How fiber laser cutting machine effect elevator industry?

How does fiber laser cutting break out of elevator market? According to statistics, China is the world's largest elevator consumption and ownership of the country, 2016 domestic elevator holdings of nearly 4.3 million units, 65% of global elevator sales in China. As we know, the common materials used in elevators are stainless steel plates and coated

Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Advantages

1)Fiber laser cutting is the fastest procedure for slim sheet steel. 3)Reflective products like copper, aluminium and also brass can be reduced with simplicity, however might ruin the laser reducing head without punching absolutely. 8) Excellent surface area top quality is gotten on light steel up to 3mm with 500W, 15 mm with a 2

Fibre laser cutting machine parts introduction

China has fully grown 500W/800W laser power as Raycus (NO. 1 BRAND IN CHINA) such brand name. Currently no one can do it much better than Trumpf laser. Let allow real Fibre fiber cutting reducing device inform truthReality Same as the majority of suppliers, we utilize Panasonic/Yaskawa servo and also Shimpo transmission, however just how

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