Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

  • Dual drive gantry mechanic,reliable
  • Tube loading with the supporter,easier lodding
  • Automatic Penu,cluch reliable;
  • Dual turning active clutch,high cut performance
  • CNC operation easier for the junior
  • The process of smoke dust experts,like boat exhaust gas system design,the effect is better
  • proporational plate&tube nesting software

Dairuike Chuck


1 Small inertia:Faster acceleration with the same power motor

2.Good transmission performance: Gear transmission, high precision, increased lubrication, good wear resistance

3. High stability:Good braking performance, stable motor curve

4. Easy to install

5. The front structure of the chuck body reduces the overall height under the premise of ensuring the design holding range, and solves the problem that the running beam of the tube sheet machine is too high

laser tube and plate cutting machine

Automatic loading 

auto loading

Layout effect map

layout effect map

Size effect map 

size effect map

Cutting sample

pipe cutting sample
cutting sample

laser tube cutting machine packing laser tube cutting machine cetificate

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine principle

The fiber laser pipe cutting machine uses a fiber laser to output a high energy density laser beam and focus it on the surface of the pipe. The area on the tube irradiated by the ultra-fine focus light spot is instantly melted and vaporized. The spot irradiation position is moved by the CNC mechanical system to realize automatic cutting. It is high-tech equipment that integrates advanced fiber laser technology, digital control technology, and precision automated technology.

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine features

Low cost, laser power consumption per hour only 6-9 degrees; can be blown air cutting various metal sheets.

High performance imported fiber laser with stable performance and the service life of up to 100,000 hours.

High speed, away from the efficiency, cutting thin plate per minute speed up to dozens of meters.

Meager laser maintenance rates.

Good quality cutting edge with small deformation, smooth, and beautiful appearance.

Imported guide motor and servo motor, high cutting precision.

Can design a variety of graphics or text cutting, simple, flexible, convenient operation.

Mechanical                            Parameter

Pipe Area Round Pipe: 20-200mm

Square Pipe: 20-140mm,Other sizes can be customized

Pipe Length 6000mm,12000mm, Other sizes can be customized
Max Loading Weight 3T
X Stroke 170mm
Y Stroke 6980mm
Z Stroke 260mm
W Stroke Rotation Axis

(high precision rack transmission)

Pipe Loading Time first pipe 60s for round pipe
from 2nd pipe continued loading within 30s
Y Axis Moving Speed 0.8m/s(48m/min)
Max Chuck Rotation Speed 120rpm
Max Cutting Rotation Speed 100rpm
Continuous Cutting Tailing 250mm
Min.Tailing 80mm
Cutting Table Mechanical Accuracy ±0.08mm
X、Y、Z Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm/m
X、Y、Z Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Max Single Pipe Loading Weight 290kg
Unloading Two Parts, for small pipe and long cutting
Side Door Moving height can be adjusted automatically
Layout(L*W*H) 12100mm×4950mm×2850mm
Power Parameter
Phase 3
Rated Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 30KW
Total Power Protection Level


Part Name & Description


Laser source Raycus and IPG,other brands can be customized Optional
Optical system Import Media diaphragm UK
Laser cutting head Quelle(without Auto   focus) China
Autofocus   optional
Reducer Shimpo Japan
Water chiller Over-flow protection,             temperature stability ± 0.5 ℃ Wuhan, China
Rack&Pinion Bevel type : ROR or Atlanta German
Guide Rail Hiwin Or PMI Taiwan
Button Module Schneider German
AC Contactor Schneider German
Solenoid Valve Airtec Taiwan
PC System Industrial control EVOC, Taiwan
X axis servo 750W Bus Servo Panasonic, Japan
Y axis servo 4000W Bus Servo Panasonic, Japan
Z axis servo 750W Bus Servo Panasonic, Japan
W axis servo 1000W for back chuck(Pneumatic) Panasonic, Japan
5000W for front chuck(Pneumatic)
Proportional Valve SMC(for O2) Japan
Control system Tubepro Friendess,China
PC Cyptronic, Bus CNC Friendess,China
I/O Card 136 points China
Table Strictly make table with   hardening, tempering and anealing treatment to ensure no deformation during   long time production QY, China

Design drawing


Can cut all kinds of metal plates and pipes, mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized steel, all types of alloy plates, rare metals, etc. Rapid cutting of materials.

