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Pipe Cutting Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

If your business is related to manufacturing, you must be already familiar with pipe cutting machine.

This machine is the one that you rely on so much to cut material that has volume.

What you may not know is that this machine has got much upgrade for the last few years.

Instead of traditional cutting saw, now you can use new technology such as laser and plasma to increase the efficiency.

And to be more efficient means to get more profit.

It is getting interesting, isn’t it?

Here is the Complete FAQ s guide for you who wants to know more about it.

What is Pipe Cutting Machine and How does It Work?

china pipe cutting machine

Source: Sohocutting

Pipe cutting machine is a machine which is designed to cut pipe or tube-shaped material.

The process of pipe cutting is also called pipe profiling because in this process you get to determine the shape and proportion of the tube.

To increase the efficiency, nowdays laser and plasma are normally used in this machine instead of the traditional cutting saw.

 Plasma pipe cutting machine works by generating plasma through compressed air which is hit with electrical arc.

The highly electrically conductive plasma then is used to cut the material.

Laser pipe cutting machine works by using high density laser to cut the material.

These pipe cutting machines can cut very precisely and proportionally based on the setting you make.

What is The Newest Technology Applied in Pipe Cutting?

laser pipe cutting

Source: Sohocutting

The technology of fiber laser is the newest upgrade applied to pipe cutting machine.

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine uses high density laser intensified by optical fiber and some rare elements that enables it to cut very smoothly.

How to Use Pipe Cutting Machine Step by Step?

pipe cutting

Source: Indiamart

High-tech Pipe cutting machine works automatically.

First, you put the pipe or tube on the cutting placement.

Then you set the proportion, size and pattern you want the machine to do.

Finally, start the machine and let it do its job.

You may need to wait for a few minutes until it finish.

What is CNC Pipe Cutting Machine?

cutting pipe

Source: Indiamart

CNC is short for computer numerical control.

It is a device that you use to set the cutting proportion.

CNC receives signal from the computer then interpret it into instruction for the machine to do.

A pipe cutting machine designed for manufacturing use is normally already equipped with this device.

What is the Difference between Pipe and Tube Cutting?

cutter pipe

Source: Patronic

The differences are in the shape and purpose of material used in the cutting process.

Pipe and tube are both materials that have volume in their shapes but they have differences.

Pipe is round and generally used as a vessel of something like gas or liquid to pass.

On the other hand, tube can be round, square, rectangular and oval.

Tube is generally used to establish mechanical structure of a manufacturing product.

Is There Pipe Cutting Machine that Use Laser?

laser pipe cutter

Source: Sohocutting

Yes, there is.

laser pipe cutting machine is very popular on the market due to its high precision.

Can a Fiber Laser Be Used to Cut Pipe?

pipe cutting machines

Source: Acmelaser

Yes, it can.

In fact, fiber laser Pipe cutting machine is currently available on the market.

Can Plasma be used to Cut Pipe?

flame pipe cutter

Source: Sohocutting

Yes, it can.

Plasma pipe cutting machine is suitable for pipe and tube which are made from hard metal.

What Diameter of Pipe Can Be Cut by Pipe Cutting Machine?

plasma pipe cutter

Source: Sohocutting

Pipe cutting machine that use plasma or laser has pipe cutting length around 6000 mm.

The standard diameter for round pipe is around 30-340 mm while the standard length for square tube is less than 240 mm.


What Material Can Pipe Mutting Machine Cut?

pipe cutter machine

Source: Wermac

Pipe cutting machine that uses either plasma or laser can cut almost any hard material such as mild steel, stainless steel, cooper, bras etc.

Can a Pipe Cutting Machine Cut Steel?

pipe cutter machines

Source: Rsdelivers

Yes it can.

Pipe cutting machine that uses either plasma or laser can cut steel.

In fact, this machine is designed to cut hard material like steel.

Is There Portable Pipe Cutting Machine?

laser cutter pipe

Source: Sohocutting

Pipe cutting machine that uses plasma and laser is designed for manufacturing purposes.

It is not designed to be easily moved from one place to another.

If you want a pipe cutting machine for home use, which you can bring anywhere, the traditional pipe cutting machine that uses saw would be suitable for you.

What is the Standard Price of Pipe Cutting Machine?

laser cutting pipe

Source: Sohocutting

Laser pipe laser cutting machine with standard specification would cost you at least $30000.

