Project Description

1KW Laser Cutting Table

Effective stroke
X axis(mm)
Y axis(mm)
Z axis(mm)
Position accuracy
X axis(mm/m)
Y axis(mm/m)
Z axis(mm/m)
X axis(mm)
Y axis(mm)
Z axis(mm)
Max position speed( m/min)
Acceleration (G)
Work table bearing(kg)
Max cutting thickness
14mm/CS; 6mm/SS
High quality cutting thickness
14mm/CS, 6mm/SS
Power consumption
20.5 kw/h
Protection level
Machine weight (Ton)
Size L*W*H(mm)
2000w cnc fiber laser.png 350x350
The heavy bed makes the equipment more stable in working, the light crossbeam makes it work faster;high quality electrical software control system gives equipment higher cutting precision. The machine owns more comfortable operation, more stable performance, more durable quality, higher cutting efficiency and wider application scope.
Applicable Fields:
Applicable for high-speed cutting on various metal plates or tubes such as S/S, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic
plate, aluminum plate, steel, brass, alloy plate, rare metals and other materials;

Widely used:
Widely used in kitchen appliance, electric control box, high-resolute device, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment,
lighting, posters, auto parts, display equipment, hardware and metal processing.
Dust removal design:
The dedusting system adopts regional cleaning, humanized design of machine body is a highlight,with one dedusting hole per meter,Compared with other dedusting, this kind of dedusting effect is better.

1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Table Size: 6000MM X 1500MM

Product introduction

Main features:

1, photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 30%, two to three times that of CO2;

2, less consumption of power source, CO2 is 20% ~ 30%;

3, no laser working gas, can save a lot of laser maintenance cost;

4, optical fiber transmission, without reflection lens, do not need to adjust the light path.

Product features:

1,Gantry double drive structure, smooth and reliable movement;

2,Independent research and development design, the manufacture of machine tool bed, special processing technology, machine tool precision, stable and reliable, long life;

3,Precision gear rack drive, with high response and high precision servo motor;

4,The international first-class quality of fiber laser, industrial application for many years, long service life, maintenance free, stable and reliable;

5,High precision laser cutting head, imported optical lenses, is focused on the fine, the  adjustment is convenient, cutting perfect;

6,A double closed-loop control capacitive height controller, low requirement to the steel sheet, cutting quality is stable and reliable;

7,CNC system is concise and easy operation, low requirements for the operator;

8,Cutting graphic input multiple formats, powerful draw and edit graphics function;

9,Special cutting software, cutting technology experts, data call functions;

10,Feeding auxiliary sliding device, automatic refueling system


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Description Brand
Machine main body Wuxi SOHO
CNC operationg carbinet Wuxi SOHO
Smoke dust sucking structure Wuxi SOHO
Fiber Laser Raycus -1000W
Laser cutting head RayTools AG
laser chiller Han’s
CNC system Baichu Cypcut
Capacitive THC Baichu BCS100
Servo motor Japan YASKAWA
Gear rack YYC/ Level 6 precision
Linear Guide Germany  Rexroth
Precision reducer Japan Shimpo/3 Arc-min
Proportional valve Japan SMC
high-pressure valve Germany Burkert
Electronic pieces France Schneider
Solenoid valve Japan SMC
Air cylinder Japan SMC
Cutting software Cypcut
Voltage stabilizer Delix
Isolation transformer Huadong electrics

Fiber Laser Cutters – The Full Frequently Asked Question Overview

Figure 22 the disadvantage of fiber laser cutting

Fiber Laser Cutters could be properly to update your commercial procedure from the standard cutting approach.
Typical steel Cutter approach is harsh, time consuming as well as inefficient.
This innovation of laser cutter would certainly relieve your production procedure as well as supply you with much better outcome.
Although, it is not new, there is still some complication concerning this modern technology.
This is the total overview that would certainly satisfy your requirement if you assume you require this equipment for your market or you are simply interested concerning this modern technology.

What is Laser Cutter and also Exactly How does it Function?

Fiber laser source

Number 1 Laser Cutter
As the name recommend, laser cutting is the procedure of Cutter product by utilizing the laser modern technology.
The device generally made use of in this procedure is a fiber laser Cutter equipment.
This maker sprays high thickness laser beam of light which has the ability to evaporate difficult product such as steel.
The splashing laser after that would certainly transfer to particular factor or specific pattern externally of the product based upon the device first setup.
It would certainly produce a slim slit and also improved cut on the product.

What is Fiber Laser?