They are widely used in kitchen appliances, sheet metal chassis, and cabinets, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signage, auto parts, etc. Display equipment, all kinds of metal products, sheet metal cutting processing, and other industries.

Performance Features:

Cutting sample by pipe laser cutter

Cutting material Stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, angle iron, channel steel, I-beam and profiled tube.
Cutting thickness 1000W model can cut through 3mm wall thickness stainless steel pipe, 6mm wall thickness carbon steel pipe.
The 2000W model can cut through 6mm wall thickness stainless steel pipe, 10mm wall thickness carbon steel pipe.
Cutting size 3000mm, 6000mm and non-standard customization (Optional)

Service Specification


Provide technical advice and complete equipment documentation as required. Assist you in the design of laser processing solutions, taking into account technical feasibility: equipment exhibition hall for you to visit, proofing, and test machine.

The actual situation on-site helps you plan and design the production site, water, electricity, and gas equipment. Provide you with a full set of equipment operation manuals, before delivery to the equipment operators for basic laser theory, safety protection, and equipment maintenance training.

In your factory, the equipment operators will be trained in practical processing operations, equipment maintenance, and safety operations. To ensure that the equipment operating procedures and methods as soon as possible, the computer can independently use the machine for production. After installing and commissioning the whole set of equipment in the field, free warranty for one year from the date of acceptance. In the warranty period, the company will assign engineers and technicians to work on the equipment from time to time for special patrol and routine maintenance. We also provide services such as auditing and inspection and answering related questions.

Service commitment

The service response time is within 24 hours.

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine – The Complete FAQ Guide

The market is filled with hundreds to thousands of pipe laser cutting machines. But, how do you know which one to pick? What would your basis be in choosing which pipe laser cutting machine manufacturer is best?

In this guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about pipe laser cutting machines. We will go over what it is, its different parts, as well as some of the pros and the advantages that you can get when you use it.

What is a Pipe Laser Cutting Machine?

Pipe laser cutting machines are equipment that you use to cut, slice, or pierce through pipes, tubes, and other cylindrical objects of the like.

Figure 1 –What is a Pipe Laser Cutting Machine_(1)

Figure 1 – Sample image of what a pipe laser cutting machine looks like

It’s a pretty self-explanatory term and you won’t find it hard to understand. Using a high-powered laser beam, it’s focused on a particular portion of a pipe or a tube. Then, it cuts and pierces through that object, partitioning it into two (2) or more pieces.

Where Do You Use Pipe Laser Cutting Machines?

You will find a bunch of industries and sectors that make use of pipe laser cutters.

Figure 2 – Where Do You Use Pipe Laser Cutting Machines_

Figure 2  – You can use pipe laser cutters to work on different types and kinds of pipes

Some of the most common include the creation or the modification of pipelines, railways, vessel tanks, pressure tanks and vehicles, and many more!

Some of the sectors that need it are the businesses in the likes of:

  • Construction and Structural
  • Marine and Maritime Industry
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Railroads and Railways
  • Pressure Tanks and Vessels
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Oil, Gas, and Refineries
  • And Many More!

What is a Tube Cutting Machine?

Figure 3 – What is a Tube Cutting Machine_

Figure 3 – What a traditional tube cutting machine looks like

Tube cutting machines are similar to that of pipe cutters, the only difference is the structure of how the machine or the equipment looks like.

The primary thing you need to note about tube cutting machines is that the lasers from these machines flow out of a glass tube.

This then reacts with the gas particles present, and from there, the laser beam is created. When it comes out, it then does the job of cutting or slicing the material.

How Does a Tube Laser Cutting Machine Work?

The working principle of tube laser cutters is simple, it’s easy and a lot open to understand.

Figure 4 – How Does a Tube Laser Cutting Machine Work_

Figure 4 – Image from a clip of how a tube laser cutting machine works

Tube laser cutters work because of a few primary parts: the laser source, the nozzle, and the tube. The laser source is the component that creates the laser. Then, it’ll be channeled to the tube down to the nozzle, which will then be concentrated so that it can work on the workpiece.