Pipe cutting machine that uses plasma tends to be cheaper with price around $15000

For further information regarding the price and specification, please contact us.

Is There Manual Pipe Cutting Machine?

pipe cutter

Source: Laser-eng

It depends on the machine you use.

Pipe cutting machine that uses plasma or laser is normally equipped by CNC and tube placement which enables it to work automatically.

Some types of traditional pipe cutting machine that uses saw is not equipped with CNC or tube placement.

You can do the cutting manually with these traditional types.

What is the Application of Pipe Cutting Machine?

pipe cutting machine

Source: Accurl

Pipe cutting machine is applied in various metal related industries.

Those Industries includes automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical equipment, machinery, medical device, construction and robotics.

What is the Advantage of Pipe Cutting Machine?

pipe cutter machines (2)

Source: Tubeformsolutions

The current high-tech pipe cutting machine that uses either laser or plasma has tons of advantages. Some of which include:

  1. High precision and accuracy cutting.
  2. Quicker cutting proses.
  3. Can perform complicated pattern.
  4. Easy cutting measurement.

What is the Disadvantage of Pipe Cutting Machine?

pipe cutting machine china

Source: Soco

The current high-tech pipe cutting machine that uses either laser or plasma is very sophisticated and easily used.

The only disadvantage is that it tends to be more expensive than the traditional pipe cutting machine.

Where Can I find Pipe Cutting Machine for Sale?

soho pipe cutting

Source: Sohocutting

The simplest way to find it is by searching it online.

The high-tech pipe cutting machine is progressing very rapidly in China, so you may want to buy the product from this country.

Sohocutting.com is one of the trustiest website you can rely on to get more information.

Pipe Cutting Machine – The Full FAQ Guide

Metal or steel pipes are among the most difficult and the most requiring workpieces to work on. Due to this, several manufacturers decided to take on the task of creating pipe cutting machines.

But how do you determine what a pipe cutting machine is? Furthermore, is there a way to know what a good-quality pipe cutting machine has? In this article, we will be working through some of the best and the most liable strategies and techniques that you can do to find out that you’re dealing with best-quality pipe cutting machines.

How Do You Cut Pipes and Tubes?

Cutting pipes and tubes often just require regular hand tools such as hacksaws, chainsaws, and the like.

Figure 1 – How Do You Cut Pipes and Tubes_
Figure 1 – Industrial cutting of pipes and tubes

Looking at it in the industrial side, though, there’s more to it that using hand tools. In the industrial sector, the cutting of pipes and tubes are usually done through the help of tube and pipe cutting machines.

And that’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide or this article today.

What is the Easiest Way to Cut Pipes and Tubes?

The easiest and the simplest way to cut industrial pipes and tubes is through using pipe cutting machines.

Figure 2 – What is the Easiest Way to Cut Pipes and Tubes_
Figure 2 –Industrial pipe cutting machine

This is because of the fact that they’re convenient, easy-to-use, and that they’re usually semi-automatic. Furthermore, pipe cutting machines wouldn’t require the operator or the worker to do the work himself; it’s often semi-automatic or automatic, which leaves him little-to-no work other than loading the substrate or the workpiece to the machine.

But, do you know what a pipe cutting machine is?

What Are Industrial Piping and Tubing?

In understanding what a pipe cutting machine is, let us first look at what industrial pipes and tubes really are.

Figure 3 – What Are Industrial Piping and Tubing_
Figure 3 – Sample of what an industrial pipe cutter is cutting a thin pipe

Industrial tubes and pipes are usually round tubular steel bars that are used to convey or transport fluids and other content from one location to another.

Logically, these pipes would be large in size, since they’re going to be used for this matter. So, in cutting them, you wouldn’t be able to rely on the effectiveness of some hand tools.

What is a Pipe Cutting Machine?

Pipe cutting machines, from their term alone, are machines and equipment that you use for cutting or for slicing pipes and tubes.

Figure 4 – What is a Pipe Cutting Machine
Figure 4 – Heavy-duty pipe cutting machine being operated by a worker

More often than not, these pipe cutting machines can be categorized by identifying them in different axes.

There are 2-axis pipe cutters, 4-axis pipe cutters, 5-axis, and others.

