Plasma Cutting Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

Plasma cutting machine could be the solution for you who want to have better cutting quality with relatively affordable budget.

Cutting process is an unavoidable manufacturing for metal-related industry and plasma cutting machine may be the step you want to take to upgrade this process.

Its quick processing and high quality result, especially for thick and wide metal,  would step up your game and turn it into more profits.

You still don’t know what this machine is really about?

No worries, because this is the complete FAQ guide of plasma cutting machine that will help you get better idea about this technology.

What is CNC?

Before we dive in, it’s important to dissect the term “CNC plasma table.” We’ll start with CNC.

What is CNC
CNC or “Computer Numerical Control” samples

CNC, short for Computer Numerical Control, is a type of control you use in machining. It will allow you to take in data digitally, making parts of your machines move and function.

You can imagine it simply like this: the plasma cutter is not anymore required to be held or controlled by a worker. It will move on its own depending on the program you’ve set.

What is a Plasma Table?

A plasma table is a type of machine that will help you in cutting without handling the workpiece.

What is a Plasma Table
A plasma table where a workpiece is mounted on and being cut

It’s a machine where you lay the workpiece down for plasma cutting.

What is a CNC Plasma Table?

A CNC plasma table is a machine you use for cutting electrically conductive materials. It’s complete with a torch that would move in paths directed by a computer or a program.

What is a CNC Plasma Table
Image of a plasma cutting machine being controlled by a computer

You’d want to use a CNC plasma table if you’ll work on a heap of projects needing a plasma cut.

What Type of Projects Can You Do With a CNC Plasma Table?

You can do a lot of projects if you choose to use and utilize a plasma table. The most common ones that you can perform include:

  • Cutting out various types of steels and alloys for business purposes
  • Repairing and restoring parts and components
  • Industrial construction
  • Fabrication and welding

Being a comprehensive machine, you’ll be able to find many uses for it! Given the fact that what you need is a complex cut.

Can a Plasma Cutter Cut Brass?

Yes, a plasma cutter will be able to slice through glass effectively.

In fact, brass is one of the few most common things cut using CNC plasma tables.

Can a CNC Plasma Table Cut Copper?

Similar to brass, you can also use a CNC plasma cutter to slice and cut through copper.

Can a CNC Plasma Table Cut Copper_
Plasma cutting machine cutting or slicing through copper

What Else Can Plasma Cutters Cut?

Now that we know that plasma cutting machines find it easy to cut through brass and copper; what else can it cut?

What Else Can Plasma Cut
A CNC plasma cutter working on Inconel

One of the most common misconceptions about it is that plasma cutting is only effective for conductive materials. These include aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and the like.

But, that’s not what it’s capable of entirely. In fact, you can also use it in cutting other alloys, too, including:

  • Inconel
  • Titanium
  • Monel
  • Cast Iron

Can a Plasma Cutter Cut Wood?

You can only use plasma cutters if you are to cut electrically conductive objects. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to cut wood, plastic, PVCs, and other non-conductive materials.

How Do You Build a CNC Plasma Cutter?

There have been a lot of guides and tutorials on how you can build your DIY CNC plasma table. In fact, some tutorials claim that they were able to build it in under $3,000!

DIY CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
DIY CNC plasma cutter working on a thin sheet metal

First thing you need is to have a CNC plasma electronics kit. It’s a kit that contains a collection of all the needed electronics that can make your machine work.

Then, you’d have to build the frame or the bed of the table, as well as the beam, as well as a reliable welding torch.

You can find a complete guide on how to create a CNC plasma cutter in the video below:

What’s Included in a CNC Plasma Kit?

Kits from different manufacturers and companies contain different materials.

However, the most common materials and parts included in a CNC plasma kit include:

  • LED Display Screen
  • Software
  • HVAC Ventilation
  • Graphics Package
  • Water Trays and Supports
  • Work Stations
  • Controllers
  • Frame

Should you be interested in building yours, you can absolutely find a manufacturer for it. You can also inquire about what’s included!

What is an Entry-Level CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

Entry-level means that a business is selling to only gain a low profit. So, their cost versus their profit is not that high.

Therefore, an entry-level CNC plasma cutting machine is a low-cost machine that has features and functionalities that do not fall far from expensive ones.

Quality-wise, they’re almost the same. The only problem would be efficiency and durability.

