Sheet Metal Cutting Machine – The Complete FAQ Guide

Out of all the options you have for sheet metal cutting machines, you can never go wrong in choosing us here at SOHO Cutting for it.

Over the years, we’ve improved and developed our metal cutters! Wherever you are in the world and whatever type of business you may be in, you’ll never be wrong in choosing SOHO Cutting’s sheet metal cutting machines!

Before we get into it, let’s try discussing some of the world’s most asked questions about metal laser cutting machines!


What Are Metal Laser Cutting Machines?

From their term alone, they’re the machines that you utilize to cut and work on metals.

Figure 1 – What Are Metal Laser Cutting Machines
Figure 1 – Example of a metal laser cutting machine

More often than not, these metal cutting machines utilize laser beams that contain high-power density using external circuit systems.

SOHO Cutting is a manufacturer that’s no stranger to that. As a matter of fact, we are the country’s top choice for all the types and kinds of metal laser cutting machines they need.

Metal Laser Cutting Machine Price

Figure 2 – Metal Laser Cutting Machine Price
Figure 2 – A fiber metal laser cutter

While the rates and prices of these metal laser cutting machines will differ from one manufacturer to another, the rough estimate on how much they cost fall between $8,000 and $50,000.

It’s a big gap, yes, but the range $8,000 to $15,000 are for CO2 metal laser cutters. Fiber laser cutters, on the flip side, have a range of $20,000 to $50,000 – there are some that even go as high as $98,000.

Which Laser is Used For Metal Cutting?

In the cutting industry, there are three (3) different classifications of lasers. We have fiber laser cutters, crystal laser cutters, and gas laser cutters.

Figure 3 – Which Laser is Used For Metal Cutting_
Figure 3 – Crystal laser cutting through a metal sheet

The Gas Laser Cutters are those that utilize CO2 that have been electrically stimulated. Fiber Laser Cuttersfurthermore, are part of the family of solid-state lasers, which don’t have moving parts.

Lastly, Crystal Laser Cutters, or more commonly known as YAG lasers are those that have the highest intensity, but have smaller wavelengths than CO2 lasers.

All of these lasers are able to cut metal. But, if you were to find out what the best is, it would be nd:YAG or crystal laser cutters. They’re the first option if you’re cutting through thick and durable pieces of metal.

Here with us at SOHO Cutting, we can offer you a wide and a vast range of metal laser cutting machines that you need for your business!

You can even send us a draft of what you want your metal laser cutting machines to look like and our team, together with our Research & Development (R&D) team, can work with you to achieve what you desire!

What is a Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine?

From the term alone, sheet metal laser cutting machines are the machines or the lines of equipment that you can use specifically for the cutting or the slicing of sheet metals.

Figure 4 – What is a Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine_
Figure 4 – Metal sheet being worked on by a metal sheet laser cutter

It’s one of the types of metal laser cutters, it’s just specific to metal and steel sheets rather than working on whatever forms of metal you have.

You’ll be able to find these metal laser cutting machines in various places. But, if you’re after the best and the most-trusted one, choosing us here at SOHO Cutting would be your best bet!

What sheet metal cutting machine is the best?

There are many sheet metal cutting machines on the market today. You may be wondering what sheet metal cutting machine is the best, and which one you should invest in for your business. The answer to this question depends on your budget and sheet size needs. We will discuss different types of sheet metal cutters below to help you make an informed decision about which one would work best for your specific needs!

What is the difference between a plasma cutter and a laser cutter?

A laser cutter uses a beam of light to cut sheet metal, while a plasma cutter uses an electric arc to create heat. Both have their pros and cons, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. For example, some people may find that lasers produce cleaner cuts while others may prefer plasma cutters.

What sheet size can these sheet metal cutters handle?

Our sheet metal cutters range in size and can accommodate sheets anywhere from 12”x12” up to 60”x120”. No matter what your sheet size needs are, we have a machine that can handle them!

What type of material can these sheet metal cutters cut?

Our sheet metal cutting machines can cut through a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. With the right blade or tip, you can even cut through harder materials like titanium and stainless steel!

What sheet metal cutting machine should I get?

