Sheet and Tube fiber laser cutting machine

Large Scale Laser Cutter at SOHO Cutting

At SOHO Cutting, we specialize in CNC metal cutting machines, offering a range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. As a leading Metal Cutting Machine Supplier in China, our expertise lies in providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for large scale laser cutting.


1.Using the world’s top imported fiber laser. Stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100,000 hours.

2.Superior beam quality, more excellent cutting lines. Higher efficiency and better processing quality.

3. The use of a fully enclosed constant temperature laser working environment, a more effective guarantee of the laser work’s stability.

4. Unique corner energy following technology so that the cutting effect of sharp corners more perfect.

5.Imported American cutting head control technology, cutting head automatic with protection display function. More certain use, more convenient adjustment, perfect cutting.

6.Unique perforation gas control technology, solve the problem of perforation of thick plate.

7.Equipped with high precision and high response drive, suitable for fast and precise cutting.

8.Equipped with an automatic refueling system to make the machine run more smoothly.

high power fiber laser cutting machine

High-safety fully enclosed structure design.

High and low double tables save loading and unloading time. The composite heat insulation armor effectively protects the main bed beam in the high-power laser processing environment. Structural stability

Technical Parameters

Laser power: 10000W-40000W

Processing width(mm): 2500*6000/2500*8000/2500*12000

Maximum running speed: 120m/min

Maximum acceleration: 2.0g

Positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm/m

X,Y repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm/m

Total weight: 16000kg (in relation to the processing width)

External dimensions: 14930*6000*2527 (related to the processing size)

Fiber Laser

We Adopt new advanced fiber lasers from IPG.

Fiber lasers offer superior performance, reliability, and low overall cost, helping end-users reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Full cutting power has sheet metal thicknesses up to 100mm.

20000W IPG laser power

Machine Applications

Helping the manufacturing industry to become more efficient and empowered to achieve smart manufacturing

Widely used in machinery manufacturing, elevators, sheet metal, kitchen equipment, chassis and cabinets, machine tool equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware. (a) The following industries: advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting, and processing.

fiber laser cutting applications

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Body

The main machine’s gantry beam structure is made of high-strength steel plate, and the bed is welded with T6 heat treatment to eliminate stress and achieve strength and rigidity. Highly matched with servo-driven acceleration and deceleration and CNC system, it is a precision laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology, and other sciences in one. CNC fiber laser cutter.

Fiber laser cutting machine body

PRECITEC Laser Cutting Head

Autofocus for automated cutting systems, lightweight design, fast acceleration, drift-free distance sensor, closed optical path protection High precision.

Increases productivity, reduces production costs and improves the quality of the cut.

PRECITEC laser cutting head

Large-Scale Laser Cutter – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Large-scale laser cutters, often associated with industrial giants, play a pivotal role in the operations of manufacturing companies. However, their significance extends beyond these colossal operations, finding favor among a diverse array of businesses and enterprises that you could be currently in!

So, in this guide, we’ll get you all the important information about large-scale laser cutters you’re looking for! It doesn’t matter where your industry is, what matters is you’ll get the right information from the right resource, here with us at SOHO Cutting!

What is a Large-Scale Laser Cutter?

A large-scale laser cutter is a formidable industrial tool renowned for its ability to tackle substantial cutting and engraving tasks. This machine uses high-powered laser to precisely cut through a wide range of materials, from wood, plastics, acrylics to metals with exceptional accuracy and speed.

These big-scale laser cutters are unique in that they can handle big workpieces and carry out complex designs, which makes them essential in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, and construction.

Kern Lasers is one of the most prominent manufacturers of large-scale cutters, check them out!

What is the Maximum Size of Laser Cutting?

The maximal laser cutting size mostly relies on the capabilities of the particular laser cutter and the kind of material being treated. Industrial laser cutting equipment can often handle a wide variety of sizes, from small-scale precision cuts to large-scale cutting of sheets or plates.

Large-scale laser cutters are capable of handling dimensions of several meters in length and breadth for sheet or plate materials like metal or acrylic. Standard sheet sizes like 4 feet by 8 feet (1.2 meters by 2.4 meters) or even bigger can fit in some machines.

However, that’s not always what the case is. It is important to check the manufacturer’s specs for the laser cutter you want to use to discover the maximum size for your particular application.

How Big is a Large-Scale Laser Cutter?