What is a CNC Plasma Table 4×8?

It’s a medium-sized CNC plasma table with a measurement of 4×8.

CNC Plasma Table 4x8
An example of a plasma cutter with dimensions of 4×8

You can find a 4×8 CNC plasma table to be the most common and the most sought after size because of its versatility. It is, in fact, the most common choice for businesses and companies that need medium-sized cutters.

What is a CNC Plasma Table 4×4?

A 4×4 CNC plasma table is a table that has dimensions of a 4×4.

It’s smaller and less versatile than a 4×8 plasma cutter but it’s easier to transport; it’s portable!

What’s the Best Small CNC Plasma Table?

The market is filled with a lot of good small CNC plasma tables.

But, if you’re out to find the best small CNC plasma tables in the market, here’s a list of the top players:

  1. GMC Plasma Table
  2. Balleigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table
  3. CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting Table
  4. Plasma Table Cutting Machine
  5. CNC Plasma Cutter Table

Have you searched for them? They’re expensive, of course. But, they’ll never fail you when it comes to quality!

Apart from them though, there are other manufacturers that can offer the same type of quality with a much lower price. We’ll get to that in just a bit.

What’s the Best Small CNC Plasma Table for Beginners?

Ideally, the best and the easiest to go with would be those that have hand-held cutting features.

Best Small CNC Plasma Cutter
A worker manually cutting a metal block using a plasma cutter

This is because you’ll gain control over the cut manually. If there’ll be a mistake, then the blame is going to be on you.

Also, you’ll be able to pick up a lot of things if you start it manually. Just like in learning how to drive a car – learning manually can help you a lot versus going with A/T immediately.

So, try to look for entry-level CNC plasma cutters first. When you get the hang of it, that’s the time you move to CNC plasma table for beginners.

If you like to get on with a CNC plasma table even if you are just a beginner, you can go with the GMC Plasma Table PT-0510/105A. This machine can teach you many things about CNC plasma cutting, and the best part is that you can operate it with little-to-no experience!

Who are the Top CNC Plasma Table Manufacturers?

It’s subjective – talking about the top CNC plasma table manufacturers.

To answer the question, though, we were able to find manufacturers ranked as the best, they are:

  • Balleigh
  • Machitech
  • GMC
  • MaverickCNC
  • Rbqlty

How Much Does a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Cost?

There wouldn’t be a usual price or rate for a CNC plasma table. It’ll depend on many factors and characteristics.

The most common variables that need to be considered include:

  • Features of the machine or what it can do
  • Size of the machine and the workpiece it’s capable of working on
  • Type of the machine or the materials it can cut
  • And others

However, to give you a range of how much you’d need to spend, it can be anywhere between $20,000 and $400,000.

Isn’t that a big range? – It is. But, don’t worry. Most of the machines today would somewhere be below the $150,000 mark. Those above would already be capable of large industrial setups as well as other functionalities.

What is Plasma Cutting and how does It Work?

plasma cut

Source: Esabna

Plasma cutting machine is a machine that enables the user to cut metal based material by using plasma.

Plasma cutting machine works by sending an electric arc through a passing gas.

The gas can be shop air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen etc.

This process increases the temperature of the gas, transforming it into plasma.

This plasma which is high temperature and electrically conductive is powerful enough to cut metal.

What is Plasma?


Source: Lincolnelectric

Plasma is one of the four fundamental state of matter after solid, liquid and gas.

It consists of gas of ions and free electron.

Like gas, plasma does not have definite shape or volume.

Unlike gas, plasma is electrically conductive.

It produces magnetic fields and electric current and respond strongly to electromagnetic forces.

Plasma can be artificially generated by two ways: by heating a neutral gas or subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field.

The plasma used in plasma cutting machine is generated by heating a passing gas such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen etc.

The passing gas is heated by sending electric arc through it.

What is Plasma Cutting Process?

What is Plasma Cutting Process?

Source: Thefabricator

Plasma cutting process is a process of cutting material by using plasma.

The plasma is artificially generated by using plasma cutting machine.

This process is usually done in manufacturing process related to metal.

What is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

What is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

Source: Cnclaserengraver

CNC is short for computer numerical control which is a device often equipped to plasma cutting machine.

This device give instruction to the machine to move based on certain pattern in the cutting process.

