12Kw 25130 Large Format CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Sheet

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We Supply 12Kw 25130 Large Format CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet.

Product Introduction

12Kw 25130 Large Format CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet




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Auto Dusting System Inside of Machine

Two ways automatic dusting system inside of machine: the flag gate will open automatically at the gantry position Environment protection, green production image
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Mild Steel Cutting Production by different cutting processing



12Kw 15Kw 20Kw



12Kw 15Kw 20Kw

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Conclusion: normal cutting processing and high speed cutting processing

If demanding on cutting edge is not high requirement, same power, same production cost, high speed processing production efficiency will increased by 1.5-2.6times:

12Kw: 14mm-25mm;

15Kw: 16mm-30mm;

20Kw: 20mm-35mm.

Cutting Samples


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What materials can the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine cut?

The 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine can cut a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other metals. Please refer to the machine’s specifications for the full list of compatible materials.

2. What is the maximum thickness the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine can cut?

The cutting capacity of the machine depends on the type of material. For instance, it can cut up to 25mm of stainless steel and 20mm of aluminum. Please refer to the machine’s specifications for detailed information.

3. How precise is the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Our 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine offers high precision cutting with a positional accuracy of ±0.05mm and repeatability of ±0.03mm.

4. What is the lifespan of the laser source in the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The laser source in our 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine typically has a lifespan of 100,000 hours under normal operating conditions.

5. How do I maintain the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the machine, checking and replacing consumables as needed, and scheduling regular service checks. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided in the user manual.

6. What safety features does the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine have?

The machine comes with several safety features including a fully enclosed design, a safety interlock system, and an automatic shutdown feature in case of any operational anomalies.

7. Can the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine be used for engraving as well?

Yes, the machine can be used for both cutting and engraving purposes. The laser’s power and speed can be adjusted to achieve the desired engraving effect.

8. What software is compatible with the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Our 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is compatible with a variety of CAD/CAM software such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and others. Please refer to the machine’s specifications for the full list of compatible software.

9. How much power does the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine consume?

The machine’s power consumption depends on the operating conditions. However, despite its high power, the 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is designed to be energy efficient.

10. What kind of after-sales service do you provide?

We provide comprehensive after-sales service including machine installation, operation training, software support, machine maintenance, and a warranty for parts.

12KW Fiber Laser – The All-In-One FAQ Guide

In the vast landscape of fiber lasers, power rating (RP) serves as a crucial distinguishing factor. Ranging from modest 10W systems to powerful 12KW variants, there’s a wealth of options available in the market. At SOHO Cutting, we take immense pride in the caliber of our fiber lasers, with a particular focus on the remarkable 12KW models.

Within this FAQ guide, we’ll provide you with a concise exploration of the 12KW fiber laser. We’ll delve into its features, appearance, functionality, and practical applications for your business operations. Rest assured, we aim to leave no stone unturned in delivering comprehensive insights.

Understanding What a 12KW Fiber Laser Machine Is

A 12KW fiber laser machine represents a pinnacle of laser cutting technology, harnessing an impressive 12,000 watts of laser power to achieve exceptional cutting capabilities. 12KW fiber laser machines are versatile tools suitable for various industries.

12,000W Fiber Laser Machine Price

Like other machines, 12KW fiber laser machines aren’t made equally. There are good-quality machines to great-quality machines. Here are crucial information about the rates and prices of 12KW fiber lasers:

  • Entry-Level:Entry-level or smaller-scale 12KW fiber laser machines may start at around $200,000 to $300,000.
  • Mid-Range:Mid-range 12KW fiber laser machines with more advanced features and capabilities can range from $300,000 to $500,000.
  • High-End and Industrial:High-end and industrial-grade 12KW fiber laser machines, often equipped with automation and customization options, can range from $500,000 to over $1 million.

NOTE: These are approximate price ranges, and actual prices may vary based on specific configurations and the manufacturer’s pricing strategy.

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Working Principle of a 12,000W Fiber Laser Machine

A 12KW fiber laser operates on the principles of fiber laser technology. It begins with a gain medium containing rare-earth elements doped into a fiber optic core. When energized, this medium generates photons through stimulated emission.

So, these photons amplify within the core, creating a powerful laser beam. The beam is then shaped and focused using optical components.

During material processing, the laser beam interacts with the target. For cutting, the beam’s intense energy rapidly heats and vaporizes the material along a precise path, while for marking, it creates engravings or patterns. Computer control ensures accuracy, and a cooling system dissipates heat.

The 12KW power output distinguishes it for high-speed and efficient processing of various materials, making it suitable for industrial applications like cutting thick metals, welding, and surface marking.

How Thick Can a 12KW Laser Cut?

As mentioned, not all 12KW laser cutters are made equally. They have varying strengths, speeds, and power ratings, and are far different from one another. To give you information about their strength, here’s a quick list of the different thicknesses it can cut:

  • Aluminum: 35mm
  • Mild Steel: 18mm
  • Brass: 14mm

NOTE: These are information taken from Machine Mfg. They are not to be taken literally, as these data could have changed from the time of writing.