The primary advantage of using pipe cutting machines is that they’re reliable, accurate, and that you can get the job done fast! It also eliminates the need for operators and workers to oversee the procedure as it can be done in automation.

Plastic Pipe Cutting Machine vs. Metal Pipe Cutting Machine

Can you use plastic pipe cutting machines to cut and slice through metal pipes and tubes?

Figure 5 – Plastic Pipe Cutting Machine vs. Metal Pipe Cutting Machine
Figure 5 – Machine cutting plastic or PVC pipes

While many people may think that it’s possible, it is actually difficult, and quite impossible to overcome.

Figure 6 – Plastic Pipe Cutting Machine vs. Metal Pipe Cutting Machine
Figure 6 – Metal or steel pipe cutting machine

So, to end your inquiries and questions, let us briefly differentiate plastic pipe cutters from what metal pipe cutting machines are.

One of the primary distinctions that they have is that metal pipe cutting machines usually entail the use of fiber lasers. Fiber lasers are the best and the most ideal to be used for metallic parts and components.

On the contrary, plastic pipe cutting machines can use the regular or the standard CO2 lasers for their process.

It is imperative to know, though, that most pipe cutting machines would be capable of cutting both, especially if they’re computer numerically controlled or CNC. Higher-end and more advanced machines are capable of housing both CO2 and fiber lasers in the process.

Here at SOHO Cutting, China’s number one pipe cutting machine manufacturer, we are able to cater to the needs of all business industries and sectors. We can produce and manufacture pipe cutting machines that are able to cut through aluminum, PVC, plastic, wood, metal, copper, stone, and many more!

We can even offer customizations for your pipe cutting machines, too! Any modifications, additional features and functionalities, and added technical parameters will be accepted upon request!

How Do You Use a Pipe Cutting Machine?

Figure 7 – How Do You Use a Pipe Cutting Machine_
Figure 7 – Operator working or on a pipe cutting machine

The procedure of using pipe cutting machines is fairly easy and simple. In fact, here’s a quick and easy summary of how it’s done.

Step 1: Preparation of the Machine

Most of these machines would be semi-automatic or automatic, which means that the operator would not have to keep an eye on the workpiece while it’s getting worked on.

In fact, the only work here would be in steps 1 and 2, where they’d need to prepare the machine, as well as the material or the workpiece that they’ll be working on.

This process would involve ensuring that the pipe cutting machine is ready and that the program or the code or how they want the machine to act will be accurate and precise as well.

Step 2: Preparation and Mounting of the Tube or Pipe

Once that’s all done, the next thing is to prepare the pipe, tube, channel, or whatever the workpiece is. This process would need the worker or the operator to mount or load the workpiece to the pipe cutting machine to start and initiate the process.

Step 3: Checking and Assessment

Before it gets cleansed and packaged, engineers and experts would first have to check and assess the condition of the workpiece.

They have to check and see if the results are up to what they are expecting.

Everything needs to be checked from the position of the holes or the cavities, the size of the incisions, the depth and the shallowness of the cuts, and many more.

Step 4: Polishing and Grinding

After evaluation of the results, the next step is to perform grinding and polishing on the finished workpiece.

Grinding and polishing is the procedure or the method that would take away all the imperfections and the inconsistencies of the pipes or tubes.

This would run from all 360-angles of the workpiece.

After that, it’s time for packaging and for the putting of the labels, as well as the technical parameters on the machine or the box of the device!

That’s it! That’s the summary of how you can use pipe cutting machines!

Portable Pipe Cutting Machine

Portable pipe cutting machines are those that are used for handheld applications only, not for industrial pipe cutting and slicing.

Most industrial pipe cutting machines would be auxiliary and would be big as it would be housing a few different sources of lasers for its application.

SOHO Cutting has a few different variations on pipe cutting machines. We have table type metal laser tube cutters, 5-axis CNC tube and pipe cutting machines, 3Kw pipe and tube laser cutters, and many more!

Industrial Pipe Cutting Machine Price

The prices of industrial cutting machines would depend on many different factors. However, the best and the most influential contributing factor would be where it was manufactured.

Typically, pipe cutting machines would cost about $10,000 to $45,000, depending on the features and added functionalities. Anywhere above that means that the machine has been manufactured in a Western country.