The pattern can be designed by using 2D model software like CorelDRAW or Autocad.

Before the cutting process begins, the computer will send signal to CNC device.

The device will interpret the signal into certain instruction for the machine to follow.

How does a Plasma Cutting Machine Work Step by Step?

plasma cutting machinery

Source: Etmm-online

Plasma cutting machine works automatically.

First, you have to put the material on the cutting placement of the machine.

Then set the instruction of cutting pattern you want the machine to do.

Finally, start the machine and wait until the machine finish its job.

You may need to wait for a few minutes depend on the material you use and how complicated the pattern you set.

There is also plasma cutting tools that does not use CNC or high-tech equipment supporting the automatic cutting process.

People usually call this tool ‘plasma cutter’.

If you use plasma cutter, you have to conduct the cutting process manually by your hand.

What is needed for Plasma Cutting?

What is needed for Plasma Cutting?

Source: Unitedwelding

Plasma cutting would need all component used to generate plasma for the cutting process.

Air compressor and electric arc generator are the two main components used to create plasma.

Additional component like power hook up and also moister filter is needed to support the cutting process.

A plasma cutting machine is normally equipped with all of these components.

Furthermore, you may also need safety equipment such as welding helmet, high temperature gloves and jacket.

What is Plasma Cutting Machine Used for?

gantry plasma cutter

Source: Plasmaartcutter

As the name suggest, plasma cutting machine is used for cutting metal.

This machine is normally used in manufacturing process.

In the next level, it can also be used to engrave metal and shape certain pattern on the metal, creating demanded product.

Is Plasma Cutting Expensive?

Plasma cutter head

Source: thefabricator

With its efficiency, people wouldn’t consider plasma cutting machine expensive.

The only technology that can best plasma cutting efficiency is laser cutting.

And laser cutting would cost you so much more money compared to plasma cutting.

What Material Can a Plasma Cutting Machine Cut?

Source Westermans.

Source: Westermans.

Plasma cutting machine can cut electrically conductive material such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cooper, bras, expanded metal etc.

Can a Plasma Cutting Machine Cut Wood?

Can a Plasma Cutting Machine Cut Wood?

Source: Thefabricator

No it cannot.

Plasma cutting machine can only cut electrically conductive material and wood is not electrically conductive.

Do you need gas for plasma cutting?


Source: Tbws

Yes, you do.

The gas is needed to create the plasma.

How Much Air Pressure do you Need for a Plasma Cutting Machine?

plasma cutting machine table

Source: Gizmoplans

It would be depends on how thick the material you want to cut.

Standard air requirement for plasma cutting is about 4-8 SCFM delivered at 90-120 PSI

This standard is powerful enough to cut material with thickness of 3/8 inch or about 9 mm up to 7/8 inch or about 22 mm.

How Much PSI does a Plasma Cutter Machine Need?

Plasma source

Source: Tokopedia

PSI is short for pounds per square inch.

It is the measurement used to measure how many pounds of pressure are exerted on a single per inch.

Normally 4-8 PSI would be enough to conduct plasma cutting.

How Many CFM do I need to Run a Plasma Cutting Machine?

plasma cutting machine motor

Source: Gizmoplans

CFM is short for cubic per minute.

It is the volume measurement of air compressor’s output used per minutes.

Normally 90-20 CFM would be enough to conduct plasma cutting.

What Shade is needed for Plasma Cutting?

What Shade is needed for Plasma Cutting?

Source: Beginnerweldingguide

A welding helmet plus a safety goggles would be enough to protect your eyes from the intensified light caused by plasma.

What is the Best Plasma Cutting Machine for Home Use?

What is the Best Plasma Cutting Machine for Home Use?

Source: Weldguru

For home use, handheld plasma cutting machine which is often called a plasma cutter is best.

Plasma cutter is usually used only used for simple cutting process.

What is the Cheapest Plasma Cutting Machine?

plasma cutting machine

Source: Primalaser.en.made-in-china

For manufacturing, the cheapest plasma cutting machine with standard specification is around $15000.

For home use, handheld plasma cutting machine which is often called ‘plasma cutter’ is the cheapest in the market.

The price is around $500.

What Size of Air Compressor do I Need to Run a Plasma Cutting Machine?

plasma cutting machine pump

Source: Garagetooladvisor

Ideally, the bigger the air compressor, the better it is for you.