Depending on the kind and purpose of the laser cutting equipment, the dimensions can change extensively. Large-scale laser cutters have often been hefty, immobile pieces of machinery.

However, recent improvements in technology and manufacturing have allowed some cunning manufacturers to effectively reduce these devices, improving their mobility without sacrificing performance.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that just because it’s big, doesn’t mean it’s capable of handling large-scale operations. But often, large-sized laser cutters are what’s considered large-scale cutting machines, too.

Is There a Minimum Size For Laser Cutting?

For years, dimensions have been key considerations when determining size, in identifying both minimum and maximum–the same with laser cutting. No matter the scale, the minimum required dimensions for items suitable for laser cutting are normally in the range of 15mm x 15mm. Smaller objects might be tricky since the cutting table grid could potentially trap them, reducing accuracy.

Another general rule is that the minimum size should be around 50% of the material’s thickness, which is frequently specified in laser cutting instructions. The smallest hole or feature you can dependably cut through, for instance, a material that is 0.100 inches thick, would be around 0.050 inches in diameter.

It is, however, worth noting that a practical approach to cutting shapes or holes is to ensure that the geometry is more substantial than half the material’s thickness, ideally not smaller than 0.015 inches. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the cut and ensures accurate results in laser cutting projects.

Large-Scale Laser Cutter Price

The pricing for large-scale laser cutters ranges widely, depending on a number of important aspects. For a significant industrial-grade equipment, you should budget anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 or more.

This variety of factors is what allows companies to choose a laser cutter that adequately fits the requirements and price range of their need.

Large-scale laser cutter pricing spans a broad spectrum, influenced by several pivotal factors. On average, you can expect to invest anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 or more for a substantial industrial-grade machine. This range encompasses various sizes, power levels, and capabilities, allowing businesses to choose a laser cutter that aligns with their specific needs and budget.

Is There an Extra Large-Scale Laser Cutter?

Certainly. There are extra-large scale laser cutters. The materials and projects that these machines are capable of handling are substantial. They have huge work surfaces and powerful lasers to accommodate larger materials.

When selecting a machine for your purposes, it’s crucial to take into account variables like power, accuracy, and working space because the capabilities of various machines might differ. Always check to see if the equipment fits your needs and budget.

Due to the introduction of new technologies and models, the information may change.

For the most recent information, it’s always a good idea to verify with manufacturers or suppliers of your choice.

Where Can You Get a Large-Format Laser Cutting Service?

There are a lot of large-scale cutters in the industry, but if you’re looking for the best and most affordable option, going with SOHO Cutting will be the perfect choice for you.

SOHO Cutting, a renowned Chinese manufacturer, specializes in CNC metal cutting machines. Our product line includes fiber laser, plasma, and flame cutting machines. We cater to various sectors, including automotive, construction, appliances, and custom cutting, aiming to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Why Go With SOHO Cutting?

Our machines offer superior quality, cost-effectiveness, and excellent service. We provide standard designs for common products and customized solutions tailored to specific requirements.

This adaptability enables our machines to meet both steel sheet and steel pipe cutting needs. Our machines can handle high-speed cutting with power ranging from 500 to 10000w, and we can cut thick metal sheets and tubes of various diameters.

What sets SOHO Cutting apart is our commitment to after-sales service. We offer a two-year machine warranty, providing free parts by express for any machine issues during this period. SOHO Cutting also offers lifetime service post-warranty.

In essence, SOHO Cutting is a trusted partner for large-scale laser cutting needs, making them a top choice for manufacturers across various sectors.

  • Diverse Product Range: They offer a variety of CNC metal cutting machines, including fiber laser, plasma, and flame cutting machines.
  • Customization:They provide both standard and customized cutting solutions to meet specific profile requirements.
  • High-Speed Cutting:Their machines are capable of high-speed cutting with power ranging from 500 to 10000w.
  • Versatility:Their machines can handle thick metal sheets and tubes of various diameters.
  • After-Sales Service:They offer a two-year machine warranty and lifetime service post-warranty, providing free parts for any machine issues during the warranty period.
  • Sector-Specific Solutions:They cater to various sectors, including automotive, construction, appliances, and custom cutting.
  • Cost-Effective:Their machines are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality.

If you want the cheapest and most affordable extra-large scale cutters, you can never go wrong in choosing SOHO Cutting! Reach out to us and get a free estimate!