Steel Cutting Services | The Ultimate FAQ

Metal steel cutting services can be of different types. Tools used in the service can be made out of carbon steel or tool steel. Besides, CNC machining steel sheet cutting services use high technology to cut through steel in no time.

You can choose the best metal steel cutting service if you consider your material, whether it is hot or cold-rolled steel, how accurate you need your product according to your design, and the time you have for your production.

What Is Steel Cutting?

what is steel cutting

Steel cutting is a form of metal cutting. It is the process of removing unnecessary pieces from a steel bar or sheet so that they can be given the shape you want. This is done with various types of metal cutting tools and metal cutting methods. The process is complex and it should be done perfectly so that your desired shape may come out well. The best result of steel cutting can be found with CNC machining. CNC machining steel sheet cutting service gives you the perfect shape according to your design.

What Are The Types Of Metal Cutting Processes?

The metal cutting process is the way of removing the extra metal from a plate or bar to give the metal desired shape. It can be done by machining. The metal cutting processes can be of many types. You can either use tools or machining for it. Let’s look into the types of metal cutting processes:

  • Laser Cutting Process
  • Plasma Cutting Process
  • Waterjet Cutting Process
  • Wire Cutting Process
  • Flame Cutting Process

What Kinds Of Steel Materials Can Be Cut Through?

Steel can be cut through in various ways like laser cutting, plasma and waterjet cutting, etc. But all the cutting processes cannot be applied on steel with any kind of thickness. Besides, with increasing thickness, the cutting process takes a longer time. Following is a list where you can see which cutting process is fit for which thickness:

  • Laser cutting – For carbon steel 15-20mm is perfect for laser cutting while for stainless steel, it’s 20-25mm.
  • Water cutting – Water cutting can cut steel of thickness from 0.8mm to 100mm. It is even very fit for the thicker materials.
  • Plasma cutting – With plasma cutting, you can cut steel with a thickness of 120mm. But the recommended thickness is 20mm.
  • Wire cutting – It is indeed very precise for 40-60mm thick steel, while it has the potentiality to cut even 600mm thick steel.

What Is Laser Steel Cutting?

Laser steel cutting service is very precise and capable to work with most steel types. It is a process consisting of high technological advancement. In laser cutting service, a highly concentrated laser beam is used to cut through the material easily. This is very popular as a metal steel cutting service nowadays.

Laser Cutting Process Uses Concentrated Laser

Laser cutting is one of the most accurate as well as clean methods of metal cutting service you can find. If your designs are complex for your product and you need a good quality finishing, then you can find laser cutting is very handy. Laser cutting produces a lot of heat while used and can cut through mild steel and stainless steel in a precision and clean manner.

What Is Plasma Steel Cutting?

Plasma steel metal cutting service is an advanced type of metal cutting method. It is very useful to cut various types of steel and stainless steel. Machining with plasma cutting tools may be a little expensive for your project, but it will certainly give the result you are looking for. Although not as accurate as of the laser metal steel cutting service, but it is quite effective.

Plasma Cutting Process Uses Highly Pressurized Gas With Electricity For Metal Cutting

In the plasma steel plate cutting service, the metal plate is cut with highly pressurized gas combined with electricity. The unusual combination creates what we call plasma. A highly concentrated plasma can include oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and air. Going out through a copper nozzle, hot plasma easily cuts through steel within a short time.

What Is A Waterjet Cutting Service?

Waterjet metal steel cutting service is as the name suggests, it is a widely used steel plate cutting service that uses water for metal steel cutting service. If you are working with any kind of cold steel, then you must go for a waterjet cutting service.

Waterjet Cutting Is Best For Cold-Rolled Steel

For cold steel, if you use heated metal cutting service options like laser and plasma cutting services, the metal steel cutting service can destroy the steel parts. As a result, not only wastage happens, it can also destroy the workpiece too.

That is why waterjet steel plate cutting service is often used for cold steel. The process uses highly pressurized water mixed with adhesive elements coming out through a nozzle to cut through the steel material. The concentration of water coming out can be 25-35 times more powerful than a washer and can cut through 3-4 inches of metal at a time.

What Is Wire Cutting?