You are recommended to buy an air compressor with CFM that is rated 1,5 to 2 times higher than the CFM of your plasma cutting machine.

Can I Weld with Plasma Cutting Machine?

plasma cutting

Source: Pro-weld

No, you cannot.

Plasma cutting machine is not designed to weld metals.

There is other machine designed for welding.

Do You Need a Compressor for a Plasma Cutting Machine?

Do You Need a Compressor for a Plasma Cutting Machine?

Source: Gizmoplans

Yes, you do.

You need the air compressor to create the plasma so you can conduct the cutting process.

A plasma cutting machine is usually already equipped with air compressor.

What Size Breaker do I Need for a Plasma Cutting Machine?

What Size Breaker do I Need for a Plasma Cutting Machine?

Source: Cnc-plasmacuttingmachine

It depends on how much volt power the machine use.

30-40 Amp input circuit breaker would be effective for 120-240 volt power.

Is There a Portable Plasma Cutting Machine?

Source Youtube

Source: Youtube

Yes, there is.

A handheld plasma cutting machine/plasma cutter is suitable for home use.

Its size is suitable to be transported by normal car.

For manufacturing, some plasma cutting machines are designed to be able to move within industrial area space.

For further information please contact us.

What is the Difference between Plasma and Laser Cutting?

plasma advantage

Source: Sohocutting

The main difference between Plasma and Laser cutting is the technology used to do the cutting.

Laser cutting is done by using high density laser spraying on the material while plasma cutting is done by using plasma which is created from compressed air.

You can apply laser cutting on metal, plastic, and even wood in certain condition.

However, you can only apply plasma cutting on metal-related material.

What is the Advantage of Plasma Cutting Machine?

Plasma cutting

Source: Tampasteel

Plasma cutting machine has many advantages:

  1. Compared to flame cutting which is limited to cut only ferrous metal, plasma cutting is able to cut all conductive materials.
  2. Effective to cut high thickness around 50 mm.
  3. Maximum thickness that can be cut is up to 150 mm
  4. Relatively cheaper compared to laser cutting.
  5. Can be equipped with CNC which will provide you with high repeatable precision.
  6. Quicker cutting process.
  7. The cutting slit is smaller compared to flame cutting.
  8. Able to cut in water to cool down the material temperature and also reduces noise level.

What is the Disadvantage of Plasma Cutting Machine?

What is the Disadvantage of Plasma Cutting Machine?

Source: Glwengineering

Below are the disadvantages of plasma cutting machine:

  1. Compared to laser cutting the material would be hotter after the cutting process.
  2. The cutting result on thin sheet plate is not as smooth and clean as done by laser cutting.
  3. The cutting is not as précised as laser cutting.
  4. Wider slit compared to laser cutting.

What is the Application of Plasma Cutting?

What is the Application of Plasma Cutting?

Source: Fabricatingandmetalworking

The efficiency and high precision of plasma cutting is applied in many metal-related industries.

Those industries include automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical equipment, machinery, medical device, construction and robotics.

Where Can I Find Plasma Cutting Machine for sale?

soho plasma cutter

Source: Sohocutting

The best way to find it is by searching it online.

This technology is growing very rapidly in China so you may want to find the product from this country.

Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd is one of the trusted manufacturer you can rely on.

This company manufacture various manufacturing product such as plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and laser welding machine.

For more information you directly visit the website.

CNC Plasma Cutter Best Guide | How to Buy in 2021?

CNC Plasma Cutter

Are you aiming for your business to have a CNC plasma machine?

Also, you’re planning on a budget CNC metal manufacturing table?

So many questions are there, right?

Even if you’ve never purchased and used a plasma cutting equipment, this buying guide is for you.

We will be glad to offer the best CNC 2021 plasma cutters for metal manufacturers, metal workers, CNC plasma machinery, technicians and beginners.

What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

A plasma cutter CNC is a machine tool that takes a plasma lamp for cutting various metals and characteristics like steel, aluminium, copper, iron and galvanized sheets etc. CNC is a kind of metal making tool.

The plasma cutter contains CNC controllers, plasma torch, plasma energy, plasma blades or sauce tooth plasma table, electric motor, driver, plasma CNC software, ball screws, guide rails, machine frame, optional parts and consumables.