In this process, the gases that are present are the one that triggers the lasers. Without the gases, the procedure would not actually go and push through.

The combination of gas particles, energy, and the components inside (laser source) is what makes the cutting process of tube lasers possible.

How Much Does a Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Cost?

Akin to other types of machines and equipment, the rates and prices of pipe laser cutting machines would not be the same. As a matter of fact, it’ll be different and will be based off of a few things:

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Knowing which manufacturer produced it plays a big role in understanding how much it costs. To give you a concrete and a good example, try comparing a pipe laser cutting machine that’s produced by a European company and one that’s made by a Chinese company.

The latter would be cheaper and more affordable, but those that are “American and European-made” would be more expensive.

FUN FACT: Did you know that most American-made pipe laser cutters are made in China? It’s assembled by them in their respective factories; but all the parts are from us.

Features and Functionalities

Another thing you need to consider that would be influential to the price would be the features and the functionalities of the pipe laser cutting machine.

What things can it do that other equipment can’t? How well would it work under extreme pressure and long periods of time?

Try to take a look at the features that are included. That way, it’ll be easier and a lot simpler to determine how much the costs would be.

Specifications or Technical Data

Last, but most definitely not the least would be the specifications. The specifications, or specs for short, are the list of things that make up the machine.

Some of the most common specifications of pipe laser cutting machines include:

  • Cutting Diameter
  • Positioning Precision and Accuracy
  • Cutting Length and Cutting Speed
  • Laser Power
  • Rotational Speed

Before you decide on the pipe laser cutting machine you’ll purchase, try to take a look at these first to avoid being scammed.

On a median, though, a pipe laser cutting machine can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000.

What Materials Can You Work On With a Pipe Laser Cutting Machine?

Pipe laser cutting machines are versatile products that you can use on a wide array of materials.

Figure 5 – What Materials Can You Work On With a Pipe Laser Cutting Machine_

Figure 5 –  Steel being worked on and cut by a pipe laser cutting machine

Going back to where you use it, it’s easy to determine and distinguish what materials you can use it for. The most common of which includes, but are not limited to plastic, metal, steel, rubber, PVC, glass, fiberglass, wood, and many more!

In case you didn’t know, there are specific types of pipe laser cutters for specific materials! So, don’t worry if you initially thought that they’re only going to be effective for steel and metal!

What Are the Parts of a Pipe Laser Cutting Machine?

A pipe laser cutting machine is one of the most complex equipment there is. Therefore, we can’t just run around expecting that it will have a few parts and components.

There are more than ten (10) different parts and components of pipe laser cutters. But, we’ll be discussing only the primary and the most important ones.

Control System

FIgure 6 – Control System

Figure 6 – Sample image of what a control system or a control board looks like

You can think of the control system as the brain or the central processing unit of the entire machine. Without it, the machine wouldn’t be able to be put to work.

It’s the part or the component that controls everything from the program to how the lasers would function and operate.

Working Table or Desk

Figure 7 – Working Table or Desk

Figure 7 – Worktable or a work desk of a pipe laser cutter

The work table or the work desk is the component that’s responsible for holding or for keeping the substrates or the workpieces included in the process.

Without a work table or a work desk, then you wouldn’t be able to load or mount a workpiece or material to the pipe laser cutter.

Cooling System

Figure 8 – Cooling System

Figure 8 – Pipe laser cutter equipped with a cooling system

The cooling system is the component that is responsible in making sure that the machine is well-ventilated.

Lasers emit heat, and heat radiates. There are certain materials that aren’t well capable of handling heat. Moreover, the machine could be overcharged, which can cause the entire process to fully discontinue.

Laser Cutter

Figure 9 – Laser Cutter

Figure 9 – Sample of a laser cutting head

And last, but most definitely not least would be the laser cutter. The laser cutting head itself houses a too few different parts and components.

This is the part that comes next to the control system, as the most important as without it, there would never be cutting!

These are some of the most important and the most relevant parts of a pipe laser cutting machine.

