fiber laser cutting applications

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applications

Fiber laser cutting machine can be used in various fields. It is an efficient, accurate and convenient tool, but also the inevitable trend of application in the field of industrial development. After nearly two decades of industrial development, it has developed into an indispensable tool in the field of metal manufacturing.

Shipbuilding industry

In recent years, “precision shipbuilding” and “fast shipbuilding” have become the main trends in the shipbuilding industry’s development. Laser cutting technology is developing rapidly. The shipbuilding industry is mainly based on the raw material of steel plates. The use of laser cutting sheet metal can replace some of the punching processes that require the use of large and complex molds. Significantly shorten the production cycle and reduce costs—the use of laser cutting machine after the elimination of the assembly allowance. The phenomenon of on-site trimming is eliminated, reducing labor and material waste. The assembly speed of the structure is significantly accelerated, and the quality of the assembly is improved substantially.

shipping building industry

Automobile Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing is a vast system project that requires a series of process technologies to work together. In recent years, advanced technologies such as laser processing, industrial robots, and digital control are continuously promoting the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry. As an advanced processing method, the laser cutting machine is destined to bring a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of the automotive manufacturing industry.

Laser cutting technology covers all application areas of the automotive manufacturing industry. The applications of laser cutting technology include automotive parts, car body, car door frames, car trunk, car roof, and so on—various aspects. In Europe and the United States and other developed industrial countries, 50% to 70% of the auto parts are completed with laser processing. Of which laser cutting, One of the leading laser applications is laser cutting for the automotive industry, which includes flat sheet metal cutting.

Automobile Manufacturing


Laser processing technology in the manufacture of urban rail vehicles, including welding, cutting, surface modification of critical components, marking, fast, and secure laser processing. Forming, punching, and microfabrication. At this stage, laser technology is mainly used in the field of rail vehicle manufacturing, plate and profile feeding, vital components welding, automatic production lines material Places like transport, and sign transplanting.

The laser processing technology is the most important manufacturing technology method in the rail manufacturing industry in recent years. It plays a role in improving the level of rail manufacturing technology. Much promote the role. The rapid development of high-speed rail and laser processing provides a vast potential application market. The application of laser welding and other technologies will be track Vehicle construction technology has entered a new era.

Locomotive manufacturing begins with the preparation of the relevant materials, and laser cutting technology is particularly crucial at this stage. Compared with flame cutting, laser cutting is faster, less deformation of the workpiece, high precision, high applicability, material and money-saving, and economical. Laser cutting technology has been widely used in the manufacture of rail vehicles.

Cutting case of bogie board: the bogie board is an irregular curve contour structure, made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate. The thickness is 8mm, and the curvature of the outer contour is variable. A smooth transition of the processing area is required. Select the laser with a pulse power of 2.4kW, cutting speed of 2.2m/min, and the laser beam focal diameter is 0.12—0.25mm. It has been proven that the products processed by fiber laser cutting can fully meet the actual use requirements.


Fitness equipment

Due to the high volume of tubing processing in the fitness industry, cutting and punching of tubing are often required, and the laser can be used to cut round and square tubing. It can cut traditional or shaped pipes such as oval pipe, bread pipe, etc. It has the advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, and short production cycle. With the benefits of high flexibility, high accuracy, high efficiency, and short production cycle, it has become the most popular standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry.


Mechanical cabinets

With the widespread use of mechanical cabinets in various industries, the demand for their quality has become increasingly high. The materials used for chassis cabinets are now transformed into metal materials. The laser cutting machine is unique for cutting metal materials. The higher process of the chassis steel plate edges requires no burrs. The exposed corners are processed by folded edges, which is not easy to scratch the hand of the installer. The positioning of the various card slots are also proportionally accurate, will not flood the embarrassing situation of accessories can not be installed or misplaced. Many high-precision, personalized products required by customers to proof delivery. The use of shears, turret punch, such as the primary ion cutting machine, and so on. We are unable to meet customer needs and cannot guarantee the time for outsourced processing. As a result, many orders with a high rate of return are lost.

Laser cutting machine in the chassis and cabinet industry: The application of metal laser cutting machine in the cabinet industry brings higher benefits to the enterprise. It enhances the modernization of our country—the development of the process. Metal laser cutting machines will be of interest to many companies in the enclosure and cabinet industry and even more on the broader metal manufacturing industry.

