1000W handheld laser welding machine

Handheld Laser Welding Machines

1000W handheld laser welding machineis straightforward procedure, attractive welding joint, quick welding rate, as well as no consumables. Welding in slim stainless-steel plate, iron plate, light weight aluminum plate, and also various other steel product.

Can completely change the standard argon arc welding and also electrical welding equipment.


Railings of stairs and elevator , shelves, oven, stainless steel guardrail, electrical box, stainless steel home supplies, kitchen ware, electrical energy, furniture, car manufacturer, tool& machinery, military, ship industries etc.

Material and welding thickness:

Laser Welding Specification

Advantages of laser welding machine:

Flexibility it’s suitable to weld any shaped products

High efficiency

  • the welding speed is 2-10 times faster than the traditional welding processing speed • •compatible with a wide range of models, and short changeover times

High welding quality:

  • no distortion, no welding scar, and very strong
  • Welding seam surface smooth and beautiful, no need to make further grinding processing, save time and cost

Modular compact design with less layout space, beautiful and easy to maintain and commissioning;

Simple operation: the operator will get started quickly even without any experience.


How much does a laser cutter cost?

This is one of the most common questions that you might find yourself asking when thinking about buying a laser cutter. There are many factors that determine the final price, but today I will try to give you an idea on what you can expect to pay for your laser cutter (or engraver). Keep in mind however, that the prices mentioned below are only an approximation and they can vary by a lot depending on what exactly you need to buy.

DIY Laser Cutter ‘Proto-types’

The cheapest way to get a laser cutter is to make one yourself, but this may require many hours of design and printing. The biggest problem with this approach is that it costs a lot of money to become a manufacturer, because you have to invest in laser components, power supply, case etc. In fact, the only way that I know to avoid this investment is to buy or build your own controller board.

This is by far the best approach if you want a cheap laser cutter and it might be even cheaper than buying one. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to design and build this from scratch. This approach will cost you nothing or almost nothing if you have all the necessary components lying around your house, but I know that not many people have a laser just waiting for them in their garages :)

Price: $0 – ~$1000

Commercial Laser Cutter ‘Proto-types’

This is the cheapest way to get a laser cutter if you want to buy one and it can be even cheaper than buying a DIY solution. The problem with this approach is that laser cutters will never be as cheap as $300 which would make them accessible to everyone, so in order for you to get a cheap laser cutter, most manufacturers will try to cut cost on quality. This means that the low price is only possible if you are aware that most of the offered machines are not very high precision and may require some tuning in order to work properly.

Price: ~$500 – $3000

Commercial Laser Cutter ‘Standard’

Most manufacturers will try to offer their laser cutters with precise components and good craftsmanship, so these machines are quite high precision. Although they are not as precise as pricier solutions, the quality is still acceptable for many applications. The problem with this solution is that it can be very expensive if you need a larger working area or higher power laser source.

Price: $2000 – $10 000+

Commercial Laser Cutter ‘Standard’ with Co2 laser tube

This is a more expensive solution if the manufacturer offers it. Although it is not as precise as a fiber laser cutter, I would still recommend it since you will have much better engraving quality and higher power. There are also many manufacturers that will offer a fully upgradeable laser cutter, so if you happen to need more power or higher precision later, it is very easy and relatively cheap to do this. If you don’t know what you need now, I would recommend buying a standard version and upgrading it with better components as needed.

Price: $3000 – $24 000+

Commercial Laser Cutter ‘Premium’

These are laser cutters that offer the best quality components and precise craftsmanship. The cutting speed is also very high, so these machines are perfect if you need to cut hundreds of parts every day. Since most of us won’t need thousands of parts per day, this machine will not be too expensive for most people, but if you need it and can afford it, go for it :)

Price: $5000 – $200 000+

What is the smallest laser cutter?

Smallest laser cutters are desktop or benchtop high power lasers, which usually have working area up to 20×30 cm. These machines are very precise and can be used for many applications, but their downside is that they don’t have the capacity of commercial laser cutters to process larger materials. Although there are many manufacturers that will offer custom built solutions for this type of laser cutters, the average price is probably around $4000.

Can a handheld laser cut through metal?

Handheld lasers are not made for laser cutting metal, but they can do it. Actually, even with a high power commercial laser cutter, the focus will only be enough to cut through thin metals like aluminum. If you need to cut thicker metals, you would either need to use multiple passes or build your own automatic positioning system that will move the metal sheet automatically through the laser.

What would happen if you put your hand in a laser cutter?

This is a very dangerous situation and it can be deadly. You probably wouldn’t even know before its too late since the laser source itself will not hurt you until you touch the beam and your skin will reflect it back towards your eyes, so this would blind you instantly.

Can lasers cut humans?

Lasers are invisible light beams that can blind you if the intensity is high enough. Even with a hand held tool, this can happen when the laser source is focused directly onto your eyes from a close distance, so you should always be careful in such situations. In general, lasers used for cutting don’t have high enough power to cause this type of injury, but I would recommend avoiding any direct contact with the beam.

How much is a laser cutter for metal?

Laser cutters for metal are usually commercial grade machines that have powerful laser sources with high precision components. The price can vary, but most manufacturers will offer these machines at around $20 000 – $200 000+ depending on the working area and other features.

What kind of laser cutter cuts metal?

Laser cutters that can cut metal are commercial grade machines. These usually have the highest power laser sources and offer very precise cutting capabilities, so they are perfect for large manufacturers. Since these machines are meant for industry use, their price will be relatively high at around $20 000 – 200 000+.

Can a wood laser cutter cut metal?

Laser cutters usually have low power laser sources, which are considered to be safe for eyes. This means that the lasers used for cutting metal will also not be able to cut wood or other materials unless they are specifically made for this type of applications.

How much does a cutting laser cost?

One of the main factors that affect the laser cost is its power. Larger lasers will have higher prices since they are more powerful, but some manufacturers might offer more affordable options for those with smaller needs as well. In general however, commercial cutting lasers can be purchased at around $10000 – 200 000+ depending on their working area and other features.

What is the most powerful laser cutter?

The most powerful laser cutters are used for industrial processing and can have lasers that deliver up to 40000W of power. These machines are usually very heavy, expensive and hard to maintain, but they will offer great cutting speeds that cannot be beaten by any laser cutter under this category.