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Sheet And Tube Laser Cutting Machine | Fiber Laser


If you need sheet laser cutting, but also to meet the cutting of round and shaped pipes (square steel, flat iron, channel steel, square pipe), our integrated pipe plate machine can meet your requirements and is very cost-effective.

Sheet and pipe laser cutting machine features

Better beam quality: smaller focused spot, more excellent cutting lines, smooth cut, beautiful appearance, no distortion, higher efficiency, better processing quality.

Extremely high stability: using a top fiber laser, compact structure, small size, fixed optical path, low energy loss, stable cutting quality.

One machine is multi-purpose, which can meet the cutting requirements of customers for the flat plate and round and shaped pipes (square steel, flat iron, channel steel, square pipe), with high-cost performance.

Advanced chuck clamping system, the chuck self-adjusting center, according to the profile specifications, automatically adjusts the size of the clamping force to ensure that the thin tube clamping without damage.

High temperature tempering at 600℃, 24 hours cooling with the furnace, imported gantry milling finish machining, by precision welding, guarantee 20 years of regular use without deformation.

Technical Parameters

Maximum running speed 120m/min
Maximum acceleration 0.8G
X/Y positioning accuracy ±0.08mm
X/Y Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Working voltage 380V/50Hz
Laser power 1000W-8000W
Machine power 10KW
Machine operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Humidity in machine operation <90%
Transmission method Precision Gear Rack and Pinion

Series Products

Model number 1530 1540
Working table(mm) 1500*3000 1500*4000
Pipe length (mm) 6000 6000
Weight of the whole machine (KG) 4700 5350
External dimensions (mm) 12000*6000*2400 13000*6000*2400
Pipe diameter (mm) Round pipe Ø20-Ø200,Square tube length 20-150 Round pipe Ø20-Ø219,Square tube length 20-150

sheet and tube laser cutting machine

Application material

Specially used for cutting 0.5mm-25mm carbon steel plate and pipe; 0.5mm-10mm stainless steel plate and pipe; galvanized plate and pipe; electrolytic plate and pipe; silicon steel and other thin metal materials, pipe diameter φ20mm-φ200mm.

Performance Features:

Cutting sample by pipe laser cutter

Cutting material Stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, angle iron, channel steel, I-beam and profiled tube.
Cutting thickness 1000W model can cut through 3mm wall thickness stainless steel pipe, 6mm wall thickness carbon steel pipe.
The 2000W model can cut through 6mm wall thickness stainless steel pipe, 10mm wall thickness carbon steel pipe.
Cutting size 3000mm, 6000mm and non-standard customization (Optional)

Service Specification


Provide technical advice and complete equipment documentation as required. Assist you in the design of laser processing solutions, taking into account technical feasibility: equipment exhibition hall for you to visit, proofing, and test machine.

The actual situation on-site helps you plan and design the production site, water, electricity, and gas equipment. Provide you with a full set of equipment operation manuals, before delivery to the equipment operators for basic laser theory, safety protection, and equipment maintenance training.

In your factory, the equipment operators will be trained in practical processing operations, equipment maintenance, and safety operations. To ensure that the equipment operating procedures and methods as soon as possible, the computer can independently use the machine for production. After installing and commissioning the whole set of equipment in the field, free warranty for one year from the date of acceptance. In the warranty period, the company will assign engineers and technicians to work on the equipment from time to time for special patrol and routine maintenance. We also provide services such as auditing and inspection and answering related questions.

Service commitment

The service response time is within 24 hours.

FAQ for Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Q1: What is the main purpose of the Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

A1: The Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine is designed to efficiently cut both flat sheets and various types of tubes, including round and shaped pipes such as square steel, flat iron, channel steel, and square pipe. It is a versatile and cost-effective solution for diverse cutting needs.

Q2: What are the key features of the Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

A2: The machine boasts several notable features:

  • Better Beam Quality: It produces a smaller focused spot, resulting in excellent cutting lines, smooth cuts, and a beautiful appearance without distortion.
  • Extremely High Stability: The machine uses a top fiber laser with a compact structure, ensuring stable cutting quality and low energy loss.
  • Versatility: It is a multi-purpose machine capable of cutting both flat plates and various types of tubes, offering high cost-performance.
  • Advanced Chuck Clamping System: This system automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the profile specifications, ensuring secure and damage-free clamping of thin tubes.

Q3: What are the benefits of using the Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

A3: The machine offers several benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: It provides a cost-effective way to cut both sheets and tubes, saving time and resources.
  • Quality: The machine ensures high-quality cuts with smooth edges and precise details.
  • Flexibility: Its ability to cut various types of materials and shapes makes it a versatile tool for different cutting requirements.
  • Durability: The machine is built to last, with a design that guarantees regular use without deformation for up to 20 years.

Q4: How does the machine ensure the quality and precision of cuts?

A4: The machine utilizes a top fiber laser and an advanced chuck clamping system, combined with a stable structure that has undergone high-temperature tempering and precision welding. These features ensure a stable cutting quality, excellent beam quality, and precise clamping, resulting in high-quality and precise cuts.

Q5: Is the machine easy to operate and maintain?

A5: While the specific details regarding operation and maintenance are not provided on the webpage, the use of a top fiber laser and a compact, stable structure suggests that the machine is designed for ease of use and low maintenance requirements. For detailed information, it would be best to contact SOHO directly or refer to the machine’s user manual.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or need further assistance!