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shuttle table fiber laser cutter

— Product features —

Better beam quality: smaller focused spot, more excellent cutting lines, higher efficiency, better processing quality.

High stability: using the world’s top imported fiber laser, compact structure, small size, fixed optical path, low energy loss, stable cutting quality.

Extended focal depth, small spot, small kerf. Straight cutting wall, smooth cutting, beautiful appearance, no distortion.

The unrestricted optical path and low fiber transmission losses allow for maximum processing range.

Meager maintenance costs: no laser working gas; fiber transmission, no reflector; can save many maintenance costs.

The use of professional software can achieve a variety of graphics and text processing on time, easy to use, convenient.

Use a hydraulically adjustable high and low double exchange table to save loading and unloading time.

Widened rail support surface further optimizes the rigidity of the bed body.

Composite thermal insulation armor effectively protects the structural stability of the main beam of the bed under the ultra-high-power laser processing environment.

High-safety fully enclosed housing structure.

Get energy-saving and environmental protection with perfect smoke and dust removal system.

high power fiber laser cutting machine

High-safety fully enclosed structure design.

High and low double tables save loading and unloading time. The composite heat insulation armor effectively protects the main bed beam in the high-power laser processing environment. Structural stability

Technical Parameters

Maximum operating speed 120m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.0G
Transmission method Precision Gear Rack and Pinion
X/Y positioning accuracy 0.05mm/m
X/Y Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Working voltage 380V/50Hz
Laser power 1000W-8000W
Machine power 8KW
Machine operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Humidity in machine operation <90%

Seriers Machines

Models. 1530 2040 2060
Processing width (mm) 1500*3000 2000*4000 2000*6000
Weight of the whole machine (kg) 4950 11500 11750
External dimensions (mm) 8640*5000*2260 10770*6000*2300 15000*6000*2300
Workbench exchange mode Pan swap and up and down swap Pan swap and up and down swap Pan swap and up and down swap


Fiber Laser

We Adopt new advanced fiber lasers from IPG.

Fiber lasers offer superior performance, reliability, and low overall cost, helping end-users reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Full cutting power has sheet metal thicknesses up to 100mm.

Fiber laser source

Machine Applications

     It can cut a variety of metal plates. Mainly suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized steel, all kinds of alloys, rare metals, and other materials, rapid cutting.

     Our fiber laser cutters are used in kitchen electric, sheet metal chassis and frame, machine frame equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting, and processing industries.

fiber laser cutting applications

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Body

The main machine’s gantry beam structure is made of high-strength steel plate, and the bed is welded with T6 heat treatment to eliminate stress and achieve strength and rigidity. Highly matched with servo-driven acceleration and deceleration and CNC system, it is a precision laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology, and other sciences in one. CNC fiber laser cutter.

Fiber laser cutting machine body

PRECITEC Laser Cutting Head

Autofocus for automated cutting systems, lightweight design, fast acceleration, drift-free distance sensor, closed optical path protection High precision.

Increases productivity, reduces production costs and improves the quality of the cut.

PRECITEC laser cutting head

Fiber Laser Cutter Best Guide | How to buy in 2021?

Find the entire buying guide for laser fiber cutters in 2021. We will provide you with the best fiber laser cutters of 2021 with professional customer support for your requirements for metal cutting.

What Is A Fiber Laser Cutter?

The Fiber laser cutter is like a top-quality, best speed, highly precise and powerful CNC laser metal cutting equipment. It’s perfect for all sorts of metal cuts that are your strong partner for metalworking.

Though it is designed to cut metal sheets/sheets and metal pipes/rods from steel, carbon steel, electrical steel, galvanized steel, etc. It provides different power levels (from 500W to 12000W).

The Key Features of Fiber Laser Cutters

  • The electrically and optically high conversion efficiency of fiber laser is more than 30%. There is no need for a chiller for the low-power fiber laser. During operation, the application of air cooling will save a lot of power consumption, save costs and achieve optimum efficiency and productivity.
  • During operation, the laser needs only electric power and no additional gas to produce the laser which costs least.
  • The fiber laser has a modular and redundant architecture of semiconductors. In the resonant cavity, no optical lens, no start-up time and no modification, maintenance, and better resistance are benefits. It lowers accessory and repair costs. The laser is unparalleled.
  • The fiber laser’s output wavelength is 1064 microns. The beam has excellent quality and high density of strength, which makes it very easy for metal materials to absorb.
  • The entire machine optical transmission is done via optical fibers, no complex light guide system, including mirror reflection, easy optical paths, stable structure, and maintenance-free external visual paths are necessary.
  • The cutting head uses a lens to prevent the use of high-cost consumables, like concentrating lenses.
  • The beam is transmitted via optical fiber, allowing it very simple to design the mechanical system and easy to integrate with the robot.
  • The laser can be attached to the optical shutter, separated by the fiber optic in several channels and worked continuously, easy to extend the feature and easy to update.
  • The fiber laser is minimal, lightweight and movable.