Mechanical cabinets


Behind the rapid development of aerospace is laser cutting technology. Laser cutting is a technique that focuses energy into tiny spaces to achieve high irradiation power densities (105-1015W/). cm2), and then use this high density of energy for non-contact, high speed and high precision processing.

It is precise because laser cutting is characterized by high precision, fast processing speed, and low thermal influence, so there are no mechanical effects. Applications are needed in many aspects of aero-engine manufacturing, from the inlets to the exhaust nozzles of today’s aero engines—current laser cutting technology. Using the current laser cutting technology, we have solved several problems, such as the cutting of complicated materials for aero-engines. The efficient processing of large, thin-walled parts, and the processing of large, thin-walled parts. High-precision cutting of parts leaf-shaped holes, unique surface parts processing, and other problems, a powerful impetus to the current aviation vehicle, to high performance, high precision, and high performance. Lightweight, long life, short cycle, and low cost have added momentum to the development of the aviation industry.


Elevator Industry

It is well known that the common materials used in elevators are stainless steel plates and materials with the film. These materials have a high requirement for an excellent finish, with the increasing demand in the market and the shortening cycle time for new elevator products. The elevator companies have a wide variety of sheet metal parts. Even Some need to be tailored to customer needs, tonnage and tooling are also limited, and multi-station presses sometimes fail to meet machining needs. Sometimes the longer cycle time for mold making makes the production cycle longer, so gradually replaced by fiber laser cutting machine.

elevator industry

Kitchenware industry

As an industry closely related to people’s daily life, the kitchenware industry has been renewed continuously and emerged in recent years. In the kitchenware processing industry, many products need sheet metal panels, such as range hoods, gas burners, stovetops, and sizeable commercial kitchenware. Using the traditional process, need to produce many molds, the design and manufacturing cycle takes a long time, low efficiency, and high cost. The fiber laser cutting machine can reduce costs. Provide efficiency and meet the needs of the kitchenware industry.

With socio-economic development and progress, people have higher and higher requirements for daily necessities and utensils. They require both chic appearances, but also functional versatility and durability. The traditional processing methods such as cold punching, cold cutting, punching, make environmental pollution, product burrs, follow-up treatment, and so on. Labor and time consuming can not meet the needs of customers and the market. The advantages of fiber laser cutting machines in the kitchenware industry are ready to show.

Fiber laser cutting machine has the right quality beam, high precision, small slit, provincial materials, smooth cutting surface, and a series of safe operation, and so on. This feature reduces the number of skilled workers. It eliminates the cost of labor by allowing the sheet metal to be cut from any single piece of material in any pattern quickly and efficiently. Rising pressure, increased efficiency, and tens of thousands of dollars per month in savings on subcontracting help the cookware industry with fiber optics! Laser cutting machine users to quickly recover costs.

The use of fiber laser cutting machine can solve the problems mentioned above that have plagued the kitchenware manufacturers and can be convenient and quick. The processing of sample panels reduces the cost of new product development and shortens the development cycle of new products.

3. Laser processing equipment can cut materials with high precision, which improves the yield of range hoods and gas appliances and reduces the loss of materials. For some shaped products, the fiber laser cutting machine is a unique advantage. For some shaped molding products, fiber laser cutting machine is a unique advantage.

4. In today’s technological innovation, industrial restructuring, market competition unprecedentedly fierce background environment. Laser cutting machine has a unique advantage in kitchenware enterprise. Whoever can be the first to find a breakthrough and modernize the production process, including the equipment, will be of great importance in the long run.

Kitchenware industry

Sheet metal industry

With the application of laser cutting machines, sheet metal processing technology has developed rapidly and brought a revolutionary concept to sheet metal fabrication and processing. The significant sheet metal processing enterprises accept the laser cutting process and laser cutting machine. Its high efficiency, processing High precision, right quality cutting section, three-dimensional cutting processing, and many other advantages gradually replace the traditional sheet metal cutting equipment, including shearing, punching, flame-cutting, plasma cutting, high-pressure water cutting, and other conventional sheet metal processing equipment. Laser processing technology has a vital position in sheet metal processing technology. Improving the sheet metal process’s productivity, and promoting the sheet metal process—the development of the laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine high degree of flexibility, you can significantly reduce the processing cycle. Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, high precision processing, accelerate the rate of product development, these advantages have been the attention of many sheet metal enterprises.

Sheet metal industry