Fiber Laser Automation | Automatic Loading And Unloading

Fiber Laser Automation Automatic Loading And Unloading

Fully automatic loading and unloading assembly line

Product Features

  • Better beam quality: smaller focused spot, finer cutting lines, smooth kerf, beautiful appearance, no distortion, higher efficiency. Better quality of processing.
  • Choose the well-known fiber laser. The light guide system is composed of fiber. There is no single lens in the laser generator. The use of the process does not require maintenance. The core technology of imported lasers is more compact for easy integration, no start-up time, high power density, better optical patterns—cutting-edge manufacturers.
  • Lower maintenance costs: no laser operating gas; fiber optic transmission, no mirrors required; significant maintenance cost savings.
  • The use of professional software allows for the timely processing of various graphics and text, which is easy and convenient to use.
  • Frog hopping motion improves cutting efficiency. Cut back allows the operator to return instantly if a missed cut is detected. Line/arc interpolation and cutting seam compensation function. Software with manual or automatic nesting function.
  • High cutting precision and dimensional accuracy. With a flat and clean-cut, no burrs, and minimal material loss.
  • The machine is equipped with two pneumatic chucks in the front and rear, and a pneumatic chuck in the middle and the three chucks can be clamped and cut at the same time with high cutting precision.
  • It can achieve tailstock-free cutting, saving production costs, and improving production efficiency.
  • The simplification of the Fieldbus system structure makes the control system, from design, installation, and operation to regular production operation and maintenance, reflect the system’s advantages. Superiority.

Machine Type

Models 1530 2040 2060
Processing width


          1500*3000         2000*4000         2000*6000
Weight of the whole machine (KG)              6200               17600             10500
External dimensions (mm)    8740*4050*1870   10860*4550*1870    15110*4550*1870
Workbench exchange mode     Pan and swap up and down     Pan and swap up and down     Pan and swap up and down

Applied Materials

We mainly used cutting a 0.5mm-25mm carbon steel plate, 0.5mm-20mm stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, and stainless steel sheet. Silicon plate, 0.5mm-16mm aluminum alloy, 0.5mm-14mm brass, and various other metal materials (thickness and materials). (related to lasers)

Fiber laser automation

Technical Parameters

Maximum running speed: 100m/min

Maximum acceleration:1.2G

X/Y positioning accuracy: ±0.08mm/m

X/Y repeatability: ±0.02mm

Working voltage:380V/50Hz

Laser power: 1000W-6000W

Machine power:16KW

Operating temperature of the machine: 0℃-40℃

Operating humidity of the machine:<90%

Transmission method: Precision rack and pinion

Loading and unloading method: automatic

Unique Benefits

Exchange high and low tables with automatic loading and unloading can save time.

Integrated full-surround design reduces laser radiation

Dedicated receiving area for added security

ATLANTA rack and pinion for better stability.

Numerical control for faster machining speeds

Product Advantages.

High-speed movement, faster knife

Compared to traditional processes, no molds are required.

CAD import immediately can cut the finished product.

Brighter light

Cutting thick plates like iron to mud

All steel plate welding bed. T6 heat treatment. Keep no deformation. Exquisite for material selection (imported gear rack, flange reducer, Rake IPG laser global strategic partner), tidy and orderly layout slot line is safer.

Close to zero error, more accurate, ruler

Laser dry measuring instrument to achieve 0.01 accuracy (a hair’s breadth of error). Seven-axis pulling material cutting machine pipe cutting accuracy of up to 20 Within wire, zero tailing


Quality Control

Each screw is tightly locked according to standard torque

The mounting of each gear is controlled within the range of accuracy

Precision control within 0.01mm for every two rack splice Every steel plate welding machine must perform excellent welding and Meticulous grinding. Every plate welding machine is stress relieved by T6 heat treatment.

Each tempered steel plate welding machine is machined by an imported gantry machining center to ensure straightness and flatness.

After installation and commissioning, the equipment should be calibrated and compensated by the laser interferometer produced by the API company. To ensure the walking accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the factory equipment.

Machine Applications

Helping the manufacturing industry to become more efficient and empowered to achieve smart manufacturing

Widely used in machinery manufacturing, elevators, sheet metal, kitchen equipment, chassis and cabinets, machine tool equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware. (a) The following industries: advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting, and processing.

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