Project Description

We were ESAB’s China OEM machine factory, now we focus on the high precision cutting machine.

If there’s any high-level cutting&welding machine that no China factory can make it for you,  please contact us!

Main features : 
Bevel cutting angle from -45 ° to +45 ° 
Vertical maximum cutting thickness of 38 mm 
“Y” type and “X” shaped groove cutting 
Nozzles and electrodes used for long life 
Torch collision protection Contact initial height control 
Low maintenance 

1. VBA EXPERT PRO variable beveling device is a perfect beveling mature devices. Just little minor adjustments, you can immediately bevel cutting. 
2. VBA EXPERT PRO variable bevel cutting unit cuts from -45 ° to +45 ° any break. Plasma torch in three axes, which ensures accurate break angle. A dedicated sensor ensures torch and cutting material surface to maintain accurate height. 
3.Used in conjunction with a CNC control system to ensure that changes bevel cutting and vertical cutting precision and quality. The highly integrated precision cutting process parameters to ensure the smooth operation of the cutting process. 
4. VBA EXPERT PRO variable bevel cutting device can cut from 6 mm to 38 mm thickness of material ( vertical cutting ) 
5.PT-36 plasma torch cutting to ensure the highest accuracy and long life of wearing parts. 
6. Wizard -style revolutionary function, reduce training time in half 

Main function
The new process reduces machine setup time menu 
The advanced touch interface is much simpler to operate 
Specific technical parameters 
18.5 “touchscreen meet ergonomic working conditions 
The highly integrated process control improves production efficiency 
By FastCAM Software but equipment and technology to achieve the highest degree of automation 
Can control up to six workspaces using multiple cutting tables 

Specific technical parameters
18.5 “16:9 color LCD widescreen 
5-wire resistive touch screen 
EasyShare integrated graphics database that contains up to 88 graphics 
8 path control oil 
28 positioning axes 
Control up to two torch 
Integrated emergency stop button 
By embedding Windows? XP shi achieve PC-based control 
Through Windows? CE5.0 operating system to achieve mechanical control 
512Mb RAM 
The integrated Ethernet port 
CAN Bus I / O controller 
2 USB ports