How Thick Can a 1.5KW Laser Cut?

A 1.5KW (1500 watts) laser cutting machine is capable of cutting various materials with varying thicknesses. The thickness it can cut through depends on the type of material.

For you to have a better understanding of it, here’s a guideline you can follow on the minimum and maximum thickness that 1.5KW lasers can process:

  • Aluminum: 8mm to 10mm
  • Acrylic & Plastic: 20mm to 25mm
  • Wood: 20mm to 25mm
  • Stainless Steel: 6mm to 8mm

Can a 20W Fiber Laser Cut?

Yes and no–let me explain.

Fiber lasers are great-quality lasers that have been used in a wide array of industries and sectors, but they’re not entirely the best, especially in low-power situations. So, would a 20W fiber laser cut? Yes, it will be able to cut textiles, cloth, and thin wood.

However, it would be far from capable of cutting any metal in this power. It can mark and engrave laser, but it’s far from cutting it.


Diode Lasers vs. Fiber Lasers

Interested to know the difference between diode and fiber lasers? No worries, here are some of the most notable differences they have!

Characteristic/Factor Fiber Lasers Diode Lasers
Cost Costly and expensive, especially the heaviest-duty ones Affordable, but not really cheap
Durability Naturally long-lasting, durable, and sturdy Prone to wear-and-tear, but can last long if properly maintained
Quality of the Beam Excellent and high-quality Poor-quality beams
Light Source Fiber-optic cables Semiconductor diodes
Wavelength Flexible and versatile wavelengths Extremely limited wavelength options
Portability Compact and lightweight, but can also be heavy Compact and lightweight, but can also be heavy
Maintenance Low maintenance–as low as it gets Medium-level maintenance

12KW Fiber Laser Applications

Because of their strength and flexibility, you will find a ton of applications for 12,000W fiber laser cutting machines. In fact, the best and most common ones are:

  • Metal Cutting:Precision cutting of metals, including stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Welding: High-speed and deep penetration welding for various materials.
  • AdditiveManufacturing: 3D printing of metal components with intricate designs.
  • Automotive Industry:Manufacturing car parts, chassis, and body components.
  • Aerospace:Fabricating aircraft parts and lightweight structures.
  • Shipbuilding:Cutting and welding for ship construction and repairs.
  • Oil and Gas:Pipe cutting, drilling, and equipment fabrication.
  • Medical Devices:Crafting precise components for medical equipment.
  • Electronics:Microscopic precision for circuit boards and electronics.
  • Jewelry:Intricate engraving, cutting, and customization in jewelry making.
  • Textile Industry:Fabric patterning, engraving, and cutting textiles.
  • Packaging: High-speed perforating and marking on packaging materials.

Pros of 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Using a 12,000W fiber laser cutting machine has a ton of benefits and advantages, some of which include, but are not limited to:

High Cutting Speed

One of the best things about 12KW fiber laser cutters is their speed. A 12KW fiber laser works fast, getting tasks done quickly and reducing wait times. This makes it great for projects where time is crucial.

Low Maintenance

Think of it as a sturdy machine that doesn’t need a lot of care and maintenance. It keeps working without needing constant attention, which is great for businesses that can’t afford downtime

Accuracy and Precision

Imagine a 12KW fiber laser as a highly accurate artist. It can create intricate and detailed designs with pinpoint accuracy, perfect for industries that need things to be just right.

Safety Features

They’re designed with safety in mind. Most models and units have things like enclosed spaces and safety locks to keep people safe while they work.


These machines can be adjusted to fit different needs. It’s like having a tool that can change its settings to do various jobs.

Flexibility and Versatility

These machines can cut and engrave a wide range of materials, from metals to plastics and more. They’re like all-in-one tools that adapt to different needs.

Cons of 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

There are also cons or drawbacks of using 12,000W fiber laser cutters, and these are:

High Initial Investment

The upfront investment for a 12KW fiber laser machine can be substantial, which may be a barrier for some businesses, especially smaller ones.

Material Limits

Although versatile, 12KW lasers may have limitations when it comes to highly reflective or non-conductive materials. Additional equipment or modifications may be necessary for processing such materials.

Environmental Consideration

Proper ventilation and fume extraction systems are essential to manage emissions and maintain a safe working environment.

Complexity of the Operations

Operating and maintaining a high-power laser machine requires skilled technicians and operators. Adequate training is essential to ensure safe and efficient operation.


High-power laser machines can produce significant noise during operation, which may require noise-reduction measures in the workplace.

Despite the cons, the pros outweigh them heavily to the extent that they’ll still be better and be more useful.

If you’re worried about its cons, always think about the pros and advantages that you can get from it!

Where Can You Get World-Class Quality 12KW Fiber Laser Cutters?

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