Metal Laser Cutter

Metal Laser Cutter Best Guide | How to buy in 2021

Find out our new buying guide for metalworkers for 2021. We are offering the best laser metal cutters of 2021 for your innovations, projects and plans.

What Is A Metal Laser Cutter?

A laser cutter is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control)  based laser cutting machine that provides the best metal cutting solution for metal fabricators.

These are for 2D/3D hot rolling steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, alloy, brass, copper, gold, silver, aluminium, titanium and iron cutting works.

Laser metal cutting machine is designed with machine frame, laser energy supply, laser projector, reflector path, Laser Head, Water Chiller, CNC system.

What Are Metal Laser Cutters Used For?

By metal laser cutter the following metal materials can be cut –

Carbon Steel

The thickness of the laser cut carbon steel plate can range from 70mm to the slit of carbon steel cut by oxidation flux cutting mechanism, and the thin plates can be cut to approximately 0.1millimetres.

Stainless Steel

The metal laser cutting machine is an effective processing technique for the manufacturing industry dominated by stainless steel sheets. If the heat consumption of laser cutting is strictly regulated, the width of the heat-affected area of the cutting edge can be limited and the corrosion-resistant form assured by good stainless steel.

Laser cutting of stainless steel is used for melting and evaporating the stainless Steel by contaminating the laser beam to the surface of the steel plate.

Moreover, laser cutting of stainless steel is a quick and efficient processing method for the manufacturing industry, which uses stainless steel sheets as the main component. Cutting speed, laser power, air pressure etc., are important process parameters which affect the trimming quality of stainless steel.

Aluminium and alloys

Since these laser cutting machines can be widely used to process various materials, such as copper and aluminium, and their alloys. The cutting processes are not easy due to certain of their specific characteristics (high reflectivity).

Currently, fibre lasers are widely used for laser cutting aluminium panels. Either aluminium cutting or other materials, this equipment performs well.

Copper and Alloys

Pure copper seems to be too high for reflection, laser cutting steel (copper alloy) should be more powerful, air-conditioning or oxygen-based supplementary gas can cut down thinner plates. It has high reflectivity and high thermal stability.

However, pure copper can always be cut whenever an optical part is installed on a “reflective absorption” device or the reflection is destroyed.

Titanium and Alloys

The heat energy transformed by the laser beam can be well combined with pure titanium. The chemical reaction is aggressive and the cutting speed fasts when the supplementary gas uses oxygen. However, an oxide layer on the edge can be easily formed which may also cause over-bursting.

Therefore, the use of air as a supplementary gas can ensure the quality of cutting. It is better to cut titanium laser alloys commonly used in the production of aircraft. As processing gases, the titanium plate is cut with nitrogen.

Nickel and Alloys

A wide variety of types, mainly oxidized and flux-cutting with good cuts are known as high-temperature alloys.

There is different cutting thickness with different laser forces, and thicker metals can be cut by higher power metal laser cutters.

How Much a Metal Laser Cutters Cost?

You can receive a final metal laser cutter rate of between $8,000.00 – $260,000.00 depending on various sources.

Metal Laser Cutter and It’s Advantages and Benefits

You can gain advantages by high laser beam, high performance, high speed, easy operation, low cost, low maintenance, stable working, and super flexible laser cutting machines optical effects. Metal laser cutters are simple to flexible specifications for industrial production.

High Cutting Precision and Good Stability

Using precise ball screw drive mechanisms and CNC Control, the precision parts can be processed, and the dynamic capacity is stable and long-lasting.

The Cutting Section Is Of Good Quality

The following mechanical cutting method is implemented. The cutting head approaches the height of the plates and the location of the cutting points is always kept so that the edge is smooth.

High-cost performance

It can replace the laser cutting, the CNC stroke machine and the shearing machine for thin sheet metal cutting. The entire machine’s cost is 1/4 of a laser cutting machine and 1/2 of a CNC box.

Low Cost

Fast cutting rate and low running costs.

Buy The Best Metal Laser Cutter in 2021?


After being aware of your requirements, we will suggest the most appropriate metal laser cutter for you.


We will give you the offer according to the laser metal cutting machine consulted. The best features, the best equipment and the affordable price are available.


All order details (requirements, technical specifications and business terms) are carefully reviewed by both sides to prevent confusion.

Placing an order

We’ll give you the PI (Proforma Invoice) if you have no doubt. Then we’ll sign with you a deal.


As soon as we collect your deposit, we will prepare for the production of metal cutting machine. During the manufacturing process, the latest news will be updated and told to the customer.

Quality Control

Regular checks and strict quality control are carried out on the entire manufacturing process of the unit. To ensure that they can operate well before they leave the plant, the whole metal cutting machine is checked.


After verification by the customer of laser metal cutting machines, we will arrange delivery as agreements.

Custom Clearance

We will deliver to the customer of metal laser cutter the required shipment documents and with guaranteed smooth customs clearance.

Support and Service

After all, we provide specialized technical support and services by Mobile, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, and remote support. Door-to-door delivery is also available in some regions.

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Fiber laser cutting machinesHigh Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With high power fiber laser cutting machine,you can cut plates and work-pieces at various thicknesses. High power fiber laser can achieve higher speed when cutting thin plate. It is a ideal cut tool for steel, metallurgy, industrial manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, railway, and other large-scale engineering construction.

high power fiber laser cutting machine

Shutter Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Shuttle table with high and low double two tables, can save your loading and unloading time. Can add complete whole cover to protect your staff from Laser damage. Structure is also heavy and strong enough.

tube fiber laserTube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Tube fiber laser cutting machine can cut round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, and other shaped metal pipes. With a range of thickness 0.5mm-10mm, applicable to various pipes. With diameter φ20 to φ219 and pipe length up to 6000mm.


tube and sheet laser cutting machine

Sheet and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

If you need both sheet cutting and pipe cutting, our integrated pipe plate fiber laser cutting machine can meet your requirements and is very cost-effective. Can cut different thickness of steel, pipe diameter ranges from φ20mm to φ200mm.

Fiber Laser Automation Automatic Loading And Unloading

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Complete Line

Complete line fiber laser cutting machine with auto loading and unloading functions, can save you tons of time. Integrated full-surround design reduces laser radiation. Dedicated receiving area for complete security.

fiber laser cutting machine type c

Economy Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Economy fiber laser cutting machine is an entry-level cutting tool. Still equipped with dual drive. Heavy machine body with an extraction port for automatic smoking through the exhaust pipe. Four types machine body will meet your different demands.