It is also known as –

  • Computer numerical controlled plasma cutter
  • Computer-controlled plasma cutter
  • C ad C plasma cutter
  • CNC plasma table
  • Plasma cutting table
  • CNC plasma machine
  • Plasma cutting machine
  • CNC plasma cutting machine
  • CNC plasma cutting table
  • CNC plasma cutting system
  • CNC plasma cutting equipment

Plasma Cutter and How Does It Works?

Plasma cutting is a process which uses high-temperature plasma arc heat to melt in a metal workpiece. Which eliminates the molten metal with high-speed plasma impulses, creating a fissure. Plasma cutters deliver an arc utilizing gases such as oxygen, nitrogen or pressurized air. It turns the gas into plasma and quickly blows through metal. A flame sawing torch works by applying an oxygen burst to the flame that oxidizes and turns the metal into slackening. With a computer-directed tool path the plasma torch moves.

The expression “CNC” is called “Computer Numerical Control” which means that a computer can control the G-code endorsed in a program for plasma cutter motions. The CNC plasma cutters perform highly efficient, high speed and high performance automated work especially in comparison to hand-held plasma cutters.

Plasma Cutter and It’s Uses

Plasma cutters are uses for cutting steel, hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, copper, bronze, alloy, aluminium, titanium, plasma sheet metal, square and circular metal pipes etc.

The machines are uses commonly for plasma cutting in producing machine tools, petrochemical tools, light-industrial tools, pressure vessels, shipyards, mining industrial equipment, bridges, automotive, steel framework, and so on.

Plasma cutters can be used by hobbyists, stores, home firms, small businesses, educational institutions and the industry.

Plasma Cutter and It’s Advantages and Benefits

Plasma cutting has been used by several industries as a highly effective cutting tool for sheet metal and metal tubes. The advantages of plasma cutting are numerous.

The 10 best benefits of plasma cutting –

  1. Fast cuts
  2. Ease of use
  3. Lower cost
  4. Safe to use
  5. Multi-tasking
  6. Expanded versatility
  7. Wide range of material and thickness
  8. Eliminated plate warping
  9. Raised inside piercing speed
  10. Diminished dross

How Much a Plasma Cutter Can Cost?

CNC plasma cutter is available for $4,000 to $30,00,000 according to various CNC controller specifications and requirements, plasma, plasma torch, blade plasma, table consumable components etc.⠀

Types of Plasma Cutters and Tables

CNC table kits contain the common types –

  • 4×4 plasma table
  • 4×8 plasma table
  • 5×10 plasma table
  • 6×12 plasma table in feet.

Hobby plasma cutters, portable plasma cutters, desktop plasma cutter and commercial plasma cutter are different types of plasma cutters. Huayuan plasma cutter and Hypertherm plasma cutter are the most common plasma power supplies.

Buy the Best Plasma Cutter or Table in 2021


First of all, after your specifications have been told, we will suggest the most effective plasma cutting machines for you.


Therefore, our quote in depth is based on the CNC plasma cutting table that is consulted. The best specs, the best equipment and the affordable price are offered.


To prevent any misunderstandings, both parties will properly analyze and clarify all of the details like specifications, technical requirements and market conditions.


However, we will give you the Proforma Invoice (PI) to sign a deal with you, if you’ve no concerns.


After the signed sales contract and the deposit has been paid, we will evaluate the production of CNC plasma table. During the manufacturing process, the current production news will be updated and told.

Quality Control

Daily monitoring and tight quality management of the whole system manufacturing process. To make sure they perform very well before they leave the factory, the full CNC plasma table is being reviewed.


After the approval by the customer, we will schedule the delivery as the terms of the contract.

Custom Clearance

Therefore, the CNC plasma cutter buyer will be supplied and provided with the needed shipping documentation and a seamless customs clearance.

Support and Service

After all, our services are free by Mobile, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, and remote support. Door-to-door delivery is also available in some regions.

How to Use a Plasma Cutter and Table?

Manual Non-Contact Cutting

Firstly, touch the torch roller and change to 3 – 5 mm the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece plane.

Secondly, to ignite the plasma arc, turn on the torch switch. The pace of the cutting is dependent on the cutting assumption. Too late can impact incision consistency and even split the arc.

