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Laser Welding Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

You may wonder if you are going to need laser wielding machine to evolve the manufacturing process in your industry.

The conventional welding may still work but you cannot overlook the efficiency of this laser welding technology.

The fact that you come here is probably because you have doubt about this technology.

No worries, this is the complete Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) guide that would help you get a better understanding of this highly efficient technology.

What is Laser Welding Machine?

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Laser welding machine is a machine that enables the user to conduct a welding process by using laser beam as its heating sources.

How does a Laser Welding Work?

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Laser welding works just like conventional welding.

By using high density laser beam, laser welding machine sprays high temperature laser to the edges of joined metal.

The heat then creates a weld by melting the metals so they can stick to one another.

How Strong is Laser Welding?

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Nowdays, laser welding machine with power ranging from hundreds of Watts to 60 kW are available on sale.

This range of power is strong enough to conduct welding process comparable to TIG and MIG Welding.

What Types of Laser are Used for Welding?

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Fiber laser, YAG pulsed laser, and continuous wave laser are the three most common laser used for welding.

Fiber laser is used for variety of welding covering from electronics to automotive industry.

YAG pulsed laser is suitable for large spot weld like in transportation manufacturing.

And continuous wave laser is ideal for high speed and deep penetrating welding such as in small tool manufacturing.

What is the Difference between Laser Welding and Conventional Welding?

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The difference is in the heat source.

Conventional welding, such as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding, uses shielding gas to create an inert material that can heat up the metals.

Laser welding, on the other hand, uses high density laser beam to heat up the metal.

What is the Advatage of Laser Welding?

Source Genesis-systems

Laser welding has tons of advantages some of which include:

It can perform a welding process with high accuracy and precision.

It is capable of connecting complicated join in high speed.

There is no burr formation on the joining result.

It can perform repeatedly and consistently.

It can perform low heat application that that minimizes the distortion on the material used.

The welding result is relatively stronger.

What is the Disadvantage of Laser Welding?

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The only disadvantage of laser welding is the cost.

Compared to conventional welding a laser welding machine is highly costly.

What is the Best Handheld Laser Welding Machine for Steel?

Source Acmelaser

Any laser welding machine with enough power would be able to weld steel.

There is, however, one standard handheld laser welding machine which is common to use in simple manufacturing process.

You can look it up here.

Who Invented Laser Welding?

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There is no clear record of who first used laser in wielding process.

Welding itself has been practiced by human since 2000 years ago with fire as the heat source.

After the invention of the high power laser, it is only natural that people would adopt it for welding.

The unique trait of laser is just so fit for manufacturing process especially welding.

Does a Laser Welding Use filler?

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To strengthen the joint point between two metals, sometimes filler metal is used in the welding process.

The most common filler metal used is metal wire.

During the welding process, the metal wire is melted on the welding spot to add additional sticky element between the metals.

As a result, it would strengthen the bond of the metals.

Where is Laser Beam Welding Used?

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Laser beam welding is commonly used in industrial areas that involves metal and plastic in the manufacturing process.

What is the Application of Laser Welding?

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The application of laser welding is mainly in manufacturing industry related to metal and plastic.

Metal-based industry that applies laser welding in its manufacturing process includes shipbuilding, automobile, aerospace, fitness equipment, mechanical cabinets, elevator, kitchenware, sheet metal industry and so on.

And the plastic-based industry that applies laser welding in the manufacturing process includes toys, stationary, house tools, kitchenware industry and so on.

What is the Two Process of  Laser Welding?

Source Safe-welding

The two process of laser welding are conduction limited welding and keyhole welding.

Conduction limited welding occurs when the power density is low so the beam only touches the surface of the material and do not penetrate it.

Keyhole welding is the common process conducted in laser welding.

In contrast with conduction limited welding, keyhole welding occurs when the power density is high so the beam can penetrate the material.

What is Laser Screw Welding?

Source Engineering

Laser screw welding is a welding technique used mostly on automobile industry.

This technique is believed to be highly superior over the conventional resistance spot welding.

The high heat caused by the conventional resistance spot welding can cause the metal joint to deform or distort.

In order to avoid it, the laser has to stop at regular interval which is time consuming.

In contrast, laser screw welding technique uses the laser to weld the metal joint together in much faster speed.

It also generates so little heat.

As a result, the deformation and distortion issues together with the time consuming issues can be solved.

What is the Limitation of Laser Beam Welding?

Source Thefabricator

Below are the limitations of laser beam welding:

The joints must be accurately positioned right under the beam.

Rapid cooling rate may cause cracking in some metal.

The maximum joint thickness that can be welded is limited. Welding penetration of thickness bigger than 19 mm is difficult.

High reflective and high thermal conductive materials like Al and Cu alloy may affect the stabilization of the welding spot.

Where Can I Get the Best Laser Welding Machine?

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The simplest way to find the product is by searching it online.

You have to consider what kind of welding process you want the machine to perform before buying it.

Handheld laser welding machine is the most high selling laser welding product currently in the market due to its flexible application.

If you need more help regarding this matter, please contact us.

Where Should I Buy High-Tech Laser Welding Machine?

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This technology is growing very rapidly in China so you may want to consider some manufacturers from this country.

Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd is one of the most trusted company recommended for you.

This company provides international service for its customers so you can get your desired product from wherever you are.