Figure 2 Fiber laser

Number 2 Fiber laser
A fiber laser is a high thickness laser that utilizes a fiber optics in its energetic gain tool.
The fiber optics is incorporated with uncommon aspects such as erbium, ytterbium, neodymium, dysprosium, thulium, holmium as well as praseodymium to increase the light beam light producing from the power.
This sort of laser is typically made use of for making objectives as it is effective sufficient to reduce tough product such as steel

Just how Accurate is a Fiber Laser Cutter Device?

Figure 3 The accuracy of fiber laser

Number 3 The precision of fiber laser
The Cutter slit developed from fiber laser Cutter maker is around 0,22 mm.
It can reduce extremely precisely.

Exactly how Thick can a Fiber Laser Cut?

Number 4 The Density of the Steel
The density of fiber laser cutting is relied on the power made use of in the Cutter procedure.
The minimal density is around 13 mm/minute with power 500w as well as the optimum is around 35 mm/minute with power as much as 2800w.

How much time does a Fiber Laser Cutter Equipment Last?

Figure 5 The resonating life of fiber laser cutting machine

Number 5 The reverberating life of fiber laser Cutter device

The life span of a fiber laser can last 3 times longer than various other laser modern technologies.
The majority of laser modern technology have a life of around 30,000 functioning hrs which has to do with 15 years.
While fiber laser modern technology has a life of around 100,000 functioning hrs which has to do with 45 years.
It is very not likely that a firm would certainly make use of the very same fiber laser innovation for 45 years lomg.

What Product Can a Fiber Laser Cut?

Figure 6 Materials that can be cut by fiber laser

Number 6 Products that can be reduced by fiber laser

It can reduce typically any kind of sort of steel like light steel, stainless-steel, light weight aluminum, copper and so on.

Can A Fiber Laser Cutter Equipment Engrave Steel?

Figure 7 Fiber laser cutting machine

Number 7 Fiber laser Cutter maker.
Yes, it can.
Fiber laser Cutter maker is at first produced to spray high thickness laser beam of light that can reduce difficult product particularly steel.
The device is generally geared up with a program that would certainly function by following your personalized setup.
You can establish particular pattern to be created by the laser motion as well as it would certainly develop an inscribed steel based upon the pattern you desire.

Can a Fiber Laser Cutter Equipment Engrave timber?

Figure 8 Other type of laser that cut wood

Number 8 Various other sort of laser that reduced timber.
In theory, it can yet you are not advised to do it.
Fiber laser is a high thickness light which is extremely warm. It can shed the timber while doing so.
You can still do it with the power around 20w, various other kind of laser is advised for that.

Can a Fiber Laser Cutter Maker Cut Plastic?

Figure 9 Other type of laser that cut plastic

Number 9 Various other sort of laser that reduced plastic.
In theory, it can. It is not advised.
Fiber laser Cutter device spray high thickness laser with heat which can melt plastic while doing so.
You can do it if the power is reduced sufficient not to melt plastic, various other kind of laser is advised for that.

Just how does a Laser Cutter Maker Job Detailed?

The procedure of laser cutting is done by device instantly.
Established the product you desire to reduce on the Cutter positioning right under the laser trajectory.
Second, figure out the procedure and also Cutter pattern that you intend to carry out on the product.
Begin the maker as well as allow it do its task.
Depend upon the intricacy of the Cutter pattern you might require to wait a couple of mins while doing so.

Figure 10 Fiber laser cutting machine works step by step

Number 10 Fiber laser Cutter equipment functions detailed.

Exactly How does CNC Fiber Laser Cutter Equipment Job?

Figure 11 Laser cutting pattern created by using CNC

Number 11 Laser Cutter pattern developed by utilizing CNC.
CNC is short for Computer system Numeric Control which is a gadget usually furnished to fiber laser Cutter maker.
This tool gives instruction to the device to relocate particular pattern.
The pattern can be made utilizing 2D version software program like CorelDraw or AutoCAD.
After picking the pattern, the computer system sends out a signal to the CNC tool.
The tool would certainly analyze the signal right into a direction for the device.
The equipment will certainly relocate according to the guideline.
CNC is generally made use of to produce little item which requires distinct layout.
There is CNC tool which supplies particular personalized type switch, such as CNC strike press, so you can select your wanted pattern quickly.

What is a Fiber Laser Utilized for?

Figure 12 the use of fiber laser

Number 12 using fiber laser.
It is utilized to reduce and also develop particular pattern on difficult product.
Fiber laser innovation is typically used in producing procedure to create item pertaining to steel.

What are the Application of the Fiber Laser Cutter Device?

Figure 13 The application of fiber laser cutting machine

Number 13 The application of fiber laser Cutter device.
You can locate the application of fiber laser Cutter maker in different Industries.
Below are a few of them.
1. Vehicle Production.
The application of Fiber laser Cutter maker in this market consists of auto components, automobile body, auto door structures, auto trunk, automobile roofing system, and more.