Here in China, though, you can purchase pipe cutting machines that are cheap, inexpensive, and explicitly affordable! You’ll already be able to get a high-quality pipe cutting machine for the price of about $20,000! To put into perspective, if you purchase this from a European manufacturer, it’ll cost you about $50,000!

And don’t worry, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that it’s low quality already – it’s not! In fact, they’re even better and they have more features and functionalities than what you would expect!

Manual vs. Semi Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

A lot of people can’t grasp the primary differences between the two. When, in reality, it’s actually a simple thought to ponder upon.

FIgure 8 – Manual vs. Semi Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine
Figure 8 – Automatic pipe cutting machine

As a matter of fact, the choices aren’t all limited to manual and semi-automatic, there are automatic pipe cutting machines, too!

Now, from its term alone, the difference would seem kind of obvious. It’s with how the machines are operated. For instance, manual pipe cutting machines, of course, would still require and heed the assistance of the workers and operators to make them work.

To give you a more concrete idea, think of how a handheld pipe cutting machine works – that’s how manual machines function.

On the flip side, semi-automatic machines would still, of course, need operators and workers.

However, it would not be as requiring and as tedious as manual machines because the only work would involve the mounting or the loading of the workpiece or the material to the machine.

To help you out even further in distinguishing it, here is a quick table of how these three (3), manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic pipe cutters differ:

Manual Pipe Cutting Machines Semi-Automatic Machines Fully Automatic Machines
Requires an operator or a worker. Machines that require the mounting, loading, and the adjusting of the workpiece. These machines regularly just need workers and operators when mounting the workpiece.
The results of products from manual pipe cutting machines depend on the skill of the worker. The results depend on how good the code or the program is. The results depend on how good the code or the program is.
Manual pipe cutting machines cost less, and some can be handheld. Semi-automatic machines would be more expensive. Fully automated pipe cutters are the most expensive and the most costly.

Specifications of Pipe Cutting Machines You Need to Know

In purchasing a pipe cutting machine, it is imperative to understand a couple of specifications or technical parameters to know if it’s the right pipe cutting machine you should purchase.

Some of the technical parameters that you need to keep an eye on include:

Cutting Area or Cutting Size

This is the area of work that the pipe cutting machine will be able to accommodate. Usually, this is the size of the work desk or the work table.

Laser Power

Laser power is the specification or the parameter that refers to the overall power that the machine can handle. This determines the reliability and the core strength of the pipe cutter.

Laser Cutting Speed

This is the specification or the parameter that refers to how fast the machine can cut. Oftentimes, it’ll be given in figures of meters per minute (m/m).

Driving System or Motor

The motor or the driving system is the specification that refers to the control system that the pipe cutting machine has. You can choose from Servomotors, AC and DC motors, etc.

Cooling Mode or Option

In order for the machine not to overheat, it needs to have a cooling component. The most common cooling mode or option for pipe cutting machines is water coolers, but there are others in the market.

These are among the most common specifications and technical parameters of pipe cutting machines. But, don’t be confused as these are not everything that pipe cutting machines have.

What are the Parts of Pipe Cutting Machines?

There are various parts and components of pipe cutting machines and it will differ from one manufacturer to another.

However, the standard parts or the parts that would always be present would be the following:

  • Main Machine (Frame)
  • Laser Head
  • Water Chiller
  • Controller
  • Rotary Device
  • Guide Gears and Rails

Where to Find Good-Quality Heavy Duty Pipe Cutting Machines?

You’ll be able to find a lot of good pipe cutting machines in different countries. However, what’s considered the best are from Chinese manufacturers.

Apart from the fact that they’re cheap and affordable, you would also not have any trouble or problem when it comes to their support.

Here with us at SOHO Cutting, we’re not just inclined in giving you high and good-quality pipe cutting machines, we can also get you the modifications and the customizations that you want and need for it!

Many of our clients choose to work with us because of the overall skill and customer service that we have, and we would never fail you with that!

  • We offer excellent pre and aftersales services for all clients and potential clients
  • All of our products are carefully and thoroughly engineered and designed
  • SOHO Cutting can push various changes and modifications in the pipe cutting machine that you want and need

SOHO Cutting is not the best in pipe cutting machines alone. In fact, you can also count on us if you need help with other machines and equipment, such as dual drive fiber laser cutters, fiber laser automation systems, plasma cutting machines, and many more!