Fiber Laser Cutter and It’s Uses


  • Sheet metal processing
  • Aviation
  • Electrical appliances
  • Subway parts
  • Automobiles
  • Food machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • Engineering machinery
  • Ships
  • Elevators
  • Household appliances
  • Tool processing
  • And other manufacturing and processing industries.

Fiber Laser Cutters – It’s Benefits and Advantages

Fiber laser is the world’s latest type of laser technology that generates a high-density laser beam and combines it on the workpiece surface so that the working component contaminated by the ultra-fine focus point is molten and vaporized instantly, pushing the spot via the CNC mechanical device.

And it has obvious advantages in contrast to the bulky gas laser and solid laser. It has quickly become a leading candidate in the areas of laser manufacturing and other fields.

The laser cutter fibers and its edges are solid and smooth, can be used for plane cutting and adjustable cutting. It is ideal for processing high accuracy cutting like metal plates.

Therefore, it reduces space and gas consumption and has a high photoelectric conversion rate compared to the ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutter. It is a great innovation to save resources and protect the environment, and one of the world’s leading innovations.

High Accuracy

Accuracy of the laser cutter location is 0.05mm and the accuracy of repeated location is 0.03mm.

Narrow Split

In a small light location, the laser beam is focused primarily to achieve a high power output, and the material is rapidly vaporized and the hole is melted away. The hole continually forms a split with a very narrow width with the relative linear motion of the beam and materials.

Cutting Surface Is Smooth

The cutting surface does not produce burr.

High Speed

However, it is possible to cut speeds of 10m/min and a maximum positioning speed of 30m/min, which is considerably faster than the linear cutting rate.

High Quality

Non-contact cutting, the edge of the cut is very little affected by heat, essentially the workpiece is not deformed by heat, and the body formed during punching and scrubbing is avoided.

No Workpiece Damage

To ensure that the workpiece is not damaged, the laser cutting head will not be in touch with the material surface.

Not Affected By the Workpiece

Laser processing is versatile. Allows to map and cut pipes and other materials in form.

Saves Mold Investment

No mold, no mold usage, no mold reparation, saving replacement time, saving manufacturing costs and reducing production costs, particularly suitable for processing large items, are appropriate for laser cutting.

Material Saving

Products of various shapes can be cut using computer programming to optimize the material utilization rate.

Increase the Speed of Delivery Samples

The laser processing can be carried out instantly upon the formation of the design drawings, and the real product of the new product can be obtained as soon as possible.

Safety and Environmental Protection

Laser waste is minimal, noise is lower, clean, safe and free of emissions, and workplaces are improved.

The Advantages of Fiber Laser Compared With CO2 Laser

Excellent Beam Quality

Indeed, the main focus is narrower, the cutting line is smoother and the work efficiency is greater.

Extremely High Stability

With reliable performance as well as the service life of essential aspects can exceed 100,000 hours. Though it is the best laser cutter for fiber in the world.

Extremely High Electro-Optical Conversion Efficiency

Fiber Laser Cutter’s photo-electrical conversion output is about 30%. Which is 3 times greater than the CO2 laser, saving power and protecting the environment.

Very Low Cost of Use

The machine’s power consumption is 20-30% among like CO2 laser.

Very Low Maintenance Cost

No laser gas, optical fiber transmitting, no reflection lenses required, saves considerable maintenance.

Super Flexible Light Guide Effect

A lightweight, compact style, simple to handle to be portable.

Generally, the range of cutting optical fibers is relatively limited compared with carbon dioxide laser cutters. It can only cut metal materials because of the wavelength and is not easily absorbed by non-metals that affect its range of cutting.

The Advantages of Fiber Laser Compared With YAG Laser

Cutting Speed

The laser fiber cutter speed is 4-5 times that of YAG. It’s ideal for mass processing and manufacturing.

Use Cost

However, fiber laser cutters are much cheaper than YAG’s solid laser cutting rate.

Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency

The fiber laser cutter’s photo-electrical conversion efficiency is 10 times of the YAG.

The corresponding price of the laser cutter is significantly greater, so the cost of the laser cutter is so much greater than for the YAG laser but far less than that of the laser cutter with carbon dioxide.

How to Buy a Fiber Laser Cutter in 2021?


At first, after hearing about your specifications, we will suggest the most effective fiber laser cutting device for you.


With our comprehensive quote, we give you according to the fiber laser cutter consulted. The most appropriate specifications, the best equipment and the affordable price are given.

Process Evaluation

To avoid any confusion, both sides will closely monitor and address all details (technical requirements, criteria and business terms).

Placing Order

However, we will give you the Proforma Invoice (PI) if you have no question, then we will enter into an agreement with you.


Once the signed purchase agreement and the deposit has been issued, we will arrange the production of the laser fiber. During the manufacturing process, the latest news will be updated and alerted to the customer.

Quality Control

Besides, a routine inspection and strict quality control of the entire manufacturing procedure will take place. The whole unit is tested to ensure that it performs very well until it is out of production.


After the customer confirmation, we will arrange the distribution as the contract terms.

Custom Clearance

Therefore, all required shipping paperwork will be supplied and shipped to the customer, and customs clearance will be assured.

Service and Support

At last, we provide essential technical support by phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp. Door-to-door service is also available in certain regions.