2. Physical fitness tools.
In this market, fiber laser Cutter device is generally utilized to reduce square and also rounded tubes.

3. Mechanical Cupboards.
Fiber laser Cutter device is particularly required in this sector for its exact as well as accurate cutting.

4. Aerospace.
This sector usually requires a complex Cutter without mechanical impacts while doing so.
Fiber laser Cutter equipment is suitabled for the task.

5. Lift Sector.
The base product for this sector is stainless-steel plates and also fiber laser Cutter device is the most effective in handling this product.

6. Cookware Sector.
For this market, fiber laser Cutter equipment is typically used in the item that requires sheet steel panels such as variety hoods, burner, stovetops, and also big business cookware.

7. Sheet Steel Market.
This sector calls for a fiber laser Cutter maker for high accuracy, best top quality Cutter area, and also three-dimensional cutting handling in its production procedure.

What are the Tips to Pick the appropriate Fiber Laser Cutter Equipment?

Figure 14 Tips to choose the right fiber laser cutting machine

Number 14 Tips to pick the best fiber laser Cutter device.
Below are some pointers to pick the ideal Fiber Laser Cutter Device for you.
1. Think about the product that will certainly be utilized for your equipment.

Product like fiberglass requires weak laser while difficult product like steel would certainly require solid laser.

2. Discover what kind of procedure you desire your equipment to do.

If you desire to additionally carry out some difficult pattern in the Cutter procedure, you are going to require an equipment which is furnished by CNC tool.
Regular fiber laser Cutter device would certainly do it for you if it is just for straightforward cutting.

3. Choose just how much power range you desire the equipment to have.

For producing job, you require effective laser that can permeate steel.

Lighter power range would certainly be best for imaginative job.

4. Figure out the dimension of job you desire your maker to do.

For adaptable use, you can pick maker with numerous setup of dimension.
Consider exactly how deep as well as large you desire the equipment to do on the product.
5. Inspect the number of pulses the maker can spray per inch.

This requirements establishes the handling rate of the equipment.

The greater the pulse the much faster the procedure would certainly take.

Where Can I Discover a Fiber Laser Cutter Device available?

Figure 15 Soho web page of fiber laser cutting machine

Number 15 Soho websites of fiber laser Cutter equipment.
The most basic as well as simplest method to discover it is by looking it online.
This modern technology is expanding extremely swiftly in China for the last couple of years so you might intend to discover the item from China.
Jiangsu Soho International Team Wuxi Co., Ltd is among the credible firm you can count on in this organization.

What will Occur to the Future of the Fiber Laser Cutter Devices?

Figure 16 The future of fiber laser cutting machine

Number 16 The future of fiber laser Cutter device.
The future of fiber laser Cutter device appears to be so brilliant.
Fiber laser Cutter maker has actually been among the significant commercial lasers on the planet.
Contrasted to semiconductor laser and also CARBON DIOXIDE laser, fiber laser has a share of greater than 50% in the worldwide commercial market.
In simply 5-6 years, fiber laser sector has actually been supplied with range of technological innovation.
Nowdays, as its application permeates the fundamental areas such as cars, ships, and also aerospace, the need of fiber laser Cutter maker is expanding.

Why is Fiber Laser Cutter Device A Growing Number Of Popular?

Figure 17 Fiber laser cutting machine gains more popularity

Number 17 Fiber laser Cutter equipment gains much more appeal.
Since fiber laser Cutter device provides the individual much better Cutter procedure and also result contrasted to various other Cutter modern technology.
Contrasted to the typical maker, fiber laser Cutter equipment carries out a non-contact handling, so the sound while doing so would certainly be reduced.
Because of this, it can lower the anxiety degree of the individual.
Fiber laser additionally has general prevalence over CARBON DIOXIDE laser.
The effectiveness of electro-optic conversion executed by fiber laser is 40% greater contrasted to CARBON DIOXIDE laser.
The power intake of this innovation is just 1/3 of CARBON DIOXIDE laser.
As well as the handling rate is 2-3 times much faster.

What is the Supremacy of Fiber Laser Cutter?

Figure 18 The superiority of fiber laser cutting

Number 18 The prevalence of fiber laser cutting.
Contrasted to various other Cutter innovation fiber laser cutting has numerous advantages.
Its precision rises to 0,22 mm. This accuracy makes it outcome so smooth and also improved.
With the tools of CNC gadget, fiber laser Cutter can do difficult pattern on the product conveniently.
Doing the exact same point with various other modern technology, such as plasma cutting, would not provide the very same excellent quality outcome.
Fiber laser Cutter does not make high troubling audio since there is no strong get in touch with in the procedure.
Therefore, it lowers the anxiety degree of the individual.
Furthermore, fiber laser cutting likewise invest much less handling time contrasted to various other Cutter maker.