There are many sheet metal cutters on the market and it can be overwhelming trying to choose one. That’s why we recommend choosing a sheet metal cutter based off of your sheet size needs, specific material requirements, and personal preference. Visit our website to learn more about each machine!

Metal Laser Cutting Machine vs. CNC Cutting Machine

CNC, to start off, is an acronym for computer numerically-controlled. They are the machines that require no human intervention for them to do their job and function.

Figure 5 – Metal Laser Cutting Machine vs. CNC Cutting Machine
Figure 5 – Image of a CNC metal cutting machine

Just because they’re labeled as CNC and they’re automatic, does not automatically mean that they use lasers. In fact, let’s go deep into what CNC cutting machines really are.

CNC Cutting Machines

CNC cutting is just a term that’s thrown around to introduce automation. CNC is not a material that’s used for cutting, but, instead, it’s a type of process that manufacturers use to minimize – or even completely eradicate workforce.

The process simply works like this: a programmer would load the CAD file on the CNC cutting machine. Then, the machine, in turn, would be the one to work on it. It’s all-automatic!

CNC cutting machines can use whatever type of material for cutting. It can use fiberglass, it can use lasers, or any other material that can cut through metal!

Laser Cutting Machines

On the other end of the spectrum, these laser cutting machines are machines that utilize lasers instead of fiber glass or other materials.

Manufacturers and innovators of these laser cutters were able to create high-quality equipment that would utilize lasers for the cutting process.

So, comparing them would be slightly off, simply because they’re two (2) different ways of describing the machine. But, the difference would be CNC cutters identify machines as automatic, while laser cutting machines identify them as equipment that use lasers.

What Are the Parts of a Metal Laser Cutter?

As we mentioned above, not all metal laser cutters from various manufacturers are the same.

In fact, it can differ not just in terms of the features and functionalities, but also with its parts and components.

While it can be confusing, there are several parts and components that are in all kinds and types of metal laser cutting machines. These include:

Frame or Laser Cutter Frame

This part or component is the base or the main frame of the machine. This is what’s responsible for making the entire metal laser cutting machine stand on its own feet.

Without it, the machine would not be strong enough to stand, more so, to operate.

Laser Generator

The laser generator, from its term alone, is the device or the component that you need to be able to produce the laser light source.

You’ll find numerous laser generators in the market today, so, don’t be shocked if you see multiple metal laser cutters have different laser generators.


When it comes to laser metal cutters, lenses are the most used and the most sought-after type of component. A lot of optical devices utilize lenses for the effectiveness of their procedures.

There are multiple lenses that you can use for it, there are semi-reverse lenses, focused lenses, full-reflex lenses, and many more!

Power Supply

The power supply is the component that connects and links all of the primary parts. It’s what makes the machine work and also, it’s what prevents interference in the external power network of the machine.

Laser Cutting Head

This is the part or the component of the metal laser cutting machine that is used to produce the laser beam that does the job.

Ideally, the laser cutter head is a device that contains a focusing lens, a nozzle, and a focus tracking system.

Controller or System

What’s a metal laser cutting head if you wouldn’t be able to control it? With the controller, the control system, or the control platform, there’ll be no way to control the metal laser cutter!

This is an integral part of the entire machine!


Motors are what make the metal laser cutting machine automated. As a matter of fact, a lot of experts consider it to be the primary or the core part of the locomotive system.

Several metal laser cutting machine manufacturers use Servomotors and stepping motors. On the contrary, there are manufacturers that use other motor types for this as well!

Chiller or Water Chiller

It’s not an unknown fact that laser, which is made from the conversion of electrical energy to light energy produces heat.

This heat, then, could be dangerous not only to the workpiece or the product you’re working on, but also with the machine itself.

In order to keep it cool and chill, metal laser cutting machines are equipped with water chillers to cool the laser generator.

Dust Extractors

During the laser cutting process, it’s inevitable that dust, dirt, debris, and even smoke are produced.

Since most laser metal cutters are equipped with dust extractors, all of these would never be a problem! Dust extractors contribute a lot to keeping all of the parts and components free from dust and dirt!

NOTE: Not all metal laser cutting machines have these as their parts and components, so, take note!