Advantages of Using Pipe Laser Cutting Machines

You can find a ton of benefits and advantages in using pipe laser cutting machines. Some of the most common include:

Higher Cut Quality

One of the best and the most sought-after capabilities of pipe laser cutters is its extreme attention to detail.

You will never have an inch of doubt with the quality of your work when you use pipe laser cutting machines. Due to that fact that it uses high-powered laser beams, you can absolutely get the results you want with extreme accuracy and precision.

Versatility and Flexibility

Another thing that you want to take note of next is its versatility and flexibility. As we all know, pipe laser cutters don’t just cater to the needs of businesses that utilize steel and metal, you can use it for plastics, wood, rubber, glass, and other materials, too!

Pipe laser cutting equipment are versatile that you can use them almost anywhere!


Most pipe laser cutters offer automation not just when it comes to the process, but including the mounting or the loading of the workpiece, the alignment and adjustment, and even when it comes to the unloading, too!

These are just some of the pros and benefits of using pipe laser cutting machines. You’ll surely find more when you are already the one using it!

Disadvantages of Using Pipe Laser Cutting Machines

Before you get to thinking that pipe laser cutters are all rainbows and butterflies, here are some of its cons and drawbacks:

Expensive and Costly

One of the major drawbacks of using pipe laser cutting machines is the fact that it’s expensive and costly upfront.

Unlike the traditional cutters, you would have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars.

Toxic Emissions

Another bad thing about it is the fact that pipe laser cutters can actually emit toxic and dangerous chemicals in the process.

Since we know that lasers need gas particles to work, its reaction with the materials involved could actually be bad and dangerous not just for the workpiece but the health of the people who are working on it, too.

Inability to Work on Thick Materials

And last, but most definitely not least would be the fact that the power of pipe laser cutting machines isn’t that much.

They’re accurate and precise, yes, but, you might not be able to use them if you are going to work on thick materials.

There’s a fine barrier on what thickness you can use it for. So, take note of that as well.

What is a Tube Fiber Laser?

It’s a type of laser cutting machine that’s mostly used to cut and partition pipes, tubes, channels, and other cylindrical objects of the like.

Figure 1 – What is a Tube Fiber Laser_
Figure 10 – Sample of a tube fiber laser

Tube fiber laser cutters, obviously, utilize fiber lasers for their process. These types of laser cutters usually have wavelengths that are about 1.06 to 1.10 microns. Generally, the beams of fiber lasers are about 10 to 15% smaller than the beams of CO2 laser cutters, which mean that they are easily absorbed by the material.

What Does a Tube Laser Do?

The primary purpose of tube lasers is to be able to cut tubes, pipes, and various types of structural shapes to achieve the length and the size needed.

Figure 2 – What Does a Tube Laser Do_
Figure 11 – Tube laser working in action

However, that is not the only use of tube lasers, particularly tube fiber lasers. In fact, you can also make use of them if you’re trying to cut holes, cavities, trenches, or any other type of designs that you wish to have on your workpiece or your substrate.

Tuber lasers, overall, are versatile and flexible machines that would extremely beneficial for whatever type of use you’ll need it for.

What is Tube Laser Cutting?

Tube laser cutting is the strategic process of cutting or slicing pipes, tubes, channels, and other cylindrical objects.

Figure 3 – What is Tube Laser Cutting_
Figure 12 – The tube laser cutting process

This is the method or the procedure used in cutting because it does not fully require human intervention, especially if the machine is semi-automatic.

In addition to that, the accuracy, precision, and the overall consistency is maintained if you perform tube fiber laser cutting.

Are Laser Cutters Expensive?

Laser cutters in general can cost around $4,000 to $15,000 per machine. Anywhere between these prices would be the standard cost for it.

On the contrary, if the price would be lower or if it would exceed this range, it would already be a special type of laser cutter.

How Much Does a Fiber Laser Cost?

Figure 4 – How Much Does a Fiber Laser Cost_
Figure 13 – What a tube fiber laser looks like

Fiber lasers can cost you in the ranges of $20,000 and $45,000, depending on the features and the functionalities that you want to see in it.