Metal steel cutting service like wire cutting is an extremely precise process and it basically used the power of electricity directly to cut through steel. In 1970, it was first introduced commercially and now it is a popular method to work with steel plate cutting service. Although it is slower than other metal steel cutting service options, it is quite accurate and gives the best use of CNC machining services. You certainly need a perfect CAD model, to begin with, wire cutting metal steel cutting service.

Wire Cutting Is Best For Cutting Conductive Materials

Wire cutting is highly accurate for conductive materials. A piece of copper wire is used in the electrode in wire cutting. The machine will generate a cutting path from the CAD model provided on the computer. When the electrode comes into the tough of the conductive material, the electricity inside wants to crossover to the material surface. The transition attempt creates a good spark which then cuts through the material. A good CAD model can produce the best accurate results with wire cutting. Since its introduction to the market, this is very much preferred as a metal steel cutting service with CNC machining.

What Is The Difference Of Application Among Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, And Wire Cutting?

There are some differences among the application of various metal steel cutting service options. Let’s look into the difference between laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and wire cutting:

Laser Cutting Plasma Cutting Waterjet Cutting Wire Cutting
First of all, if we focus on thickness, you can work with 40mm thick steel with a general laser cutting service. For carbon steel, it’s best to use on 20mm thick steel while for stainless steel it’s best to use on 25mm steel. Plasma metal steel cutting service is optimized for 20mm thick steel. But it has the ability to cut through 120mm thick steel. For waterjet cutting, you can cut materials of 100mm or thicker. It is very useful for different kinds of steel. Wire cutting metal steel cutting service you can use even to cut 600mm thick materials. But it is optimized for 50-60mm thick materials.
For carbon steel, the speed of laser cutting can be 500-600cm/min which is pretty fast and very suitable in mass industrial production. Plasma cutting is slow and accuracy is not good enough for regular production. So, industrial mass production cannot be done with plasma cutting services. Like plasma cutting, waterjet cutting is pretty slow and cannot be used in mass production. Wire cutting service can cut up to 250-300 mm2/min, precision is pretty high. But as the cutting size is limited, it is also not suitable for mass production.
A laser metal steel cutting service should be used for hot-rolled steel. Not suitable as a cold steel plate cutting service Plasma metal steel cutting service also produces heat. As a result, it is also suitable as hot rolled steel plate cutting service Waterjet metal steel cutting service is the perfect solution for cold-rolled steel plate cutting service as it does not produce heat Wire cutting is a metal steel cutting service that can produce thousands of degrees of heat. So, not certainly suitable as a cold-rolled steel plate cutting service.
Laser cutting services can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous metal steel cutting services quite well. Additionally, you can use it for conductive and non-conductive material cutting like plastic and rubber, etc. Ferrous and non-ferrous types of materials can be cut with the help of a plasma metal steel cutting service. But non-conductive materials cannot be cut through with plasma cutting service. This cutting service can be used for both hot and cold-rolled steel. As well as it can be used for conductive and non-conductive material cutting services. Basically, any kind of steel can be cut with a waterjet cutting service Only the electrically conductive materials can be cut with wire cutting metal steel cutting service.
Laser metal steel cutting services can be used to create products with complex designs. The method is more precise than plasma and waterjet methods. Dimensional accuracy can reach ±0.2mm. Plasma steel plate cutting service is fast but not as accurate as laser cutting. Plasma cutting can reach dimensional accuracy of 1mm. Waterjet metal steel cutting service is quite accurate and fast. Besides, the process may be needed to be submerged underwater. As thermal deformation does not happen with waterjet cutting, you can have even ±0.1mm accuracy with this service. Used as the most accurate metal steel cutting service. The cutting process follows a CAD design model accurately for perfect output. Its accuracy can reach up to ±0.01mm.
Laser cutting is costly in starting but less costly in mass production. It is cheaper than laser cutting. Water cutting costs are higher than plasma cutting but cheaper than laser Wire cutting is of very high cost but you can reduce the cost depending on the type of wire you use.


For good precision and clean production, you can use CNC machining methods for your metal steel cutting service. The latest technology gives you the best results for your products. It can also save you a lot of time.