentration is actually expensive.
What are actually the factors for the irregular cutting point experiences?
Coaxial imbalance.
Improper lightweight pathway.
No mist nozzle.
Negative top quality platter.
Centering looking glass air pollution.
The beginning reducing area is actually bad.
Lightweight position hold-up.

What are actually the styles and also measurements of mist nozzles? Just how should mist nozzles be actually chosen for various fullness of components?

Mist nozzle Types.

Carbon dioxide steel usually makes use of double-layer higher faucets. Usually, 1.4 is actually utilized within 8mm; 2.0 is actually typically made use of for 10-12mm; 2.5 is actually typically utilized for 14-18mm; 3.0 is actually typically made use of for 20-25mm.

Usual opening.
Dynamic opening.
Ruptured opening.
Usually, carbon dioxide steel platters of 10 mm or even a lot less usage average openings, and also carbon dioxide steel platters of 10 mm or even additional usage modern opening.

There are actually pair of sorts of mist nozzles: double-layer higher mist nozzles (1.4, 2, 2.5, 3.0) and also single-layer upright base reduced mist nozzles (1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0).

( Note: Aluminum metals can easily certainly not utilize dynamic openings, however must be actually perforated at the prime focus).

The factor for the good time gap:.

The device come back to the endorsement factor once more to develop the equipment correlative unit;
Open up the NC system that is actually being actually carried out just before the energy is actually shut off, as well as check out whether the Q999997 (contacting the work surface correlative unit moment subroutine) subroutine is actually called front end of the plan. (If the Q999997 subroutine is actually certainly not gotten in touch with, at that point our company can not discover the work surface zeropoint, our company may merely personally find.).
If Q999997 is actually phoned, after that our team can easily carry out G54 (work surface correlative device collection);.
G00X0Y0, therefore you may locate the work surface absolutely no aspect;.
Open up the loophole guideline as well as check out the market value of criterion P8 (the plan line variety being actually implemented prior to energy off) as well as P12 (the final line variety of G00 swiftly setting up just before energy off); free FASTPLOT to examine the course to make sure the course amount is actually right.
Known as the NC course, and also change the course, include M00 (genuine time out) after G09 (read beforehand, pre-stage feature), improve the pass up demand TRY **** (worth for P12 mind), as well as at P12 after the mind G00 order line is actually incorporated, the reducing level method subroutine is actually included, like: Q990051 (1st coating reducing criterion phone call);.
Implement the system, the supporting functionality as well as laser device energy phone call will certainly be actually activated, as well as the automated positioning will certainly return to the cutting.

What are actually the details factors for concentrating lense contaminants?

Air or even supporting gasoline (O2, N2) is actually unclean consisting of dampness, bits, residue, oil, and so on;.

The external illumination course skin layer leopard is actually grubby; the ashes is actually turned around during the course of the reducing procedure as well as the perforation method.

Stainless-steel as well as light weight aluminum blends commonly make use of a single-layer direct base reduced faucet.

Which components can certainly not be actually refined along with a laser device?

Gold, silver, copper, sheer light weight aluminum, challenging blend steel, marble, directed iron, glass, and so on

Ruptured openings are actually certainly not generally utilized.

7.5 in lense.

What sort of gasoline is actually made use of to reduce carbon dioxide, what impact carries out gasoline pureness carry reducing?

Typically, air is actually made use of, and also its own pureness is actually normally 99.5% or even additional;.

The tension could be properly assured, yet the higher expense as well as quick make use of opportunity demand recurring fuel improvement;.

Bring In DXF \ DWG data, carry out CAD crystal clear squeezing handling, collection handling procedure and also method setups, incorporate resource payment.

In the course of the reducing procedure, the elevation of the procedure board may be changed through readjusting the modification opener or even readjusting the reducing rate override to fix the impact of various emphasis.

Outcome the course, indicate the beginning, as well as validate the plan.

Just how to avoid the work surface coming from warping and also rotating in the course of the reducing procedure? What are actually the sources of the perspective discrepancy of the reduce work surface?
Imbalance cutting, micro-connection, as well as modifying of the setting of the reducing aspect could be made use of to avoid contortion and also switching during the course of reducing;.

What are actually the intervene programs in FASTCAM as well as FASTNEST?

The FASTCAM shows measures are actually as complies with:.

The much higher the pureness, the far better the reducing advantage.

What should be actually performed if there is actually an abrupt incident of a poor sensation during the course of regular handling?

Time out, after that assess the trigger of the undesired sensation and also offer along with it as necessary.

Enhance the mist nozzle range to stop crashes as well as leave behind the micro-connection to stop dirt coming from polluting the lense.


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