Thirdly, switch off the cutting torch switch after cutting out and out the plasma arc. Compressed air is first sprayed to cool the torch. The expulsion ends immediately after a few seconds. Remove the torch to end the whole process of cutting.

Manual Contact Cutting.

Firstly, the switch “Cut Thickness Selection” is at the poor level and used while a single machine is cutting thinner plates.

Secondly, at the start of the workpiece, bring the torch nozzle in, toggle on the torch button, ignite the plasma arc, cut through the piece, and step in the cutting direction equally.

Thirdly, open and shut the torch changer after cutting. The breeze is also spraying at this moment. The spray stops spontaneously after a few seconds. Remove the torch to end the whole process of cutting.

Automatic Cutting

Firstly, automatic cutting is particularly appropriate for cutting large pieces of work. Click the switch “Cut Thickness Selection”

Secondly, the torch and semi-automatic cutting machine are attached and the fixture is supplied with the random accessories following removal of the torch roller.

Thirdly, attach the power of the semi-automatic cutting machine and fit a guiding rail or radius rod in the workpiece form if it is a straight-line cutting rail, if you cut a circle or arc, you should choose a radius rod.

Then, if the torch button is off, replace the remote switch socket.

After that adjust the correct walking pace depending on the workpiece thickness. And set ‘up’ and ‘down’ switches to the cutting path of the semi-automatic cutting unit.

Now, change the distance from the punch to 3 ~ 8 mm and the middle of the punch on the work-piece slit starting strip.

Then switch on the remote access. After the workpiece has been removed, trigger the semi-automatic cutting machine power switch to cut. During the initial cutting process, be careful to keep the cutting seam in line with the required cutting speed. And be careful if all computers are always operating normally.

At last, when the computer has been cut down, switching off the remote control switch and the battery switch. The whole process of cutting is finished at this stage.

Manual Cutting Circle

Therefore, choose the single or parallel cutting method and choose the required cutting method according to the material and workpiece thickness. Enhance the crossbar on the screw hole of the torch holder in the random attachment. Change the distance between the tip and the torch nozzle to the appropriate radius and tighten according to the workpiece length. Tighten the middle fastening twists and lose the cage to tighten the kneeling twisted shrimps after modification. The workpiece can be cut at this stage.

Plasma Cutting Machine Banner

SOHO Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Plasma cutting machine is a machine that uses plasma cutting technology to process metal materials.
  • SOHO is a professional plasma cutting machine solution provider.
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High Precision Plasma Cutting Machine

High Precision plasma cutting machine

This machine is gantry type. The current density of this model is very high, usually several times that of ordinary plasma arc current density. The stability of the arc is also improved, the cutting accuracy is quite high, and the quality of the cut surface is better.

Application areas: construction machinery, bridge structures, mechanical equipment manufacturing plants, shipyards, pressure vessel manufacturing, automobile and locomotive industries.

Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

Gantry plasma cutting machine

It is a cutting equipment for sheet metal blanking. A wide range of cutting materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, carbon steel and other materials can be cut. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting seam is narrow, the heat-affected zone of the cut is small, the workpiece deformation is low, the operation is simple, and it has a significant energy-saving effect.

Application areas: machinery and equipment manufacturing plants, shipyards, pressure vessel manufacturing, engineering machinery, automobile and locomotive industries

Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

Gantry plasma flame cutting machine

It is equipped with plasma and flame cutting torch system. It can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum and other metal materials. This model uses fully automatic FASTCAM graphics programming software. The plate can be cut into various shapes and the nesting is simple. Bilateral drive, stable operation. With automatic height adjustment function, automatic ignition. One-key conversion of flame and plasma cutting and other functions.

Flame Cutting Machine

Flame cutting machine

It adopts a gantry structure. Equipped with flame cutting torch and driven by CNC system. Mainly for cutting thicker carbon steel materials. The cutting thickness can reach 1-200mm.

Figure 26 Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd

Plasma cutting machine service

Free proofing: proofing can be based on customer samples on site. The cutting plan can be designed according to the sample. Proofing can be mailed.

After-sales service: Free training of operators. Free guide installation. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (except for consumable parts). Conduct regular return visits to the customer site every year.

Customized services: provide a full set of non-standard customized services. On-site process diagnosis, formulate plans, and create customers’ exclusive cutting equipment!