Can a Small Laser Metal Cutting Machine be Effective?

The effectiveness of the machine or the equipment will depend on the size of the machine in contrast to the workpiece or the substrate that you’ll be working on.

Figure 7 –Can a Small Laser Metal Cutting Machine be Effective_
Figure 7 – Image of a small metal laser cutting machine

Oftentimes, small laser metal cutters are used for the creation of small parts and components. They’re usually utilized to produce and manufacture parts for various production and manufacturing equipment.

On the flip side, they wouldn’t be as effective as regular-sized laser metal cutting machines when it comes to working on large parts and components.

However, you can find them effective if the products you’ll be working on are not big and are decent-sized.

What’s the Cheapest Metal Cutting Laser Machine?

It wouldn’t really be ideal to know what the cheapest metal laser cutting machine is. Why? – Because if you’re looking for a cheap product, there’s a big chance that you might not be able to get the quality that you’re looking for.

In addition to that, buying cheap metal laser cutting machines might also not be as resilient and as durable as you expect.

They could be effective in a few weeks, but then, they might already wear off after a few months of continuous usage.

No worries, though, because we here at SOHO Cutting are capable of producing high-quality metal laser cutting machines that are cheap, affordable, and competitive without actually compromising the overall quality of the device!

We’ve engineered all our machines to be able to withstand continuous and consistent processes, so that you’ll have little-to-no problems in using it!

Can You Find Metal Laser Cutting Machines For Sale?

There are a lot of metal laser cutting machines for sale all over the internet.

Figure 8 – Can You Find Metal Laser Cutting Machines For Sale_
Figure 8 – Metal laser cutters on Alibaba

You can actually find many of them from manufacturer and supplier websites like AlibabaAliExpressMade In ChinaTrade India, India Mart, and many more!

Many of these, though, will highly likely be sourced from Chinese manufacturing companies like us here at SOHO Cutting.

Not to be boasting about it, but, many of our clients are foreign and international. They’ve trusted us with the metal laser cutting machines they needed, and we did not fail to meet, or even exceed what they’re looking for.

What Are the Specifications of Metal Laser Cutting Machines?

Before purchasing the metal laser cutting machine of your choice, it’ll be wise to have a look at the technical parameters and the specifications first.

So, here are some of the specifications of metal laser cutting machines that you need to take note of:

  • Fiber Laser Source
  • Rotary Diameter
  • Laser Source
  • Laser Wavelength
  • Control System
  • Drive System
  • Power Requirements

These are the primary specifications and technical parameters you want to check before purchasing a metal laser cutter.

Features of SOHO Cutting’s Metal Laser Cutting Machines

The vast and versatile metal laser cutters that we have here at SOHO Cutting contain a ton of different features.

Figure 9 – Features of SOHO Cutting’s Metal Laser Cutting Machines
Figure 9 – SOHO Cutting’s metal laser cutter

Some of the features that are considered as the best and the most favorite include:

  • Moderate-to-High Cutting Speed
  • Speed Stability and Running Quality
  • Low Maintenance and Low Cost
  • High and Excellent Beam Quality
  • Easily Flexible and Versatile
  • High-Quality Optical Effects

You’ll be able to find a lot of other features and functionalities in our metal laser cutting machines when you get the chance to purchase it!

We can also help you if you need pipe plasma cutting machinesCNC systems for plasma cutterslaser welders, and many more!

Why SOHO Cutting is Your Best Choice For Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Across the entire country, no other metal laser cutting machine manufacturer is more trusted and relied on than us here at SOHO Cutting.

Apart from the fact that we utilize highly-advanced technology, we inculcate cutting-edge features and functionalities in our metal laser cutters to ensure adaptability and flexibility.

Here are some of the reasons why we’re known and deemed as the best metal laser cutter suppliers in the industry:

  • We’re able to provide FoB, CIF, ExWork, and other trade terms
  • We have strong and promising processes for creating metal laser cutting machines
  • SOHO Cutting can promise on-time and early delivery
  • We can offer standard and custom fiber laser cutting machines

Whatever quality you’re looking for when it comes to metal laser cutting machines, you can absolutely bank and count on us!