They’re expensive, yes, but it is due to several reasons, some of which include:

  • Fiber lasers can cut through various materials, such as aluminum, brass, and copper better
  • The laser beams of fiber lasers are safer and more controlled
  • In terms of operating costs, fiber lasers would cost half of what CO2 lasers would
  • The wavelengths of tube fiber lasers are narrower and smaller, which allows it to be absorbed by the material more

Their performance is valued so much to the extent that there are tube fiber lasers that can go as expensive as $100,000. These would be lasers that are extremely advanced and automatic.

Where to Find Tube Laser Manufacturers?

There are a lot of tube fiber laser manufacturers in the market today, you’ll actually be able to find them in various countries around the world.

However, if what you yearn are high-quality tube fiber lasers, then you can never go wrong in choosing a Chinese tube fiber laser manufacturer. Apart from the fact that they charge less, you’ll actually also be able to get most of what you’re looking for as they offer certain customizations!

If you had to choose between a Western tube fiber laser supplier or a Chinese tube fiber laser manufacturer, going with the latter can hive you higher chances of success!

How Long Does a Tube Fiber Laser Last?

On average, mid-range or standard laser machines have lifespans around 15 to 20 years. In technical terms, this is around 30,000 to 35,000 hours. Tube fiber lasers easily beat that because their average lifespan is within 100,000 hours, or about 45 years of use.

Of course, this figure is excluding all repairs, maintenance, and errors. Therefore, you can absolutely expect it to last longer than the regular or traditional CO2 lasers.

Fiber Laser vs. CO2 Laser: What’s Better For You?

A lot of people still can’t grasp the differences between CO2 and tube fiber lasers.

Figure 5 – Fiber Laser vs. CO2 Laser- What’s Better For You_
Figure 14 – CO2 laser machine

To help you more with it, here’s a table that you can use to understand the distinctions between them.

Fiber Lasers CO2 Lasers
Can be used on a wide-range of materials such as metal, copper, bronze, aluminum, etc. Ideal to be used on non-metallic materials like textiles, acrylic, plastic, wood, stone, etc.
Uses less power, which translates to lower operational costs. Tends to use more power, which means it’s more energy-reliant (higher operational costs).
More expensive than CO2 lasers. Substantially cheaper than fiber lasers.
Maintenance-free and smaller than CO2 lasers. Requires maintenance and check-ups, quite bigger and larger than fiber lasers.
Common applications include metal annealing, engraving, etching, contaminant removal, metal cutting, and many more. Common applications include marking of PVC and plastic, cutting thick non-metallic materials, and pharmaceutical or packaging marking operations.

These are some of the most customary distinctions that you can have between tube fiber lasers and regular CO2 lasers.

Why SOHO Cutting is the Most Ideal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

For more than a decade, SOHO Cutting has done nothing but produce high-quality pipe laser cutting machines to companies, businesses, and clients from all across the globe.

Holding the number one spot in the industry for years, we have proven our consistency and skill in the craft, leaving hundreds of corporations with the results that they are looking for.

SOHO Cutting’s lineup of tube laser cutting machines are all cutting-edge and are able to get you the results you’re looking for.

Whatever size, style, and design you want, we’ll be here ready to help you!

Choosing SOHO Cutting’s Pipe Laser Cutting Machines

Unlike other manufacturers’ pipe laser cutting machines, our products are advanced and would be capable of being used in whatever business industry you may need it for.

You can engage to work in the oil and refinery industry, the mining industry, the construction and structural industry, as well as the marine, aerospace, and even the railroad industry.

  • We can produce pipe laser cutting machines that have versatile cutting lengths and power
  • All our products are made from the best and the highest quality of materials
  • You can specify the rotational speed that you are looking for
  • We can offer pre and after-sales services
  • We will never leave you without being updated on a regular basis

Other than our pipe laser cutting machines, SOHO Cutting can also be the manufacturer you can trust if you are looking for other equipment such as plasma sheet cutters, CNC systems, tube fiber laser cutting machine, automated fiber laser cutters, and many more!

Talk to us and get a free estimate or a free quote of all your orders!


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