Steel Cutting Machine

Plasma cutting

In steel cutting, steel is cut to a desired length or shape. The steel may come in flat sheets or coils of steel. In some cases the steel has been hardened and tempered by the manufacturer to make it easier to machine yet more suitable for a particular application.

Steel cutting is an operation that forms a part from a piece of steel, by removing material from steel stock, such as steel beams, steel plates, steel bar and steel tubing to produce desired shapes. This is done using a variety of cutting tools and machinery to shear the steel, cut it with heat (burning), or grind it down.

The first step in any mill or fabrication shop is to buy steel such as steel plate, steel beams (such as H-beams), steel bar or steel tubing. The steel is then cut according to the customer’s order and other needs such as fit up, welding, bolting and assembly.

Steel cutting can be done with a number of different tools and machinery ranging from oxy-fuel cutting (gas cutting) to CNC steel cutting machines like the steel carousel steel beam cutter and steel plate shears.

Types of metal cutting machines

Oxy-fuel steel cutting is a manual or automated process of using oxygen and fuel gas to cut steel. This is done by lighting the compressed fuel gas (acetylene, propane) with an electrical spark at the tip of the steel, which then burns through the steel.

A steel cutting saw or band saw is a power tool used for steel cutting and steel cutting bandsaw machines are often used to cut cylindrical work pieces such as steel pipe. They can also crosscut square or rectangular tubing at full length by mounting the lumber flat on the table of the saw. A steel cutting band saw is a type of saw that uses steel or steel-composition blades for making straight or curved cuts in objects such as steel piping, tubing, bars, and wood.

The steel carousel steel beam cutter is a machine used to cut steel beams into different lengths with the use of a roller table. The steel beam is clamped into position with steel jaws on the roller table whilst a steel blade is lowered into the steel beam, cutting it to length.

Steel plate shears are used to cut steel plates up to 16 mm thick. This type of steel cutting machine contains rollers that apply pressure over the steel plate as they pass through the machine. The steel cutting machine makes multiple passes over the steel plate until it is sheared to length.

To fasten steel beams or steel plates together, silver steel bolts are used. There are many different types of steel bolts that can be used to connect steel pipes, steel beams and steel plates together, depending on the type of steel material being bolted together.

A plasma cutting machine is used to cut steel plates. A steel plate is placed between two electrically conductive plates also known as electrodes, through which an electric arc is generated. This electric arc heats the steel plate up to extreme temperatures, allowing it to melt and be easily removed with a steel chisel.

Laser cutting machine is used for steel cutting since the steel is cut by a laser beam. The steel to be cut is place underneath the steel cutting machine and either held down with clamps or fastened with magnets.

A water jet metal cutter works by directing high pressure, high-speed stream of water at the steel to be cut. This type of steel cutting is often used in steel fabrication shops to cut steel beams, steel plates and steel tubing.

How to choose steel cutting machine?

Choosing the steel cutting machine is crucial, as it can determine if your steel will be cut properly. The most important features to look at when buying steel cutting machines are precision and accuracy. You should also check that the steel cutting machine is versatile enough for you steel processing requirements.

A good steel cutting machine should allow you to do multiple types of steel processing such as straight cutting steel beams, steel plates and steel tubing to be used in many applications.

With so many steel cutting machines on the market it can difficult to choose the right one that best suits your steel processing needs. So if you would like more information about steel cutting machines, please contact us via email: or contact us through our steel cutting machine table.

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