What is the Benefit of Fiber Laser Cutter?

Figure 18 The superiority of fiber laser cutting

Number 19 The benefit of fiber laser cutting.
Below are the benefits of Fiber laser cutting.
1. It is the fastest cutting procedure for slim sheet steel.

2. Tidy cut outcome on the product.

3. Can quickly reduce reflective product like brass, aluminium as well as copper.

4. The price of the handling components is really reduced.

5. Upkeep price is reduced.

6. Palatable components price is reduced.

7. Can run for 100,000 functioning hrs.

8. The tiniest device, 500w fiber laser Cutter equipment, can get superb high quality of Cutter surface area on light steel with 3mm density.

9. Geared up with CNC that can do challenging pattern.

What is the Benefit of Fiber Laser Cutter Device Contrasted to YAG Cutter Maker?

Figure 20 The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine compared to YAG cutting machine

Number 20 The benefit of fiber laser Cutter device contrasted to YAG Cutter maker.
One of the most noticeable benefit of fiber laser Cutter equipment contrasted to YAG Cutter device remains in its upkeep.
YAG Cutter equipment will certainly require routine as well as rigorous upkeep while fiber laser Cutter equipment does not require any kind of normal upkeep.
The power intake of fiber laser Cutter equipment is likewise less than YAG Cutter equipment.
You can inspect the distinction in between these equipments below.

What is the Distinction betwee CARBON DIOXIDE as well as fiber laser?

Figure 21 The difference between CO@ laser and fiber laser

Number 21 The distinction in between Carbon Monoxide @ laser and also fiber laser.
Below are the distinctions in between CARBON DIOXIDE laser as well as fiber laser.
1. Wavelength.
A fiber laser typically has a wavelength of 1,060 nm while CARBON DIOXIDE have a wavelength in the series of 10,600 nm.
The wavelength establishes the density of the product that can be done under the laser.
2. Product to do.
A fiber laser would certainly be best to execute on steel with density under 5mm while the CARBON DIOXIDE laser can execute on even more selection of product with numerous densities.
3. Rate.
For the product with density under 5 mm, fiber laser would certainly do quicker however, for the thicker product, CARBON DIOXIDE laser would certainly transcend in rate.

4. Security.
Fiber laser handling would certainly require rigorous security preventative measure as the light emitted from the fiber laser can harm retina.

While the light splashed from CARBON DIOXIDE laser is not hazardous for nude eyes so it does not require stringent security preventative measure.

What is the Downside of fiber Laser Cutter?

Figure 22 the disadvantage of fiber laser cutting

Number 22 the negative aspect of fiber laser cutting.
The significant drawback of fiber laser cutting is the price.
Laser Cutter has a tendency to be much more pricey contrasted to various other Cutter modern technology.
The various other downside is that the product made use of to do under the fiber laser need to be fairly slim.
It is not ideal for thick product.

What is the Dangers of Using a Fiber Laser Cutter Device?

Figure 23 The risk of using fiber laser cutting machine

Number 23 The threat of using fiber laser Cutter device.
Fiber laser could emit an effective light that can be unsafe for retina.
You have to make certain that you make use of security devices like security goggles as well as do the ideal treatment in the procedure.

What are the General Benefits And Drawbacks of Laser Cutter?

Figure 24 Pros and cons of laser cutting

Number 24 Benefits and drawbacks of laser cutting.
Below are the general benefits and drawbacks of laser cutting.
1. High accuracy.

2. Can carry out challenging pattern.

3. Faster procedure.

4. Reduced sound.
1. A lot more pricey.

2. Unsafe light radiation for eyes.

3. Just best to do on smaller sized and also thinner product.

Just How Much does Small Fiber Laser Cutter Device Price?

Figure 25 The cost of fiber laser cutting machine

Number 25 The price of fiber laser Cutter device.
The tiniest one would certainly be 500w fiber laser Cutter maker.
It would certainly cost you around 30000USD.
For additional info relating to the rate, please call us.

What is a Fiber Laser Cutter Device Producer in China?

Figure 26 Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd

Number 26 Jiangsu Soho International Team Wuxi Co., Ltd
. Jiangsu Soho International Team Wuxi Co., Ltd is the advised maker for you.
This business provides fiber laser Cutter device, solitary table CNC Laser Cutter equipment, CNC flame/plasma Cutter equipment, sheet steel Cutter maker, and also pipeline cutting maker.
It additionally supplies solution globally, so you can get it from anywhere you are.